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  1. tony awards
    1984 Ineligible for Tonys After Refusing to Let Nominator See PlayThe New York Times reports Tony nominating committee member Jose Antonio Vargas was not permitted to see the show.
  2. theater
    Seeing 1984 With George Orwell’s SonA trip to a Broadway opening and after-party with Richard Blair.
  3. fainting vomiting and screaming
    Directors of Broadway’s 1984 on Reports of Mid-Show Fainting and Vomiting“We’re not trying to be willfully assaultive or exploitatively shock people.”
  4. Theater Review: How Orwellian Is 1984?What’s weak, astonishingly enough, is the script, at least for the first hour.
  5. exclusive
    London’s 1984 Is Coming to Broadway, Just in Time for 2017Opening night is set for June 22.
  6. peak dystopia
    Kellyanne Conway’s ‘Alternative Facts’ Inspire Masses to Buy Book 1984George Orwell’s classic saw a government control people with “newspeak.”
  7. movies
    New 1984 Adaptation in the WorksIt’s dystopia all over again.