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  1. Exploring Every Taylor Swift Album and Song So FarWriting on everything she’s released
  2. On 1989, Taylor Swift Became a True Pop StarIt’s an album about being looked at.
  3. fandom
    Checking In With Taylor Swift’s No. 1 Fan“Every time I’ve met her it’s because I’ve made a video to get her attention, so it seems to be working.”
  4. shake it off
    Ryan Adams Says He’s Done Covering Full AlbumsAdams claims he’s never, ever getting back to doing that again.
  5. media narratives
    When Did the Media Turn Against Taylor Swift?An examination.
  6. money
    Taylor Swift Was Highest-Paid Musician in 2015Maybe her cats will think she’s cool now.
  7. videology
    Watch Taylor Swift’s Very Elemental, Very Lupine ‘Out of the Woods’ Music VideoHas Taylor entered a Terrence Malick phase?
  8. job opportunities
    Congratulations, You Can Help Write a Book About Taylor SwiftI mean, if that’s not too much trouble? :)
  9. 1989
    Taylor Swift Wants to Trademark ‘Blank Space’ and ‘1989,’ Which Is a YearSwift is slowly but surely trying to trademark the entire English language.
  10. beefin'
    Jared Leto Apologizes for Awkward Critique of Taylor Swift“If I hurt her or her fans my sincerest apologies.”
  11. baby now we got lullabies
    Taylor Swift’s Songs Are Lullabies NowTwinkle twinkle, little Swift.
  12. right-click
    T.Swift Celebrated 1989’s Birthday With a SongClassic.
  13. taylor swift
    Taylor Swift and Ryan Adams Had a Polite Little Chitchat About 1989So many chuckles.
  14. taylor swift
    Taylor Swift Thinks People Need a Break From HerTired Swift.
  15. roll clip!
    T.Swift Did a ‘Boom Clap’ Duet With Charli XCXSNL was right. RIP, world.
  16. album review
    Ryan Adams’s 1989 Is a Decent Breakup Album, Not a Poptimist ManifestoRyan wins some battles, Taylor wins some battles — but do poptimists really win the war here?
  17. Father John Misty Gives 1989 the VU TreatmentAn act of one-upmanship or shade?
  18. a guide to the truly prolific
    Which Ryan Adams Is for You? A Discography GuideTaylor Swift’s new BFF has a lot of albums.
  19. albums
    Yep, Ryan Adams’s Cover-tastic 1989 Is Now AvailableNice.
  20. 1989
    Ryan Adams Is Releasing His 1989 Covers AlbumIt’s been waiting for you.
  21. friends
    Watch T. Swift and Lisa Kudrow Sing ‘Smelly Cat’Meow.
  22. Taylor Swift Superfan Ryan Adams Is Recording a 1989 Cover Album“Badass tunes, Taylor.”
  23. Taylor Swift Will Stream 1989 on Apple MusicIt’s not an “exclusive deal,” though.
  24. stay home
    We Re-created Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour for YouShe’ll never go out of style.
  25. billboard music awards
    Lena Dunham’s the Latest Star to Join T. Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ VideoFor next weekend’s Billboard Music Awards premiere.
  26. right-click
    Here’s Taylor Swift’s Favorite 1989 CoverBold!
  27. awards season
    Vulture Predicts the 2016 GrammysYes, you read that right.
  28. records
    Taylor Swift Scored a Billboard Chart Milestone With 1989She’s one of two women to have multiple albums reach ten weeks in the No. 1 slot.
  29. trademarks
    Soon You’ll Have to Ask Taylor Swift Permission to Say ‘This Sick Beat’Alongside “Nice to Meet You. Where You Been?” and “Could Show You Incredible Things.”
  30. covers
    The ‘Blank Space’–‘Style’ Cover Mash-Up Taylor Swift Is ‘Obsessed’ WithShe plastered it all over her social-media accounts.
  31. music
    Taylor Swift Is Having a Bruce Springsteen WeekHer haunting visage appears on the covers of both Time and Bloomberg Businessweek.
  32. Taylor Swift Reveals Why She Left SpotifyHer music is never, ever coming back to the streaming service.
  33. music
    Taylor Swift Sold More Albums in a Week Than Anyone Since Eminem1989 sold 1.287 million copies in its first week.
  34. music
    Spotify Is Not Taking Its Breakup With Taylor Swift WellThe singer just removed all of her music from the streaming service.
  35. happy taylor swift week
    Taylor Swift’s 4 Houses, RankedFrom Rhode Island to Tribeca and back again.
  36. infographics
    Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know About Taylor Swift, in InfographicsWhich cat does she love more? Who is her most inspirational ex? And more!
  37. How Much Is Taylor Swift Worth?A semi-educated estimation.
  38. music
    Take a Walking Tour of Taylor Swift’s New York CityExploring every corner of NYC, from Soho to Tribeca.
  39. bff marketing
    Taylor Swift Is the Reigning Queen of Celebrity Social-MediaWe’ll call this BFF marketing.
  40. emoji quiz
    Quiz: How Well Can You Decode Taylor Swift Songs Through Emoji?Why can’t you seeeee? You should ace this quiiiiiz?
  41. 1989
    Taylor Swift Is Going to Sell a Million Records in 1 WeekProbably more!
  42. somewhere in time
    Does Taylor Swift’s 1989 Sound Like 1989?Not really.
  43. review roundup
    What Is Everyone Saying About Taylor Swift’s 1989?People are being very positive.
  44. Who Is Each Song on Taylor Swift’s 1989 About?We’ll give you a hint: His name rhymes with “Marry Niall.”
  45. radio vulture
    Taylor Swift’s 1989 Is Her Most Conservative Album YetIf the past decade in pop has often felt like a dark, twisted, apocalyptic rager, Swift has been its designated driver.
  46. close reads
    A Close Examination of Taylor Swift’s 1989 CoverFrom our Polaroid expert. 
  47. new york city
    Taylor Swift Really, Really Loves New York CityWe get it, Tay.
  48. covers
    Kelly Clarkson Covered ‘Shake It Off’With an added touch of gospel.
  49. radio vulture
    Did Taylor Swift Rip Off Lorde and Lana Del Rey?“Wildest Dreams” sounds like it was strung together from phrases sputtered out by a Lana Del Rey Twitter bot.
  50. leaks
    Blame Canada for Leaking Taylor Swift’s New AlbumPistes!
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