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  1. movies
    The Matrix’s Bullet Time Made 3-D RedundantThe last time I saw “classic” bullet time, it was used on the E! Network’s Golden Globes red-carpet show.
  2. the industry
    Chinese Audiences Upset About 3-D Jason BourneChinese audiences are complaining about nausea after seeing the film.
  3. technology
    James Cameron Also Thinks Hollywood Uses 3-D Too OftenMan Of Steel, Iron Man 3 and all those movies should not necessarily be in 3-D.”
  4. spitballing
    Which James Bond Films Would Look Best in 3-D? A Vulture RankingThere’s an awful rumor going around that the James Bond series might be converted into 3-D. So we made a list.
  5. rereleases
    Star Wars Prequels No Longer Getting 3-D ReleaseLucasfilm wants to focus on the sequels.
  6. The Complete Guide to Everything: The Future of Technology (iPhone 5, […]This week the guys decide to take a look at three products defining the future of technology: The iPhone 5, MakerBot and Google Glasses. Before […]
  7. summer movies
    See Solid Proof That Every 3-D Summer Blockbuster Is the SameCase closed. Any questions?
  8. the dawn of 4d
    Get Ready for 4-D Theaters Moving seats, strobe lights, nozzles, scents! 
  9. movie economics
    This Is What You’ll Get If You Pay Extra to See the Katy Perry Movie in 3-DYou would think whipped cream coming out of breast rockets, right?
  10. ok go
    Watch OK Go’s New Video, ‘White Knuckles’Got your 3-D glasses? Okay, go!
  11. real talk
    Universal Chief Prefers Watching 2-D Movies to 3-D“I don’t like wearing the glasses over my glasses.”
  12. 90s nostalgia
    Jurassic Park 3-D Coming Next SummerLife finds a way!
  13. 3d
    Ten Aspects of The Great Gatsby We Can’t Wait for Baz Luhrmann to Film in 3-DSuch beautiful shirts, now in amazing added dimensions!
  14. talk
    Which Older Movie Would You Want to See in 3-D?A 3-D Jurassic Park, anyone?
  15. good decisions
    Les Miz Won’t Be in 3-DWell, that’s good.
  16. movies
    Martin Scorsese Is a 3-D Evangelist“I don’t think there’s a subject matter that can’t absorb 3-D.” 
  17. Why the Great Directors Should Leave 3-D to the Shlockmeisters3-D is perfect for gross-outs and gratuitous violence, not the subtle work of Spielberg, Scorsese, and Pixar.
  18. comebacks
    Disney Rereleasing More Old Movies in 3-DOwing to the success of ‘The Lion King 3D.’
  19. vulture bytes
    Vulture Bytes: Turntable.fm for Your iPhone and 30 Rock for Your iPadPlus: a free app for finding obscure music, and clip-on 3-D glasses.
  20. the circle of life
    The Lion King is Getting the 3-D TreatmentTwo, actually.
  21. the industry
    Does Dolphin Tale Imply That Hollywood Has Taken the Hint About Pricey 3-D?The sales pitch “also available in 2-D!” seems like a subliminal apology for past rip-offs.
  22. talk
    Do You See 3-D Movies in 2-D?Because it’s too expensive, or because you’re kinda over the whole 3-D thing?
  23. movies
    Airplanes and Cars May Finally Get the 3-D Movies They’ve Always NeededIn two years, it may be commonplace to watch 3-D in-flight movies.
  24. 3-d
    James Cameron Asked Michael Bay to Save 3-D“Cameron was like, ‘Mike, directors like you have to do 3D or it is going to die,’” claims the ‘Transformers’ director.
  25. the great gatsby
    Great Gatsby Will Be 3-D, After AllAnd filmed down under.
  26. clickables
    See the SFW Poster for Hustler’s Ghostbusters 3-D Porn Parody“You’re going to be blown away at what at what a proton pack can do in 3D.”
  27. movie review
    At Least Sanctum Looks NiceThe acting is mostly blah, the dialogue from hunger, and there isn’t even a clear beginning to the story — it’s all throat clearing — until the first person gets killed.
  28. woo works
    John Woo Remakes John Woo’The Killer’ gets an English-language, 3-D redo.
  29. clickables
    Watch a Demonstration of Fancy, Glasses-Free 3-DHe looks like a possessed doll.
  30. the great gatsby
    Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby Might Be 3-DOliver Stone isn’t sure that’s a good idea.
  31. to the future!
    Home 3-D, Cable-Free TVs, and Magical Ovens: Vulture Tours the 2011 Consumer Electronics ShowVegas is now the home of every iPad wannabe known to man.
  32. the future
    Apple Patents Glasses-Free 3-DFinally!
  33. the industry
    Keanu Reeves Samurai Epic: Now in 3-D!Ridley Scott protégé Carl Erik Rinsch will direct.
  34. boom
    Michael Bay Will Show You Morons Beautiful 3-D“Come into my edit room and I will show you beautiful 3D.”
  35. 3-d
    Martin Scorsese Really, Really Loves 3-D“Every shot is rethinking cinema.”
  36. 3-d
    The Next Harry Potter Won’t Be in 3-DBecause 3-D conversions are still too terrible.
  37. the hobbit
    Cursed Hobbit Films to Be 3-D“And never mind all the cheering at Comic-Con in July, when panelists repeated the promise that the picture would be 2-D.”
  38. star wars
    Star Wars Will Be Re-Released in 3-D’Phantom Menace’ will hit theaters in 2012.
  39. breaking dawn
    Breaking Dawn Won’t Be Filmed In 3-DChance that 3-D effects will be added post-production.
  40. piranha 3d
    Piranha 3D Producer Responds to James Cameron‘Technology aside, I wish AVATAR had been more original in its storytelling.’
  41. Hollywood Bigwigs Have 3D CatfightHoo boy! “To be honest, I found the 3D in Avatar to be inconsistent and while ground breaking in many respects, sometimes I thought it […]
  42. 3-d
    James Cameron: Not A Fan of Piranha 3-D“They did a 3-D version to get the last few drops of blood out of the turnip.”
  43. trailer mix
    Jackass 3-D Trailer: Hooray for Unsubtle 3-DIt was filmed mostly in real 3-D and promises the shameless, copious use of flying projectiles.
  44. despicable me
    Despicable Me Already Making MillionsIt does look good.
  45. 3-d
    Christopher Nolan Is Perfectly Happy With 2-D“We didn’t have the time” to convert ‘Inception’ to 3-D, he says.
  46. the industry
    Did High 3D Prices Scare People from Shrek 4?$20 for another ‘Shrek’ sequel?
  47. the industry
    Ridley Scott to Acquire His Own 3D CompanyDirecting isn’t a growth industry anymore. 3D, however, is.
  48. 3-d
    Kips Bay Shrek Tickets Hit $20 ThresholdEight weeks after theaters hiked up ticket prices.
  49. pirates of the caribbean 4
    Pirates 4 to Be Shot in 3-DSurprise!
  50. the 3-d revolution
    Moonves Claims 3-D TV Hasn’t ‘Knocked Him Out’ YetCBS prez doesn’t think it’s “economically viable” in near term.
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