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  1. 3d movies
    J. Lo Is Making a 3-D Concert FilmCalled Dance Again. Did we mention the 3-D?
  2. 3d movies
    Ang Lee’s Life of Pi Will Be Promoted With 3-D Scenes in TheatersBecause it’s said to be Avatar-esque.
  3. delays
    G.I. Joe: Retaliation Gets Majorly DelayedFrom this June to March 2013.
  4. the third dimension
    Scorsese Is Done With 2-D MoviesHugo is the beginning of an era, apparently.
  5. 3d movies
    Metallica Found a Director for Their 3-D MovieIt’s Nimrod Amtal, who did Predators and Vacancy.
  6. talk
    Which Older Movie Would You Want to See in 3-D?A 3-D Jurassic Park, anyone?
  7. movies
    How 3-D Works: A Simple Picture Guide3-D for dummies.