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    57 Horror Directors on the Scares That Inspired (and Traumatized) ThemFrom John Krasinski to Karyn Kusama.
  2. 100 scares
    Horror Is Not Defined by What Scares YouAs the genre has grown in scope, the mainstream conversation around it has narrowed.
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    A Beginner’s Guide to Women’s Horror FilmmakingThis A to Z list reflects the scope and longevity of women filmmakers and their work in horror.
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    The Story Behind Scream’s 12-Minute, Still-Terrifying Opening Scare“I wanted it to be just long enough that the audience thinks she might survive it.”
  5. 100 scares
    15 Essential Horror Films Starring People of ColorCandyman, Night of the Living Dead, and more.
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    How Robert Wise Manipulated the Ghosts of Hill House for The HauntingVery few scenes in horror are as memorable or terrifying.
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    What Is the Greatest Year in Horror of All Time?Let us discuss.
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    The 30 Most Influential Slasher Movies of All TimeA guide to the horror subgenre with game-changing, rule-breaking, and absolutely terrifying films.
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    The 25 Greatest ‘Not Dead Yet!’ Scares in Movie HistoryWe rank the movies that made the best use of one of the most overused horror clichés: a presumed-dead villain coming back for one final shock.
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    The 100 Scares That Shaped HorrorFrom Frankenstein to Freddy to the “sunken place,” the terrifying moments that formed the genre (and our nightmares).