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2016 Presidential Campaign

  1. vulture cover story
    Pusha T’s Mission to Help Hillary WinWhen the rapper was a kid, he skipped his class field trip to the White House. As an adult, he’s fighting to put the first female president in it.
  2. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Breaks Down How Trump Supporters Think He Performed in the Debate“All Trump had to do was be a normal person and he would have been declared the winner, and yet he still managed to lose.”
  3. the media on the media on the media
    Seth Meyers Defends Fallon’s Trump Interview“It’s important that those shows still exist for people who want to tune out politics.”
  4. respect the classics
    Rolling Stones to Donald Trump: Hey! (Hey!) You! (You!) Stop Using Our Songs!Blame the RNC.
  5. political comedy
    Teen Comic Mocks Trump on America’s Got TalentLori Mae Hernandez roasted the presumptive Republican nominee.
  6. 2016 presidential campaign
    How Every NYC TV Character Would Vote in the New York State PrimaryWho wins the pivotal Friends demographic?
  7. last night on late night
    What Is a Superdelegate? Samantha Bee ExplainsAnd why you can thank Ted Kennedy for their existence.
  8. politics
    Susan Sarandon Shares Interesting Opinion on Donald Trump“Some people feel that Donald Trump will bring the revolution immediately if he gets in.”
  9. 2016 presidential campaign
    Watch This ‘Trump vs. Bernie’ Debate and Laugh, So That You Do Not Cry“Amongst voters who shop at Whole Foods and yet feel guilty about shopping at Whole Foods, we are winning 92 percent of the vote.”
  10. feeling the bern
    Killer Mike and Bernie Sanders Talk ShopFilmed during Sanders’ November visit to Atlanta.