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2 Guns

  1. weekend box office
    Elysium’s Future Captures Present-Day MoviegoersNeill Blomkamp’s District 9 followup earned $30.5 million.
  2. weekend box office
    2 Guns Shoots to Number One at Weekend Box OfficeThough overall ticket sales were slow.
  3. quiz
    Quiz: Can You Match Mark Wahlberg’s Abs to the Movie?Can you tell his Pain & Gain abs from his Boogie Nights abs from his Basketball Diaries abs?
  4. movie review
    Ebiri on 2 Guns: The Guy-iest of This Summer’s Guy MoviesSuch a guy movie that if guys didn’t exist, 2 Guns would have to invent them.
  5. party chat
    Edward James Olmos Explains Commander Bill AdamaJada Yuan took a Battlestar Galactica personality quiz; Edward James Olmos explains her result: Bill Adama.
  6. party chat
    Bill Paxton: ‘Guns Are an Extension of the Penis’“That’s why guys like to play with them, because they like to play with their penises.”
  7. trailer mix
    See Wahlberg & Washington in the 2 Guns Trailer Can Denzel fill The Rock’s giant shoes as Wahlberg’s partner?
  8. Denzel Washington to Run Guns With Mark WahlbergHe just signed on to star opposite Wahlberg in a new action movie.
  9. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson May Team Back Up for 2 GunsVince Vaughn and Owen Wilson may be getting back together in a new movie called 2 Guns. The synopsis: “[2 Guns] follows two lawmen, neither of […]