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50 Shades Of Grey

  1. Sex Educators React to Hollywood’s Sex ScenesThey’re not impressed by the peach in Call Me by Your Name.
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    Sam Taylor-Johnson Really Hated Working on Fifty Shades of GreySounds like that E.L. James is a real pill.
  3. last night on late night
    Jamie Dornan Listing Irish Terms for Drunk Is the Jamie Dornan 50 Shades Needed“30. Rama-lama-ding-donged.”
  4. supportive families
    Tippi Hedren Wants to See 50 Shades With DakotaAh, a grandmother’s pride.
  5. still the 80s
    How the 1980s Defined the Look of Movie Sex ScenesMovies like Fifty Shades of Grey owe all their iconography to that decade.
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    Jamie Dornan: First-Time Jitters Hurt 50 ShadesIt could happen to anyone.
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    E.L. James Encounters Twitter Users’ Singular Taste for TrollingNaughty!
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    The 50 Worst Synonyms in Fifty Shades of GreyThesaurus.com is E.L. James’s dominant.
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    50 Shades Star Charlie Hunnam and His Sexy PastHunnam, who was just cast as Christian Grey, was the inexperienced student in thrall to a sexual older man on the U.K. version of Queer As Folk.
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    Listen to George Takei Read From Fifty Shades of GreyOh my, indeed.
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    Watch the Trailer for Fifty Shades of ChickenSpread those wings!
  12. sour grapes
    Easton Ellis Is Still Mad About Fifty Shades GigCan’t we all just get along and spank each other?
  13. things that make sense
    SVU Is Doing a Fifty Shades of Grey EpisodeStarring Anna Chlumsky.
  14. bad influences
    Black Eyed Peas to Blame for Fifty Shades of GreyIt’s like two rivers of awfulness formed an ocean of terrible.
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    Hear Morgan Freeman Read Fifty Shades of GreyMo’Free (our nickname for him, you’re welcome) gets kinky.
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    Watch Paul Scheer Audition for 50 Shades of GreyWell, the fangs definitely don’t hurt his chances.
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    Watch Supernatural Duo Act out Fifty Shades of GreyA selection from page 369.
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    Of Course Emma Watson Isn’t Doing the Fifty Shades of Grey MovieStupid Internet rumors.
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    Watch Fifty Shades of Grey: The MusicalFifty Shades goes to Broad-way!
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    50 Shades of Grey Still Very PopularNo one mention the existence of porn porn.
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    Watch Three Elderly Sisters Read From Fifty Shades of GreyDon’t tell Nana!
  22. what could have been
    Angelina Jolie Not in Talks to Direct 50 Shades Sad, sad, sad.
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    Watch Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron Read From 50 Shades of Grey“Oh-so-happy trail.” Touché.
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    Hear Gilbert Gottfried Read 50 Shades of GreyThere goes your bath!
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    Sci-Fi Version of Fifty Shades of Grey Picked Up by FoxThe fanfic-to-film trend has arrived.
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    Watch Ellen Degeneres Read From 50 Shades of Grey“Do not eat the pancakes!”
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    Who Should Play the Male Lead in the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie?Ian Somerhalder says he wants to.
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    FX Trying to Whip S&M Memoir Into Shape With Vince VaughnLooks like 50 Shades of Grey isn’t the only dom in town.
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    All 87 Times Someone Says ‘Christian Grey’ in Fifty Shades of Grey“Wow. Ana Steele, finally falling for a man, and it’s Christian Grey — hot, sexy billionaire.”
  30. fifty shades of wtf
    The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Fifty Shades of GreyHow is it possible that anybody is turned on by this?
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    Who Won the Movie Rights to 50 Shades of Grey?The erotic book trilogy has found a studio home.