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  1. reboots
    Diablo Cody and Liz Astrof Are Rebooting AliceAnd Alice gets to be divorced this time.
  2. CBS Cancels ‘2 Broke Girls’ and ‘The Great Indoors’Two CBS comedies will not be returning for another season. According to Deadline, the network has canceled 2 Broke Girls after six seasons on […]
  3. CBS Renews ‘Mom’ and ‘2 Broke Girls’CBS just handed out renewals to 11 shows including two returning comedies. According to The Hollywood Reporter, both 2 Broke Girls and Mom have […]
  4. CBS Delays Jane Lynch’s ‘Angel from Hell’ to Make Room for ‘2 Broke Girls’CBS has decided to delay the premiere of its new comedy Angel from Hell starring Jane Lynch. According to Entertainment Weekly, the network has […]
  5. cameos
    Here’s Kim Kardashian on 2 Broke GirlsKim swings by the cupcake shop.
  6. sh*t hipsters say
    The Redemption of the Hipster Punch LineHow Portlandia helped saved a joke ruined by years of cliché. 
  7. cameos
    Watch Lindsay Lohan on Last Night’s 2 Broke GirlsShe plays a bridezilla.
  8. Talking to Morgan Murphy About Her New Standup Special, ‘2 Broke Girls’, […]It’s easy to be funny in private. Standup, however, is an entirely different thing. After watching Morgan Murphy effortlessly kill at a packed […]
  9. casting couch
    Lindsay Lohan to Guest on Two Broke GirlsOn April 14.
  10. we were men
    CBS Pulls the Plug on We Are Men, Moves 2 Broke GirlsMonday night mayhem!
  11. Follow Friday: @ThePatrickWalshEverybody fancies themselves as some sort of wizard that can conjure up laughter by a few strokes of a keyboard, but only a few tweeters are […]
  12. 2 x 2
    2 Chainz Will Visit 2 Broke GirlsThe night after the Grammys.
  13. profile
    Can Whitney Cummings Get Some Respect?“I am not a sociopath.”
  14. rating game
    The Six Untold Stories of This Season’s TV RatingsLast year’s breakout hits New Girl and 2 Broke Girls have had a disturbing drop-off, Sons of Anarchy is a Tuesday powerhouse, and more.
  15. Relax, NBC Comedy Fans, CBS’s Monday Night Sitcom Block’s Ratings Are Down […]Just a few days after NBC’s Thursday night comedy block returned to less-than-stellar ratings, CBS’s Monday night sitcom bunch came back to a […]
  16. premiere week ratings 2012
    Premiere Week Ratings: 2 Broke Girls Back StrongAnd Revolution is holding up remarkably well.
  17. Ryan Hansen to Recur on ‘2 Broke Girls’, June Diane Raphael to Reoccur on […]Ryan Hansen has been cast to play the role of Candy Andy on 2 Broke Girls. Candy Andy is a candy maker who competes with the two broke gals […]
  18. fall tv 2012
    Six Burning Questions About Monday Night TVCan The Voice keep up with X Factor? Can the CW survive without Gossip Girl?
  19. ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Can Check the Box for Great Promo Regardless if you think How I Met Your Mother has outstayed its welcome, you have to admit this a pretty great little promo. It has […]
  20. casting
    Kat Dennings to Return for Thor SequelThe 2 Broke Girls actress will again play Natalie Portman’s sidekick.
  21. How Realistic Are Our Sitcom Workplaces?This post is brought to you by got milk? Find out what else is fake at scienceofimitationmilk.com. Workplace-centric sitcoms have been a TV […]
  22. Ummm, So, CBS Announces Their Fall ScheduleNot to be all like, “CBS’s schedule – woof,” but CBS’s schedule – woof.  The “big news” is they moved Two And A Half Men to Thursday nights at […]
  23. upfronts 2012
    Network Status Update: Good Old Reliable CBSIt had the biggest new comedy hit (2 Broke Girls) but a handful of drama duds (A Gifted Man, Unforgettable).
