PJ Harvey Changed Her Mind About Touring

“I had to ask myself, ‘Is this still the best contribution I have to give?’ And I think the answer is yes.”
album review

Doja Cat Is Fighting Fires of Her Own Creation

On Scarlet, the rapper, singer, and internet terror channels negative comments into some of the best work of her career.
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The Screen Sweaters Forever Stitched Into Our Minds

From the worlds of knit-flicks and purl-stige TV.
  1. scene report
    In Noah Kahan’s Flannel World, You’re the Main CharacterAn evening of teens and tears with the newly crowned prince of Stomp and Holler 2.0.
  2. vulture sports
    Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce: Complete Dating Rumor Timeline“I am enjoying life and I sure as hell enjoyed this weekend,” Kelce said on his podcast.
  3. health updates
    Bruce Springsteen Postpones Rest of 2023 Shows for Peptic Ulcer TreatmentNew dates are being scheduled for 2024.
  4. the law
    Cher Accused of Hiring Men to Abduct her Son in 2022The accusation comes in court documents filed by Elijah Blue Allman’s estranged wife.
  5. mess
    What Happens Next in Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Custody Battle?Perhaps no more talk of “international child abduction.”
  6. the swift syllabus
    A Swiftie’s Guide to Travis Kelce and Football in GeneralYou might say he’s the Taylor Swift of tight ends.
  7. vulture sports
    Travis Kelce Thought Taylor Swift Was ‘Ballsy’ For Coming to His GameAnd that’s all he’s saying on that.
  8. energy
    Megan Thee Stallion Shared a Stage With Her Idol“Bitch … I performed with Beyoncéeeeee!”
  9. into it
    Hip-Hop at 50 Still Has a Long Way to GoThe genre faces a midlife crisis as it reckons with the homophobia and misogyny that have been present since its inception.
  10. disrespect the classics
    Cyndi Lauper Diagnoses Jann Wenner As Senile“I really, really think it’s so wrong.”
  11. nerd alert
    Is Disney Trying to Retcon the Weirdest Music Genre in Star Wars?What on earth (or Tatooine) is jatz?
  12. vulture sports!
    The NFL Is Shipping Travis Kelce and Taylor SwiftIt probably doesn’t help that Swift just attended a Chiefs game and sat next to Kelce’s mom.
  13. yeah yeah yeah!
    Usher to Serenade Us at the 2024 Super Bowl Halftime ShowThe news was confirmed by the NFL, Deion Sanders, Odell Beckham Jr., Marshawn Lynch, and … Kim Kardashian?
  14. up dog
    A Blonde Dares to Ask a Non Blonde What’s Going On?In Dolly Parton’s new cover featuring Linda Perry.
  15. in the 666
    Doja Cat’s Most Satanic Scarlet Lyrics, RankedHow devilish does she get?
  16. a long talk
    ‘I Was Good by Myself. I’m Better With the Guys.’Raphael Saadiq wasn’t sure a Tony! Toni! Tone! reunion would ever happen. He’s thankful it finally did.
  17. rumors
    Lizzo Vows to ‘Continue to Be Who I Am’ Amid LawsuitsAccepting a humanitarian award at the Black Music Action Coalition gala.
  18. on that demon time
    Doja Cat Let Scarlet LooseAnd dropped a very pink music video for “Agora Hills.”
  19. the law
    Lizzo Sued for Allegedly ‘Unsafe, Sexually Charged Workplace Culture’A new lawsuit from a former tour stylist echoes allegations previously made by three of her former dancers.
  20. “slut!” for handwriting
    Decoding Taylor Swift’s Teeny-Tiny Handwriting*flips open notebook*
  21. the law
    Travis Scott’s Phone Is ‘at the Bottom of the Gulf of Mexico,’ ConvenientlyAnd attorneys in the Astroworld case can’t acquire his messages.
  22. videology
    Shakira Rides a Horse, Sings a Corrido With Fuerza Regida“El Jefe”? More like La Jefa.
  23. narcocorridos
    Peso Pluma’s Tijuana Concert Canceled After Cartel Death ThreatsFour banners threatening Peso Pluma’s life were found on September 12.
  24. the festival circuit
