1. oscars 2023
    Rihanna Lifts Up the OscarsPerforming a salute to Chadwick Boseman.
  2. coming soon
    The Little Mermaid Trailer Is Here, Isn’t It Neat?The Oscars brought us awards, performances, and Disney branding.
  3. awards season
    Psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel Assists Fallen Photographer on Champagne CarpetAttending the Oscars without her patient and rumored lover, the Joker.
  4. oscars 2023
    The Oscars Wished An Irish Goodbye’s Star a Very Happy BirthdayThe acceptance speech for Best Live Action Short Film turned into a birthday party.
  5. oscars 2023
    Jamie Lee Curtis Won an Oscar Along With Hundreds of Other People“I know it looks like I’m standing up here by myself, but I am not.”
  6. awards season
    Ke Huy Quan Wants YOU to Keep Your Dreams AliveWinning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.
  7. oscars 2023
    Jimmy Kimmel Breaks the Slap Joke Seal in His Oscars Opening Monologue“L. Ron Hubba Hubba!”
  8. oscars 2023
    All the 2023 Oscars Red-Carpet Looks That Bring the DramaOr excuse us, “Champagne” carpet …
  9. film twitter
    Daniel Kwan Is Once Again Asking Fans To Be Normal“The last thing I ask of any fans of our film is to be gracious and kind tomorrow.”
  10. category is: categories!
    How to Watch the 2023 Oscars (Rihanna Included)The full slate of presenters includes little mermaid Halle Bailey and non-mermaid Halle Berry.
  11. money’s not scary
    Ah! Scream 6 On Its Way to Be the Highest Grossing Opening Weekend of FranchiseDo you like highest grossing movies?
  12. sxsw 2023
    Jake Johnson Turned an Existential Crisis Into His Directorial DebutInside the former New Girl star’s wild SXSW comedy about a deadly dark-web game.
  13. sxsw 2023
    Lukas Gage and Zachary Quinto Made a Riotous Gay Comedy About a Dead BodyLukas Gage promises “the world is going to be so shook” when it sees Zachary Quinto in Down Low.
  14. ask an expert
    What Happened to the Gun From the Rust Shooting?The gun Alec Baldwin shot was apparently damaged and perhaps even destroyed. This is not a good look for prosecutors.
  15. beige
    The 2023 Oscars Won’t Have a Red CarpetThe Academy Awards are doing a full gut reno on Hollywood’s most famous flooring.
  16. vulture investigates
    Who Is Big Twitchy, Miley Cyrus’s Endless Summer Vacation Star?And what does Harmony Korine have to do with it?
  17. 100 scares
    The 30 Most Influential Slasher Movies of All TimeA guide to the horror subgenre with game-changing, rule-breaking, and absolutely terrifying films.
  18. the iger files
    Even Bob Iger Has Marvel and Star Wars Sequel BurnoutAnd he’s hinting at raising Disney+ prices.
  19. the answer is in your heart
    Is Adam Driver an Alien in 65 or What?This is mostly, but not entirely, a dilemma of my own making.
  20. oscar futures
    Vulture’s Final 2023 Oscar Predictions in Every CategoryHow many trophies can Everything Everywhere All at Once win?
  21. wahoo!
    It’s a-Here, Mario!Chris Pratt, look how you massacred our boy.
  22. vulture lists
    The Essential New York City Horror MoviesIf you can slay it there, you’ll slay it anywhere.
  23. sequin sequence
    Pedro Pascal and Nic Cage’s Pillow Scene Was Not Scripted“That’s weird.”
  24. creed is good
    Amazon Considers Creed Anime With Arms Wide OpenMichael B. Jordan to take a jock thing and make it a nerd thing.
  25. trailer mix
    Paul Mescal and Melissa Barrera Are Star-Crossed LoversIn a modern-day Carmen.
  26. oscars 2023
    The Year the Movies Died (Over and Over and Over Again)It was an exhausting season for cinephiles, who were constantly confronted with elegies for an art form that is very much alive.
