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13 Hours

  1. Michael Bay Characters, Ranked by SweatinessThe director’s movies are unnervingly obsessed with human sweat.
  2. party chats
    John Krasinski Is Still BuffIt’ll be perfect for when he starts shooting Jack Ryan.
  3. A Woman Was Shot in a Movie Theater While Watching Michael Bay’s 13 HoursShe is expected to recover.
  4. benghazi
    13 Hours Might Disappoint Hillary HatersI’d like to see a congressional committee grill Bay and screenwriter Chuck Hogan about what’s going on half the time.
  5. charts
    The Politics of Michael Bay’s Supposedly Apolitical MoviesAn assessment of where his movies fall ideologically.
  6. trailer mix
    Here Are More Teasers for Bay’s Benghazi PicCome for the politics, stay for the beards.
  7. castings
    John Krasinski Might Play a Navy SEAL in Michael Bay’s 13 HoursYou do not mess with Jim.