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500 Days Of Summer

  1. ‘500 Days of Summer’ Writers to Adapt ‘Arrested Development’ Writer’s NovelWhere’d You Go Bernadette is a novel about a mother named Bernadette who goes missing, leaving her teenage daughter to fend for herself. It was […]
  2. beefs
    Poor, Abused Fox Searchlight Interns Seeking Others to Join the FightSay unpaid coffee duty is widespread at the Fox Entertainment Group.
  3. clickables
    Watch the Trailer for ‘500 Days of Britta,’ a Community Rom-Com’500 Days of Summer’ meets Jeff and Britta.
  4. music
    Download (500) Days of Weezy, a Lil Wayne Mash-Up AlbumFrom the creator: “Apologies to Morrissey and Simon & Garfunkel.” No apology necessary!
  5. pickups
    Friends With Benefits Lands at NBCTV series written by ’(500) Days’ scribes.
  6. industry
    Marc Webb to Direct the Next Three Spider-MansColumbia loves his young touch, and his comparatively low price tag.
  7. jesus
    Marc Webb’s Jesus Christ Superstar Remake: Who Will Play Indie-Rock Jesus?Can Zac Efron grow facial hair? Does Michael Cera even have abdominal muscles?
  8. chat room
    (500) Days of Summer Director Marc Webb on the Challenge of Making a Romantic Comedy Without Matthew McConaughey“We’ll be lucky if we do so well that we get a backlash.”
  9. the williamsburg conundrum
    Movie Marketers Perplexed As to How to Solve ‘The Williamsburg Conundrum’How do you market to the unmarketable?
  10. you saw it here first
    Exclusive Clip: Zooey Deschanel Not Interested in Being Your Girlfriend, in 500 Days of SummerWatch a clip from the movie!
  11. rom-coms
    Trend Alert! Romantic Comedies Are Now Being Aimed at MenPut your copy of ‘Say Anything’ away and head for the multiplexes!
  12. trailer mix
    Indiegasms Abound As Zooey Deschanel Sings the SmithsTo die by your side is such a heavenly way to die.
  13. best of the fest
    The Obama Sundance: The Buzz So FarThis weekend, optimistic, humanist stories bloomed like daisies.
  14. the industry
    ‘Glory Days’ Has Its Glory DayPlus: John Waters calls Johnny Knoxville a ‘Fruitcake.’