  27. drawing conclusions
    ‘It’s Kind of Embarrassing’: Why Animators Are Unhappy With the OscarsTwo decades in, the Academy’s Best Animated Feature category isn’t living up to its promise.
  28. drawing conclusions
    7 Reasons the Oscars Ignored Your Favorite Animated MovieInternational titles, films aimed at adults, and adaptations all face an uphill climb.
  29. trailer mix
    Helicopter Parents Seek Jennifer Lawrence to Seduce Their Introvert SonWill there be No Hard Feelings?
  30. gold rush
    All 54 Oscar-Nominated Movies (and Shorts), RankedSome are great, some are good, and some are genuinely terrible. Cue the montage music, because we’re starting from the bottom.
  31. to andrea
    11 Andrea Riseborough Performances That Will Turn You Into a ConvertTo Leslie is perhaps Andrea Riseborough’s most “conventional” role following nearly two decades of deeply weird character work.
  32. woulda coulda shoulda
    Goldie Hawn Regrets Not Accepting her Oscar in PersonShe actually never watched the footage of her win until earlier this year.
  33. gold rush
    Could the Oscars Actually Be Good This Year?The 2023 Academy Awards are returning to an old formula — one that works not despite its imperfections but because of them.
  34. awards season
    Michelle Yeoh Spices Up the Best Actress Race at Last MinuteDays away from the 2023 Oscars.
  35. trailer mix
    Scream 6 Shows Off a Ghostface Madame Tussauds Wax Figure CollectionPlus, a Kirby and Mindy friendship is brewing.
  36. coming soon
    Elon Musk Is the Subject of Alex Gibney’s New Documentary“It’s a hit piece,” the Twitter menace said.
  37. movie review
    A Grim, Mesmerizing Portrait of Romantic ManipulationPalm Trees and Power Lines makes it difficult to look away.
  38. stunt awards
    Inside The Woman King’s Hardest, Scariest, and Oiliest StuntsGina Prince-Bythewood breaks down her historical epic’s most memorable action sequences.
  39. coming soon
    Owen Wilson Is (But Isn’t) Bob Ross in PaintIf it looks like Bob Ross, walks like Bob Ross, and paints like Bob Ross, it’s Owen Wilson in the new Paint trailer.
  40. oscars 2023
    Who Are You Rooting Against at the Oscars This Year?The Whale, Elvis, and To Leslie are case studies in three different ways a film can be an Oscar villain. Will any of them come out on top?
  41. stunt awards
    More Fight Scenes Should Be This ‘Cartoony’The best movie showdown in recent memory is four minutes of glorious, over-the-top action.
  42. into it
    Would It Kill You to See The Fabelmans?It’s not that the Oscars stopped nominating films you’ve seen, it’s that audiences’ tastes have changed.
  43. it’s giving creepy
    Chris Evans Follows Ana de Armas to London After One DateBecause he got Ghosted.
  44. tbr
    30 New Screen Adaptations of Books to Add to Your 2023 Reading ListIncluding a prestige version of a political memoir and a bloody reimagining of a childhood classic.
  45. box office k.o.
    Creed III Sets a Major(s) Box-Office RecordCheckmate.
  46. role call
    Tara Reid Answers Every Question We Have About The Big LebowskiOn beating Liv Tyler and Charlize Theron for the role of Bunny Lebowski and making the Coen Brothers laugh.
  47. no jost zone
    Seth Rogen’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer Is Turtally FunTurts out for the boys.
  48. stunt awards
    David Leitch Explains the One Old-School Stunt He Can’t Live WithoutThe stuntman turned filmmaker behind Atomic Blonde and Bullet Train on the secret to making action look “real” (and why it doesn’t actually have to).
  49. action!
    The Stunt AwardsVulture’s inaugural celebration of stunt professionals is here. Because if the Oscars won’t recognize them, we will.
  50. stunt awards
    It’s Time for a Best Stunts OscarAfter 30-plus years of stuntpeople lobbying the Academy, an annual category for them remains elusive. Why?
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