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30 Rock Live

  1. East Coast/West Coast Beef Reignited by Slight Differences in the 30 Rock […]Last night’s 30 Rock was great. Right? Right. Remember last year’s episode, which was fun and an interesting idea but not really a good 30 Rock […]
  2. Cheyenne Jackson Is Returning for the New Live 30 RockCheyenne Jackson will be back on 30 Rock as Danny for the show’s second live episode this April 26. That’s exactly one month from today, if […]
  3. Alec Baldwin Promises a Live 30 Rock This April[blackbirdpie id=”182570141991702528”] Alec Baldwin’s been running his mouth again. But who can be mad at him when he’s promising a 30 Rock […]
  4. Director Beth McCarthy-Miller on Filming the 30 Rock Live EpisodesAccording to director Beth McCarthy-Miller, the most impressive thing about the 30 Rock live episodes was not Jon Hamm, but rather that no one […]
  5. The 17 Differences Between the East Coast and West Coast 30 Rock EpisodesSo, the live 30 Rock was last night, and it was pretty great. It was surreal seeing a strange SNL/30 Rock hybrid, with a live audience, awkward […]