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  1. HBO Passes on Old Guy EntourageHwhaaat? Doug Ellin’s 40 is not moving forward at HBO? But the world needs an old guy Entourage! There are so many stories left untold about […]
  2. Michael Imperioli and Adrian Pasdar Cast in Entourage 2, I Mean, 40Doug Ellin is making a single-camera ensemble comedy pilot for HBO about four lifelong friends so obviously it’s time to play the “mapping […]
  3. casting couch
    Michael Imperioli, Adrian Pasdar Join Doug Ellin’s 40It’s hard being a 40-year-old rich white guy!
  4. Let’s Imagine the Plotlines for Doug Ellin’s Old Guy EntourageEntourage creator Doug Ellin is doing a pilot for HBO called 40 that will “focus on a group of male friends navigating life in a slightly older […]