1. festivals
    Toronto International Film Festival Boldly Reverses ‘Mask Optional’ Policy“TIFF requires that masks are worn for the entirety of the time patrons are in TIFF Bell Lightbox including while seated during screenings.”
  2. movies
    A Full 2020 On-Demand Rental CalendarA guide to when you can rent Cut Throat City, Bill & Ted Face the Music, Tesla, and other new releases.
  3. adaptations
    Harry Styles Fanfic After Gets Not One, But Two More SequelsThe third and fourth books are being adapted as we speak.
  4. my single is dropping
    If Janelle Monáe’s New Song Won’t Get You to the Polls, We Don’t Know What Will“Turntables” is for the voter-suppression documentary All In: The Fight for Democracy.
  5. mumble mumble mumble
    The Entire Script of Tenet, TranscribedFor legal reasons, this is a joke.
  6. dead wives club
    In Stunning Move, Christopher Nolan Allows a Wife to LiveBut not before [redacted: spoiler!] her first.
  7. trailer mix
    Frances McDormand Takes a Walk in Nomadland Teaser TrailerIt’s Chloe Zhao’s follow-up to The Rider.
  8. box office
    Tenet Could Be Chasing Profits at the Movie Theater for Months to ComeThe movie did resoundingly okay at the American box office opening weekend, and if Nolan’s past films are any indication, this is just the beginning.
  9. hunter's line readings
    This One Line from Tenet Plays on a Loop in My HeadIt’s a moment most pleasing to me in Christopher Nolan’s career.
  10. tributes
    Lupita Nyong’o Honors Her ‘Beloved’ Chadwick Boseman“I’m going to take my time … and in his honor, I promise not to waste my time.”
  11. best of 2020
    The Best Movies of the Year (So Far)From a Netflix superhero movie to a time-loop rom-com to a horror film that will make you cry.
  12. trailer mix
    Rebecca Trailer: Armie Hammer and Lily James Do Daphne Once MaurierRebecca goes back to Manderley again (again) on October 21.
  13. time travel
    Tenet’s Most Intriguing Fan Theory, ExplainedSome fans think they’ve pinpointed the secret identity of Robert Pattinson’s character. How plausible is it?
  14. duets
    Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum Serenade Each Other Over Their Jurassic Reunion“Jeff Jammin’”
  15. keeping up with the royals
    Queen Elizabeth Cordially Invites You to Watch a Movie at Her Country EstateSandringham Estate will host a drive-in theater.
  16. now streaming
    The 50 Best Action Movies on Netflix Right NowThe Old Guard, Snowpiercer, Casino Royale, and more.
  17. charity
    Princess Bride Cast Hauls You Out of Pit of Despair With Virtual Table ReadBenefitting the Wisconsin Democratic Party.
  18. casting
    Reminding You Now to Take Your Dad to See Devotion Starring Jonathan MajorsBook a movie date with your father now.
  19. now streaming
    The 30 Best Movies for Kids on HuluFree Willy, Antz, Abominable, and more.
  20. first look
    Netflix Shares First Look at David Fincher’s MankIt looks like it will be the Citizen Kane of movies about Citizen Kane.
  21. now streaming
    The 100 Best Movies on HBO MaxContact, A Star Is Born, The Conversation, and 97 more great films on the new streaming service.
  22. snyder cut
    Warner Bros. Responds to Ray Fisher’s Claims of ‘Abusive’ Justice League SetThe studio said that the actor won’t talk to the third-party investigator looking into his allegations of misconduct, but Fisher insists that he has.
  23. sequels
    Troop Beverly Hills Is Working on Its Sequel BadgeWith a screenplay by Aeysha Carr, writer of Kevin Hart and Will Smith’s Planes, Trains & Automobiles reboot.
  24. movie review
    Class Action Park Forces Us to Wrestle With Toxic NostalgiaThe HBO Max documentary starts out a fun flashback to a recklessly operated theme park, but it says something deeper about America’s nature.
  25. now streaming
    The 40 Best Horror Movies on Amazon PrimeHereditary, Ju-On: The Grudge, and a Bradley Cooper film called The Midnight Meat Train.
