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    The Jokes That Get Told Over and Over Again on TV“There are certain classic situations that have been done a million-zillion times.”
  2. 100 jokes
    Kathy Griffin Doesn’t Tell Jokes“I can’t write a one-liner to save my life.”
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    The Humor at the Heart of RuPaul’s Drag EmpireFrom the start, RuPaul has built his success on comedy and the idea of flawed reality.
  4. 100 jokes
    Scott Thompson Used Gay Provocateur Buddy Cole As an Essential MegaphoneThe Kids in the Hall star made his utterly fearless character an icon.
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    The Legacy of Stepin Fetchit Remains an Obstacle for Today’s Black ComediansHis racial subordination forced a choice between popular recognition and basic human dignity.
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    Freddie Prinze Blew Up Like No Other Comedian in History“Freddie typified the way the Tonight Show formula worked,” says David Letterman. “I don’t know of anyone who it happened for that expeditiously.”
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    The Origins of Hollywood Shuffle’s Enduring Satire ‘Black Acting School’“Chappelle said when he saw the film, it made him want to do sketch comedy. I had a conversation with him where he said, ‘You laid the foundation.’”
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    Mike Myers Explains the Origin of Wayne’s World’s “Not!” JokeMike Myers remembers creating Wayne Campbell’s signature zinger, which has made it all the way to the current president.