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‘It Never Needed to Go This Long’

Five months of agony delivered the WGA a historic deal. Here’s how the writers won — and why they’re still angry.
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The Movies Fantasy League Is Off to the Races

The league has officially started, so let the points roll in!
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Cellooo, It’s Time to Go Back to School of Rock

Twenty years later, one great rock show can still change the world.
  1. i’m that girl
    Beyoncé May Bring the Mute Challenge to a Theater Near YouLook around, everybody (cell phones) on mute.
  2. just like us
    Francis Ford Coppola Made a Movie Inspired by the Roman EmpireHe does, in fact, think a lot about the Roman Empire.
  3. double feature
    Who’s Winning the Saw Patrol Box Office?It’s almost like Barbenheimer, but with cartoon dogs and chainsaws.
  4. see you… soon?
    Movies, TV Shows, and Productions Affected by the SAG-AFTRA StrikeIncluding Dune: Part Two, Issa Rae’s Rap Sh!t, and more.
  5. endings
    Saw X’s Surprisingly Sentimental Twist Ending, ExplainedThe real shocker here is the unapologetic melodrama of the film’s closing images.
  6. da movies
    Letterboxd Sells Majority Stake to Canadian Finance BrosWhat’s cooler than a million dollars?
  7. now streaming
    The 13 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This WeekendCurl up with new Wes Anderson shorts. And maybe an AI apocalypse.
  8. sugar and poison
    You Should Wait to Watch All of Wes Anderson’s Henry Sugar Shorts at OnceThe Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar alone is great, but Anderson’s four new shorts together create a more complicated exploration of Roald Dahl’s work.
  9. vulture lists
    All 10 Saw Movies, RankedDo you want to play a game? Or read a list about a movie franchise featuring a villain that asks that question?
  10. movie review
    Todd Haynes’s May December Is a Deeply Uncomfortable MovieWatching it with an audience, I found myself cackling with delight. Stepping out into the rainy night, however, I felt like I needed to take a shower.
  11. vulture lists
    The 17 Best Robot Movies of All TimeEver since the early years of cinema — even before the term “robot” was coined, in fact — the movies have been obsessed with them.
  12. movie review
    The Creator Is a Shockingly Good Sci-Fi Riff on Vietnam War MoviesThere’s a particularly American flavor to the violence done in the name of saving the world in Gareth Edwards’s tenderhearted The Creator.
  13. vulture sports
    The Movies Fantasy League Is Off to the RacesThe league has officially started, so let the points roll in!
  14. the industry
    ‘It Never Needed to Go This Long’Five months of agony delivered the WGA a historic deal. Here’s how the writers won — and why they’re still angry.
  15. trailer mix
    Argylle Is Kingsman and Barbie in a Trench CoatStarring Dua Lipa, Bryce Dallas Howard, and John Cena.
  16. trailer mix
    Britney Spears Is Always Dancing With HerselfEven in the Crossroads rerelease trailer.
  17. vulture lists
    Who’s the Hottest Villain in Star Wars History?Which Star Wars baddies are hotter than Mustafar and which might as well be Hoth? We ranked ’em all.
  18. punching up
    The Last WGA Strike RecapWhat’s in the deal and what’s next.
  19. donkeh!
    Shrek’s Swamp Is Real and It Doesn’t Have Wi-FiIt does have toilet paper, though. Inaccurate!
  20. movie review
    There’s a Simple Enough Conceit in The Wonderful Story of Henry SugarA quaint, optimistically naive short kicks off Wes Anderson’s Roald Dahl film series.
  21. in conversation
    Todd Haynes Plays the SuperegoThe director is interested in people constrained by society’s rules. In his new film May December, he makes it harder to root for the rule-breakers.
  22. billy elliot vibes
    The 2023 Hollywood Strike for DummiesWGA and the AMPTP have tentatively reached a deal. What happens now?
  23. from dusk till bedtime
    A Field Guide to the Anarchic and Experimental World of Spy KidsOnly one Hollywood franchise features Alan Cumming as a deranged Willy Wonka–esque TV host and an army of giant CGI ninja thumbs.
  24. movies fantasy league