    Stray Kids Cancel Upcoming Shows After Minor Car AccidentBang Chan, Changbin, and HAN will perform at Global Citizen Festival as 3RACHA.
  25. the festival circuit
    Global Citizen to Become an ARMY BaseBTS member Jung Kook is infiltrating the festival.
  26. taking bets
    Which Member of ’N Sync Will Do Best on Hot Ones?They might be hurt, babe. That ain’t no lie.
  27. summer jobs
    Lana Del Rey Wasn’t Working at Waffle House for Clout“I wish my album had gone as viral.”
  28. rankings
    We’re in a Silly Song SummerNow featuring “Sitting (Josh Mac Version)” by TJ Mack.
  29. seo (taylor’s version)
    Taylor Swift Wants You to Google HerAnd the full 1989 (Taylor’s Version) tracklist.
  30. chat room
    Allison Russell’s ‘Open Letter to White Supremacy’The singer revisits her own horrific past on her song “Eve Was Black.”
  31. fanning la flame
    Travis Scott Questioned for 8 Hours Over Astroworld Civil CaseFacing hundreds of claims over the 2021 festival.
  32. workaholics
    So You Thought BTS Was Going on Break? LOL.The group renewed their contracts for 2025 and beyond.
  33. allegations
    The Most Powerful Man in J-Pop’s Sex-Abuse Scandal, ExplainedThe founder of Japan’s top talent agency was accused of assaulting boys and men for decades, but his company didn’t take action until after he died.
  34. bejeweled
    Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner Have a Lot to Talk AboutMr. Perfectly Fine found dead in a ditch.
  35. backstage beef
    Uh, What Happened With Megan Thee Stallion and ’N Sync?“Oh man, they think I’m back here tussling with Justin Timberlake,” Meg worried.
  36. awww x 4
    Rihanna, Rocky, and RZA Are Having a RiotIn our first sighting of the new member of the Fenty Fam.
  37. covers
    Chris Stapleton and Snoop Dogg Feel It Comin’ in the Air Monday NightsThat’s the power of football. And Phil Collins.
  38. timelines
    A Detailed Timeline of Allegations Against Marilyn MansonHe has been charged with two misdemeanor counts for an incident with a videographer.
  39. leaky
    Kim Petras Is (Officially) ProblématiqueThe leaked album will finally be streaming through licit channels.
  40. rumour has it
    Send Your Love to Adele’s New … Husband?She called him that herself at a Vegas show.
  41. friends in old places
    Play Something ’90sThe era where “every song felt huge” is alive in country music. It took a long back road to get there.
  42. song roulette
    Shania Twain Built Her Own CountryShe didn’t get to make decisions about her career at first. One single changed that quickly.
  43. vulture lists
    25 Modern Songs That Sound Like ’90s CountryWe’re in the middle of a full-on revival.
  44. superlatives
    Vince Gill on the Best and Toughest Music of His Career“I’m a much better songwriter today than I was 30 years ago when I had all those hits.”
  45. celebrity breakups
    Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert Separate After 7 Years of MarriageTaylor denied that infidelity was a cause of split on IG.
  46. my single is dripping
    Drake and SZA Release Track Inspired by the Kids’ Choice AwardsHalle Berry was not amused.
  47. consequences
    Jann Wenner Has Been Removed From the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s BoardThe Rolling Stone co-founder has since apologized for what he described as “badly chosen words” about Black and female musicians.
  48. woof!
    Drake’s Got That Dog in Him for a Little LongerHe isn’t letting the dogs out until October 6.
  49. drag is a contact sport
    Bad Bunny’s Spending Un Verano Con CassandroHe kisses Gael García Bernal in a new clip from the biopic, out September 22 on Prime Video.
  50. vulture lists
    11 Great Hip-hop Process DocsToday’s music films rarely show why their stories are worth telling in the first place. These do.
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