1. trailer mix
    Miss Trunchbull Is the Only Revolting One in the Matilda the Musical TrailerEmma Thompson dons prosthetics.
  2. trailer mix
    Harry Styles Plays a British Carol in My Policeman, Innit?We count one gay neck grab and two straight kisses in the teaser.
  3. method acting
    Is This Just How Austin Butler Is Going to Sound Now?The star of Baz Luhrmann’s biopic said he “can’t help” that he’s still talking like Elvis.
  4. respect the hands
    Jurassic World’s Raptor Hands Make SenseIt’s the continued misunderstanding of velociraptors that’s ridiculous.
  5. vulture recommends
    In Secret Honor, Philip Baker Hall Plays Nixon As a Wounded AnimalThe late actor doesn’t look much like Tricky Dick, but he channels his post-Watergate desperation.
  6. abominations
    Everything Everywhere’s Breakout Character Was Made from a Real Raccoon CorpseAnd Harry Shum Jr. wore it on his head while doing hibachi.
  7. margot robbied
    Lady Gaga in Talks to Yassify a Musical Joker SequelPlaying a Harley Quinn (presumably) of Italian experience.
  8. close reads
    E.T. and Close Encounters Told the Same Sad Story From Different EyesLooked at one way, they’re companion pieces: One tells the story of a father who leaves, and the other stays with the family he left behind.
  9. coming soon
    Justin Lin Has Found a New Bald Man to Work WithAfter exiting Vin Diesel’s Fast X, he’ll direct a live-action One Punch Man movie.
  10. just joshing
    Jeremy Renner Ghosted Josh BrolinTrouble in the MCU?
  11. movie review
    The Savage and Catty Lost Illusions Only Looks Like a Stuffy Period PieceA remorselessly entertaining Balzac adaptation for our time.
  12. watergate
    What to Watch, Read, and Listen to After GaslitAll the Watergate scandal you can handle.
  13. all too well (tribeca version)
    Taylor Swift Wants to Write a Feature-Length FilmSwift talks directing, girlhood, and “All Too Well” at the Tribeca Film Festival.
  14. behind the seams
    How to Dress (and Undress) for Fire Island, According to Fire IslandCostume designer David Tabbert walks us through each character’s sartorial approach to sun, skin, and singlets.
  15. an itty bitty ditty rant
    The Bob’s Burgers Movie Needed More MusicOriginal music is essential to Bob’s Burgers, but the animated sitcom’s (delightful) first movie features only three songs. Wherefore?!
  16. movie review
    Hustle Is Pure Adam Sandler Wish FulfillmentSandler’s sincere performance helps sell this Netflix sports drama, which sometimes feels like a party the actor gave so he could meet his heroes.
  17. vulture lists
    Every Jurassic Park Movie, RankedCome get your dinosaurs.
  18. vulture lists
    What Is the Best Adam Sandler Movie?Ranking his 43 films to better understand what even defines an “Adam Sandler movie.”
  19. movie review
    The Jurassic World Trilogy Has Painted Itself Into a CornerThe only wow factor in Jurassic World: Dominion is the awesome depth of its failure.
  20. coming soon
    A New Trailer for Nope? Yep!Jordan Peele’s upcoming horror movie is not of planet Earth … get it?
  21. character guide
    A Guide to All the NBA Cameos in Adam Sandler’s HustleFrom Philadelphia 76ers royalty past and present to the superfans, analysts, and commentators you may recognize.
  22. q&a
    Andrew Ahn Did Want to Show Dick on Fire Island“I remember asking, ‘Can I have two soft penises, one for each orgy?’”
  23. we not humping (remix)
    Harry Styles Won’t Have Explicit Gay Sex Scenes in My PolicemanHe participates in “sculptural” gay “lovemaking,” according to director Michael Grandage.
  24. exit interview
    ‘The Human Race Is Truly Flawed’After 40 years of making movies and TV, The Survivor director Barry Levinson has come to some conclusions about “ordinary” life.
  25. tribeca festival
    11 Films You Should See at This Year’s Tribeca FestivalA.k.a. where you’ll see Ashton Kutcher as a villain in a cowboy hat opposite Ryan from The Office.
  26. law and order uk
    Harvey Weinstein Getting Charged With Indecent Assault in LondonStemming from an incident in August 1996.
