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  1. nostalgia bait
    The Horniest Decade: A TaxonomyWhy did the early aughts have such weird sexual energy?
  2. vulture recommends
    Rat Race Is the Pinnacle of Early-2000s CheeseRemember when a movie could be resolved with a group sing-along to “All Star”?
  3. its called charisma
    Bonnie Hunt Was Daytime TV’s True Queen of KindnessThe Bonnie Hunt Show was daytime TV at its most comforting.
  4. my single is dropping
    T-Pain and Kehlani Drop “I Like Dat,” a “Buy U a Drank” Remix With a TwistThe iconic 2007 track gets a 2021 upgrade.
  5. vulture lists
    15 ’00s Songs You’re Embarrassed to Know by HeartWe forgive you for unconsciously singing along when they come on at the mall.