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$#*! My Dad Says

  1. chat room
    William Shatner on His Star Trek Documentary and $#*! My Dad Says Getting Canceled“They shouldn’t have canceled [it] … it was too popular.”
  2. breaking
    CBS Kills Three ShowsWe’ll never have to type $#*! again
  3. the industry
    Vulture Rates the Odds of Survival of TV’s Bubble ShowsWe turn the Bubble Meter on ‘Community,’ ‘CSI: Miami,’ ‘Mike & Molly’ and many more to see if they’ll be coming back.
  4. tv
    Parents Television Council Falls on Hard TimesAfter years of giving everyone trouble, the PTC finds itself in some.
  5. breaking
    CBS Gives All of Its New Shows a Full-Season OrderAll the ’$#*! My Dad Says’ you could dream of!
  6. your tv ratings explained
    Your TV Ratings Explained: $#*!-ty Numbers for EverybodyPlus: The Office’s worst-rated fall episode ever!
  7. your tv ratings explained
    TV Ratings: Bye, Generation!Is My Generation the next Lone Star?
  8. chat room
    William Shatner on Why His New Show Isn’t Called Defecation My Father Says“In the vernacular, it’s shit. ‘I got to get my shit together,’ and like that.”
  9. chat room
    Sh-t Justin Halpern Says About Bleep My Dad Says“[My Dad] told me, ‘The book’s good, but it’s not that good.”
  10. william shatner
    Ask William Shatner AnythingGot a question for the man of many talents?
  11. William Shatner Not a Fan of Bleeping“The word ‘shit’ is all around us,” he says.
  12. CBS, Now With More Gay CharactersOn ‘The Good Wife,’ ‘Rules of Engagement,’ and ‘Feces My Dad Said.’
  13. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Sadowski, Burn NoticePlus: ‘Twilight”s Rachelle Lefevre joins Shonda Rhimes’ ‘Off the Map.’
  14. trailer mix
    $#*! My Dad Says Trailer: Shatner BantersThis is not looking good.
  15. outrage
    Parents Television Council Won’t Take CBS’s $#*! Lying DownIt’s mad about the name of CBS’s new show.
  16. shat
    Shatner’s Sh*t Picked Up by CBSThe William Shatner–starring sitcom adapted from the Twitter feed has been picked up by CBS.
  17. CBS Predictably Can’t Name Shit ShowWhat will William Shatner say?
  18. Shatner to Say ShitWilliam Shatner has been cast as the dad in ‘Shit My Dad Says’ (that’s a working title, presumably), CBS’s multi-camera TV adaptation of the Twitter feed.
  19. the industry
    Sex Tapes from J. Lo’s First Marriage Won’t Be in a Movie For NowPlus: Omarosa! Shit My Dad Says! and Len Wiseman!