  27. jammin
    13 Essential Music-Festival DocumentariesExercises in mythmaking.
  28. underrated
    The Wrong Guy Is the Right Choice for Fans of IdiocracyReggie Watts breaks down why the 1997 Dave Foley comedy is perfect for those who appreciate high-level stupidity.
  29. let’s dance
    How Kenny Loggins Cut ‘Footloose’It involved broken ribs, a failed Flashdance audition, and a songwriting session in a laundry room.
  30. casting couch
    Julia Garner Must Be the Lucky Star Who’ll Play MadonnaMadonna seemed crazy for her from the start.
  31. signing off
    Dear Evan Hansen to Wave Good-bye Through a WindowThe Broadway musical gave rise to Ben Platt, the Pasek-and-Paul musical-industrial complex, and an endlessly memed film.
  32. no filter
    Don’t Worry, Deadpool Will Still Curse Despite Disney MergerAll the seven words you can’t say on television will still be a part of Deadpool 3.
  33. the industry
    Neve Campbell Says She Won’t Return to Scream 6 Over Slashed Pay“I felt the offer that was presented to me did not equate to the value I have brought to the franchise.”
  34. trailer mix
    Disney’s Strange World Teaser Is One for the Atlantis HeadsThe studio keeps trying to make adventure-pulp happen.
  35. the bat man
    Morbius Out-Flops Itself, Viral Twitter Memes BlamedSony execs have to be embarrassed.
  36. golden popcorn bucket
    Zendaya and Tom Holland Clean Up at 2022 MTV Movie & TV AwardsOlivia Rodrigo beat out the Beatles.
  37. movie review
    David Cronenberg Makes an Indifferent Return to Body HorrorViggo Mortensen and Léa Seydoux are game, but the director’s heart (and his other body parts) just isn’t in Crimes of the Future.
  38. movie review
    Neptune Frost Smirks at the Narrowness of Western ThinkingSaul Williams’s Afrofuturist, anti-colonialist film is a mission statement by way of a musical.
  39. from britney to bowen
    Bowen Yang’s Fire Island Karaoke Song Had to Be ‘Campy’ and ‘Pure’He went with Britney, obviously.
  40. movie review
    Terence Davies’s Benediction Is an Anti-BiopicA formally daring, ultimately devastating look at the life of British poet Siegfried Sassoon.
  41. woman inherits the earth
    Every Laura Dern Role, RankedOften volatile and warped onscreen, immensely likable off-screen.
  42. exit interview
    David Cronenberg Explains HimselfHe says his latest film Crimes of the Future works on multiple levels. “But I really do think we’re kind of destroying the earth.”
  43. cannes 2022
    Which Cannes Films Could Make a Splash With Oscar?Consensus hasn’t settled on the standout film, but this year’s Cannes still boasted a number of possible contenders.
  44. profile
    Hot Joel SummerJoel Kim Booster’s deliciously bawdy debut film, Fire Island, maps Pride and Prejudice’s class tensions onto the vacation hideaway for gay men.
  45. movie review
    Fire Island Is a Curiously Reluctant Romantic ComedyAll the best parts of Joel Kim Booster’s gay rom-com unfold outside its genre framing.
  46. exit interview
    Joseph Kosinski’s Vast, Lonely WorldsThe Oblivion and Tron: Legacy director knew just how to pitch a Top Gun sequel to Tom Cruise: “Maverick is still Maverick,” he said. “But he’s alone.”
  47. indian cinema
    How to Make It in Bollywood, One Evil Brit at a TimeFifteen years ago, Edward Sonnenblick came to India with a dream: To play British bad guys in Bollywood movies. It’s worked out better than expected.
  48. remembrance
    It Was Easy to Believe Ray LiottaThe beauty of his acting came from the laser-focused attention he brought to every assignment — no matter how noble or absurd.
  49. at the box office
    Record Opening Turns Top Gun: Maverick into 2022’s First Instant Blockbuster“Audiences have been starved for a big movie to root for and to go see that isn’t a Marvel or DC movie.”
  50. on the record
    Tom Cruise Created a Flight-Training Program for Top Gun: MaverickHere’s what his co-stars have said about “the Tom Cruise School of Being a Badass.”
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