    We’re Pitting Podcasters Against Each Other in the Movies Fantasy LeagueFollow members of the film commentariat as they face off in a new mini-league—and be sure to register your own team by Thursday’s deadline.
  25. trailer mix
    May December Looks Pretty, DisturbingStarring Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore.
  26. the industry
    Romeo and Juliet Was a TragedyIn 1968, Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting were the most famous teenagers in the world. Fifty-five years later, they sued Paramount for child abuse.
  27. 2023 wga strike
    All Your Frantic Questions About the ‘Tentative’ WGA Agreement, AnsweredWhen are we getting back to normal?
  28. vulture movie club
    Cellooo, It’s Time to Go Back to School of RockTwenty years later, one great rock show can still change the world.
  29. vulture lists
    Every Studio Ghibli Film, RankedThe animation powerhouse behind some of the best films ever made is back with The Boy and the Heron.
  30. marty vs. marvel
    Who’s In Martin Scorsese’s Cinema Avengers?“How much longer can it be me? I’m gonna be 81.”
  31. 2023 writers’ strike
    WGA and AMPTP Reach Tentative AgreementPicketing has been suspended, pending next steps, but the strike is still on.
  32. nerd alert
    Is Disney Trying to Retcon the Weirdest Music Genre in Star Wars?What on earth (or Tatooine) is jatz?
  33. the algorithm
    I Am Filled With Dread Whenever Netflix Buys a Movie I LoveHit Man, we hardly knew you.
  34. titular
    Expend4bles Is Feeling Expendable at the Box OfficeProjecting to earn less than the third film in the franchise during opening weekend.
  35. coming soon
    Busy Phillips Is Not Like a Regular Mom, She’s a Cool MomShe’ll star as Mrs. George in the Mean Girls movie musical, which has now fetched a release date.
  36. movies recap
    An Abridged Guide to Every Expendables Movie So FarThese movies aren’t terribly complex, but they do tend to bleed together a bit. Here’s a quick recap of everything that’s happened before Expend4bles.
  37. fiber optics
    The Screen Sweaters Forever Stitched Into Our MindsFrom the worlds of knit-flicks and purl-stige TV.
  38. now streaming
    The 11 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This WeekendPsycho killers welcome.
  39. vulture lists
    Ranking Jason Statham’s Most-Deranged Character NamesEverything from The Pink Panther’s Yves Gluant to The Italian Job’s Handsome Rob.
  40. negotiations
    How Anti-‘Algorithm’ Richard Linklater’s Hit Man Ended Up at NetflixThe Glen Powell-starring festival smash seemed destined for theaters and maybe awards season. A rainmaking sales agent walks us through what happened.
  41. vulture hacks
    How to Find the Best Seat in Any Movie TheaterTurns out, it’s based on the placement of sound-tuning microphones.
  42. coming soon
    All of Us Strangers, Andrew Scott’s New Movie With Paul Mescal, Looks HotLeg touching, intimate paranormal activity, and Pet Shop Boys.
  43. the vampire
    ‘I Think Every Movie Is Political’El Conde director Pablo Larraín on using satire to confront a real-life monster and finding inspiration in so-called “bad” movies.
  44. encounter
    Werner Herzog Turns the Lens on HimselfThe filmmaker famous for bending the truth tries his hand at memoir.
  45. 2023 writers’ strike
    WGA and AMPTP Issue Joint Statement on NegotiationsThe two guilds will meet again tomorrow.
  46. party report
    What Dicks: The Musical’s Sewer Boys Have in Common With Spongebob Squarepants“The thing with Larry Charles is he just says, ‘Go.’ And everybody does what they want, as crazy as possible.”
  47. new york jobs
    An Out-of-Work Prop Maker Will Build Your BookshelvesAs the strikes continue, New York’s set decorators and prop makers are making the awkward adjustment to building real walls and houses.
  48. party report
    What Other Deity Would Bowen Yang Like to Play?He’s already God.
  49. tv review
    The Continental Is Built on a MiscalculationOnly one scene in a neon-lit nightclub and only one guy with a katana? Are we sure this is a John Wick series?
  50. tweet tweet
    Viola Davis Wonders What The Hunger Games Are ForMainly, to watch her play evil in The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes trailer.
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