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  1. what were the 2010s?
    Taylor Swift Bent the Music Industry to Her WillIn the 2010s, she became its savviest power player.
  2. what were the 2010s?
    What Should a Slavery Epic Do?If there’s anything the 2010s taught us, it’s that there is no getting these stories right, no honoring with grace the dead and ghosts.
  3. what were the 2010s?
    An A-Z of Words That Defined the Internet in the 2010sSome came from tweets. Others from the real world. And like most things, the teens were often responsible for making them cool.
  4. what were the 2010s?
    2010s Recap, Part 2: We’ve Come Too Far to Give Up Who We AreObama’s second term was an era of new voices, new controversies, and new shades of pink.