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  1. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Helen Mirren, Escape From NYPlus: Disney announces a ‘Monsters, Inc.’ sequel.
  2. avatar
    Handy Tricks for Re-creating the Avatar IMAX Experience at Home With Your 2-D DVDFirst of all, make yourself a gigantic piña colada.
  3. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Jamie Foxx, Steve MartinPlus: Sophia Bush signs on to an ABC comedy pilot.
  4. quitters
    Kal Penn to Ditch Obama for Harold and Kumar 3-DPenn fans Sasha and Malia will be happy, anyway.
  5. trailer mix
    Step Up 3-D Will Dance at Your Face“One move can set a whole generation free!”
  6. music
    Watch the Trailer for Phish 3DIt’s Phish, in 3-D, coming on April 30 to a theater near you.
  7. 3d
    Phish Get Swept Up in 3-D ManiaPrepare yourself for Phish 3D.
  8. 3-d
    Thanks, Avatar: 3-D Movies Now More ExpensiveNice work, James Cameron.
  9. 3-d
    Nintendo Going 3-D, But Without EyewearThe Nintendo 3DS will launch by March of next year.
  10. 3-d
    Michael Bay Won’t Sell Out for Non-Excellent 3-D“If this isn’t going to be excellent, I don’t want to do it.”
  11. toot toot
    Popeye to Eat Spinach in Stunning 3-DYou’ll practically be able to smell the spinach fumes.
  12. trailer mix
    Megamind Teaser: This Villain Is FierceDreamworks releases the first teaser for its meta 3-D extravaganza.
  13. reboots
    Tim Burton to Do a 3-D Addams FamilyHe’s rebooting the franchise in three dimensions and using stop-motion animation for Universal.
  14. 3-d
    Prepare Yourself for the Great 3-D Movie-Theater ShortageWe’re running out of 3-D screens!
  15. in god we trust
    How Studios Plan to Tempt the Evangelicals With 3DA new “Genesis” tale will be told in 3-D, by the son of a major missionary with a big Rolodex of evangelicals.
  16. 3-d
    Panasonic Sells World’s First 3-D Television System3-D ain’t just for the movies anymore …
  17. 3-d
    Eve to Ruin Everything in 3-DGood news, fans of multidimensional, leaf-obscured nudity!
  18. 3-d
    Lantern, Punch Hop On the 3-D BandwagonBecause two dimensions clearly will no longer suffice.
  19. 3-d
    Scorsese: Precious ‘Should’ Be in 3-DWe thought if we tried *really hard* not to think about 3-D, it would go away. No such luck.
  20. movies
    How 3-D Works: A Simple Picture Guide3-D for dummies.
  21. vampires
    Disgusting Fourth Twilight Book to Be Two 3-D Movies?Gross!
  22. remakes
    Jaws to Return in 3-D?With, uh, Tracy Morgan?!?!
  23. 3-d
    Of Course Transformers 3 Should Be in 3-DAnyone who doesn’t think should be stomped on by a robot.
  24. 3-d
    Clash Gets 3-D TreatmentIf we learned anything from ‘Avatar,’ it’s that no one wants to see Sam Worthington in two stupid dimensions.
  25. 3-d
    Look Out! Harry Potter’s Wand Will Be in 3-DThat’s right. Harry Potter is going 3D.
  26. 3-d
    Will Warner Bros. Upgrade Clash of the Titans to 3-D?Let’s hope not!
  27. 3-d
    Report: Darren Aronofsky Unwilling to Perform 3-D Circus Tricks for MGMHmmm, we wonder if Mary Parent made the same request of Sam Mendes?
  28. the future
    Hollywood Conspires to Make You Buy 3-D Television, New Set-Top BoxesThat new high-definition television you unwrapped two weeks ago? It’s basically garbage.
  29. money
    Movie Tickets Cost You $10.6 Billion This YearHollywood’s war on our wallets has resulted in another record-destroying year for box-office receipts.
  30. 3-d
    Avatar’s Success Means That Every Movie Ever Will Get a 3-D Re-ReleaseGeorge Lucas is licking his lips.
  31. trailer mix
    Shrek: Forever After Trailer Better in 3DShrek’s last journey begins in May.
  32. avatar
    Regal CEO: Avatar No Game-Changer“I’m a little less of the opinion that ‘Avatar’ is a game-changer.”
  33. the industry
    Mindy Kaling and Friend to Tackle Self-Esteem IssuesPlus: ‘Zombieland 2’ will be in brain-splattering 3-D!
  34. jackass
    Jackass 3D Sure to be Most Disgusting Movie EverThe future of cinema is now.
  35. 3-d
    3-D Propels Final Destination to Record Grosses, Possibly Saves FranchiseWould you believe that, when all is said and done, it will end up grossing some $190 million worldwide?
  36. money
    Hollywood Celebrates Another Summer of Record-Breaking Ticket PricesAs expected, the summer of 2009 easily trounced that of 2007 to become the highest-grossing summer season ever — thanks to higher ticket prices.
  37. 3-d
    Avatar Day Turns Out to Be More Like Avatar Hour, But We’re Still PsychedNerds everywhere, rejoice! Tickets for the August 21 showing will be made available on Monday.
  38. 3-d
    Jeffrey Katzenberg to Make You Buy a 3-D TelevisionThat new HD flat-screen television you just bought? Completely worthless.
  39. 3-d
    Recent Box-Office Analysis Suggests That 3-D Isn’t All ThatPeople are less and less willing to pay extra money to see films in 3-D.
  40. trailer mix
    NASCAR Enthusiasts Get Their Comeuppance in Final Destination 4Did we mention it’s in 3-D?
  41. 3-d
    Avatar Not Just Coming to a Theater Near You, But EVERY Theater Near YouImax theaters are reserving a three-month window for the film to be shown.
  42. skeptics
    Roger Ebert, Not Exactly a Fan of 3-D“The effect of 3D adds nothing to the viewing experience.”
  43. Fox Excited About 3-D, Way Less Excited About Paying for 3-D GlassesThey’ll cost $1 million for every new 3-D movie — including the one Fox is releasing on July 1!
  44. 3-d
    Moviegoers Demand Higher Ticket PricesPeople overwhelmingly preferred to pay an extra $3 to see ‘Monsters vs. Aliens’ in 3-D over the weekend.
  45. economic woes
    Lack of 3-D Theaters Looks to Dent the Box-office Potential of Monsters vs. AliensFingers crossed that James Cameron doesn’t read this post.
  46. wonders never cease
    Jaime King on the Bonus of 3-D Technology’s Flattering Effect on Her FigureKing eagerly acknowledges 3-D’s gift to both her and her fan base of teenage boys.
  47. pants-shitting
    We Can Barely Contain Our Excitement for My Bloody Valentine 3-DTwo more days! Two more days!
  48. news reel
    Jim Carrey Gets ScroogedExpect this film to tear up the box office in November.
  49. expenditures
    DreamWorks Spends Big Bucks on Dicey Monsters vs. Aliens 3-D StuntPlus: The return of the “ultra-hip” SoBe lizards!
  50. the future
    3-D Screens and Wagyu-Beef BurgersThe future of moviegoing may revolve around 3-D technology and luxury theaters.
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