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30 Seconds To Mars

  1. The 2017 VMAs Were Beyond SavingThey exist for no reason beyond the fact that they already exist.
  2. trailer mix
    Watch Jared Leto in the Camp Mars TrailerNo horseback riding or pottery here.
  3. summer camp
    30 Seconds to Mars Is Starting a Summer CampThey promise a “rustic nature experience.”
  4. videology
    Jared Leto, Friends Give an Ode to Los Angeles“This city took my mother. But this city also gave me my child.”
  5. vulture quiz
    Quiz: Which Jared Leto Is Older? It’s true; he’s a vampire.
  6. cover songs
    Watch Jared Leto Cover Rihanna’s ‘Stay’He’s no Vin Diesel, but we’ll take it.
  7. the vulture transcript
    How to Get Jared Leto to Invite You on a HikeJust point out that he seems sorta out of shape. (It worked for us.)
  8. sex
    Jared Leto Too Sexy for MTVOfficially, this time.
  9. clickables
    Watch the Full (Censored) Version of 30 Seconds to Mars’s ‘Hurricane’Jared Leto remains shirtless and mulleted.
  10. clickables
    See a Shirtless Jared Leto Fight Ninjas and Seduce WomenTry to ignore the Dan Brown–esque tattoos.
  11. clickables
    Watch Jared Leto and Kanye West Perform TogetherAt the MTV Europe Music Awards this weekend in Madrid. That’s the spirit, Yeezy: Keep these travesties offshore.
  12. right-click
    Has My Chemical Romance Been Eclipsed by Jared Leto?Maybe.
  13. music
    Jared Leto Sings ‘Bad Romance,’ and It Is Not So HotEnjoy!
  14. kanye
    Kanye Gets Kicked Off 30 Seconds to Mars’s WarHis sterling vocal work on the song “Hurricane” is out of there.
  15. right-click
    Kanye West and Jordan Catalano Overemote TogetherThis is the story of the new song “Hurricane.”
  16. right-click
    Jared Leto More Daft Than PunkThe Flaming Lips, Omarion, and more!