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7 Minutes In Heaven

  1. Eric Andre and Mike O’Brien Get Intimate on ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’truTV released a brand new episode of Mike O’Brien’s 7 Minutes in Heaven today, where he spends some extra special quality time in the closet […]
  2. Jim Gaffigan Talks Kissing Animals on 7 MinutesLogistically, it’s a nightmare.
  3. Jim Gaffigan Joins Mike O’Brien in a New ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’We’ve been blessed with another very special episode of Mike O’Brien’s 7 Minutes in Heaven! In this edition, skin care advocate Jim Gaffigan […]
  4. Eva Longoria Is an Excellent Prank Caller on Mike O’Brien’s ‘7 Minutes in […]Here’s the latest episode of Mike O’Brien’s Above Average series 7 Minutes in Heaven, where he’s joined by Eva Longoria for an episode that has […]
  5. Eva Longoria Pranks Some Parents for 7 Minutes Wait a minute … the Planning Enforcement Council isn’t open on Thursday.
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    Will Forte, Mike O’Brien Do 7 Minutes in HeavenStick around for “Insane Shirtless Men Covered in Ketchup.”
  7. Will Forte Brings Tim Calhoun and Hamilton to ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’Here’s the latest installment of Mike O’Brien’s Above Average series 7 Minutes in Heaven, where he welcomes fellow SNL alum Will Forte for some […]
  8. Mike O’Brien’s ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ Is Back with Sarah SilvermanIt’s been a while since we were treated to new episodes of Mike O’Brien’s Above Average web series 7 Minutes in Heaven, but thankfully the wait […]
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    Oh Hey, Here’s a Filthy New Sarah Silverman JokeIn Mike O’Brien’s 7 Minutes in Heaven.
  10. Watch the Latest ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ with Will Ferrell and Mike O’BrienHere’s the latest episode of Mike O’Brien’s Above Average series 7 Minutes in Heaven, where he’s joined by special guest and fellow SNL alum […]
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    Will Ferrell Chokes Mike O’Brien for 7 MinutesOooooh, yah!
  12. Mike O’Brien’s ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ Has Returned with Special Guest John […]It’s been a while since SNL alum Mike O’Brien made a new installment of his web series 7 Minutes in Heaven, but in case you missed it, Above […]
  13. John Cena, Mike O’Brien Get 7 Minutes in HeavenThey get up to all sorts of haberdashery. 
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    See Jon Hamm on ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’Tickle spider.
  15. Talking With ‘SNL’ Writer and ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ Host Michael Patrick […]Michael Patrick O’Brien is well into his fourth season as a writer for Saturday Night Live, a job he landed after spending years honing his […]
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    Watch a Supercut of All the Awkward Kisses From ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’Save Amy [Poehler]!
  17. This is the Last ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ Ever!!! :(!!! NOOOOOO!!! The New Yorker was on the “set” for this and captured Mike O’Brien frenzied as he shot what he said would be the last episode of […]
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    Watch ‘Seven Minutes in Heaven’ With Jon GlaserSandwiches and tank tops, sandwiches and tank tops!
  19. Mike O’Brien Spends 7 Minutes with Jon Glaser and Chuck There is a surprising will-they-won’t-they tension to this edition. There are a few false starts, but nothing can keep their lips apart – not […]
  20. Broadway Video’s YouTube Channel Is Above Average No, like it is Above Average; that’s its name. Though, from the looks of this video it probably will be well above average also. Broadway […]
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    Watch ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ With Tina FeyWhich Cosby would Tina Fey feel most comfortable having watch her take a shower? Find out now!
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    Watch Olivia Wilde Play ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’Does she permit a kiss? Watch and see ….
  23. Reggie Watts’s Hair Fllls Up 70% of the ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ Closet Regardless, of gender and/or sexual orientation, I imagine Reggie Watts has to shoot to the top of anyone’s “7 Minutes in Heaven Guests I Most […]
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    Watch Jon Hamm’s Romantic Clinch With Mike O’BrienIn the new installment of ‘7 Minutes in Heaven,’ O’Brien gets Hamm all hot and bothered, and he didn’t even have to clean the floor in his lingerie to do it.
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    Spend ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ With Paul RuddIs there room for us?
  26. Watch Andy Samberg’s Episode of ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’In which he comes up with a novel way to dodge this web show’s titular make-out.
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    Watch Ellen DeGeneres Go Into the Closet for ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’Featuring what may be the most awkward kiss so far on this web series.
  28. Tip Of The Shoulder Hat To Amy Poehler’s 7 Minutes In Heaven Guys, I know we spend our lives inside the Internet and as a society our attention span has mutated into a kind of permanent ADHD and there is […]
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    See the Patricia Clarkson Episode of ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’Clarkson is the first guest to fully embrace the premise of the series.