  26. the industry
    Which Movie Studios Won and Lost the Summer of No Blockbusters?The Big Five studios — Disney, Warner Bros., Universal, Paramount, and Sony — each faced the novel coronavirus with no small amount of disarray.
  27. what could have been
    Brie Larson, Former Teen Pop Star, Auditioned for Pitch Perfect Never forget that Brie Larson sings.
  28. posterity
    A Beat-by-Beat Explanation of What Happens in TenetTurns out the plot of Christopher Nolan’s new movie is also a mystery to people who have seen it.
  29. tall girl
    Just How Tall Is Elizabeth Debicki in Tenet?There is one specific instance of tallness, a moment where Debicki’s height is deployed so majestically, that I must pay my respects to Chris Nolan.
  30. i was born in the dark
    Wait, Kenneth Branagh’s Villain Made Some Points in TenetIn defense of the world-destroying plot enacted by Kenneth Branagh’s psychopathic Russian oligarch.
  31. sore losers
    Bradley Cooper, 8-Time Oscar Loser, Calls Awards Season ‘Utterly Meaningless’“It’s completely devoid of artistic creation.”
  32. now streaming
    How Do You Watch the New Mulan?Here’s everything you need to know.
  33. movie review
    Mulan Is a Dour Drag of a Movie (But a Fascinating Cultural Object)In trying to square Disney girl-power tendencies with perceived Chinese values, the new remake ends up in a baffling limbo of motivations.
  34. married to the mob
    Madone! The Godfather Part III Is Getting Rereleased in TheatersThis newly edited version will be called Mario Puzo’s THE GODFATHER, Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone.
  35. role call
    Erin Brockovich Answers Every Question We Have About Erin Brockovich“People were surprised by how I dressed or that I didn’t have a PhD. But all of it is who I am.”
  36. the pattman
    Robert Pattinson Reportedly Tests Positive for COVID-19Production had paused on The Batman due to a positive case on set.
  37. movie review
    Hell Is Our Own Neuroses in I’m Thinking of Ending ThingsCharlie Kaufman’s new Netflix movie is wry, surreal, and an artistic dead end.
  38. jesse plemons
    Child Jesse Plemons Once Made a Casting Director ‘Almost Worried’Before he became a worrisome adult actor.
  39. book excerpt
    How Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant Filmed One of the Sexiest Scenes of All TimeBehind the intimacy of Notorious.
  40. alternate timelines
    The Year of Movies That Never WasWhat would Hollywood have looked like in 2020 if a pandemic never happened? We were almost too afraid to ask.
  41. gloria-core
    The Glorias Trailer: Julianne Moore Dons the Steinem GlassesAnd the belt, obviously.
  42. trailer mix
    No Time to Die Trailer: James Bond Dusts Off the Ol’ Bulletproof CarHe’s back.
  43. now streaming
    The 30 Best Comedies on Hulu Right NowBest in Show, Sorry to Bother You, Booksmart, and more.
  44. conspiracies
    Is Keanu Reeves Immortal? We Asked the Only ExpertVulture spoke to Davide, the devoted and mysterious man behind one of our favorite conspiracy sites.
  45. reflections
    What Can We Expect From a Mulan Without Mushu?What made the cartoon special for kids in the diaspora was its embrace of an imperfect Asian identity. Can a more “authentic” version do the same?
  46. trailer mix
    The Boys in the Band Trailer: Back by Popular DemandStarring Jim Parsons, Zachary Quinto, Andrew Rannells, and more.
  47. hashtag diversity
    John Boyega Says He Was ‘Pushed to the Side’ in Star Wars Trilogy“You knew what to do with these other people, but when it came to Kelly Marie Tran, when it came to John Boyega, you know fuck all.”
  48. fall movies preview
    Introducing Vulture’s Fall Movies Fantasy LeagueCan you predict which movies will actually come out and which will go straight to VOD?
  49. fall preview
    Enter Planet Miranda JulyMissed connections, Instagram lovers, and, of course, poop.
  50. casting
    Julianne Moore Joins Amy Adams to Search for That Damn Map in Dear Evan HansenAnother stellar casting choice for the scrapbook.
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