  24. ‘2 Broke Girls’: Still Bad“Held next to Girls, 2 Broke Girls is a garish, loud Kabuki performance, something so discordant and ugly and dreadfully unfunny that, in its […]
  25. Whitney Cummings Finally Gets a TV Show2 Broke Girls has already been renewed, since it’s the biggest new comedy of the year and all, and Whitney seems very likely to get renewed but […]
  26. CBS’s Reruns Laugh at NBC’s New EpisodesAfter getting solid numbers for a couple weeks after their hiatus, Community has seemed to level off, coming in with an 1.4 18-49 rating, same […]
  27. 2 broke girls
    Watch a Seething-Mad Fake Commercial for 2 Broke Girls (NSFW)“Look! It’s a nerdy Japanese guy!”
  28. vulture lists
    Blow Up NBC’s Thursday Nights, and Four Other TV Scheduling SuggestionsPlus, The Good Wife needs to move an hour later, and we have the perfect lead-in in mind.
  29. renewals
    CBS Renews Almost Everything It Airs, Including The Good WifeThe list of what’s not picked up is shorter than the list of what is.
  30. stereotypes
    2 Broke Girls Still Not Interested in Avoiding Asian StereotypesThe “hot Asian guy” appeared on last night’s episode, but nothing much changed.
  31. In Defense of 2 Broke GirlsSay what you will about CBS’s sitcom 2 Broke Girls, a lot of people out there love and adore the thing. It just won the People’s Choice Award […]
  32. supercut
    The Sitcom Season in Rape JokesA video.
  33. casting couch
    2 Broke Girls Is Looking for a ‘Hot Asian Guy’As a love interest for Caroline. And maybe a buffer against accusations of racism.
  34. How Things Got Ugly at a 2 Broke Girls Press PanelSo apparently at a recent Television Critics Association panel, critics asked 2 Broke Girls showrunner Michael Patrick King about the show’s […]
  35. meltdowns
    Michael Patrick King Has a Meltdown at 2 Broke Girls’ Panel“I will call you in five years and you will see if these characters are further fleshed out.”
  36. tca 2012
    CBS Exec Says 2 Broke Girls’ Cast Will Be ‘Dimensionalized’Read: The supporting players may become more than “funny-talking Asian” and “horny, hairy immigrant.”
  37. The Rise and Fall and Fall and Fall of Hipster BashingLet’s get the eye rolling out of the way. We all know hipsters are the worst because they’ve been defined as such since the turn of the […]
  38. ratings
    The Bachelor Ratings Are DownBut 2 Broke Girls keeps doing better.
  39. tv ratings
    2 Broke Girls Proves That It’s This Season’s Biggest New Comedy HitAnd Fear Factor also scores in its return.
  40. The New Yorker Reviews WhitneyEmily Nussbaum’s New Yorker review of Whitney and 2 Broke Girls is pretty spot-on. She goes beyond the usual Sarah Silverman-Chelsea Handler […]
  41. vulture lists
    Which of TV’s Many Fake Bernie Madoffs Are Worse Than the Real Deal?From ‘Tower Heist’ and ‘2 Broke Girls’ to ‘Law & Order’s, there have been a lot of fake Madoffs.
  42. Is the 2011-2012 Sitcom Schedule the Worst in a Decade?Every year in the fall, and then again in the middle of winter, we get our hopes up for some of the new network sitcoms that are set to […]
  43. Jennifer Coolidge To Teach 2 Broke Girls A Thing Or 2Hooray! Jennifer Coolidge is coming out of the luxurious, crushed-velvet-carpeted and satin-draped cave in which I imagine her constantly […]
  44. casting couch
    Jennifer Coolidge Moving Into the 2 Broke Girls’ BuildingNeighbors!
  45. ratings
    How Is CBS Faring This Season in a Post-Sheen World?’2 Broke Girls’ is showing signs of strength, but ‘Person of Interest’ isn’t building on what a fading ‘CSI’ did last year.
  46. trends
    Even 2 Broke Girls Is Over the Flash Mob“Code Red!”
  47. the industry
    Why You Can Thank Modern Family for the Sitcom RenaissanceEven though others will tell you that our nation wants to laugh in tough times and blah blah blah.
  48. pickup lines
    2 Broke Girls Gets Full Season OrderGood week for Whitney Cummings.
  49. be kind
    2 Broke Girls Has a Mean Streak and It’s a ProblemKind comedy is in right now. So why are the Broke Girls and Whitney so heartless?
  50. chat room
    2 Broke Girls’ Beth Behrs on Her Humble Beginnings, the Whitney Cummings Backlash, and Visiting BrooklynShe still hasn’t been to Williamsburg.
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