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73 Questions

  1. fandom
    Behold, Adele’s Framed Piece of Gum Chewed by Celine Dion“It’s pretty amazing.”
  2. extremely online
    Go on a NYC Dream Date With Lorde As She Answers 73 QuestionsFanfics do come true.
  3. human contact
    Lizzo Sanitizes the Vogue 73 Questions Guy Before Letting Him in Her HouseAs is standard for greeting people in 2020.
  4. sadness
    Selena Gomez Says She Loves Depressing Things in Grim 73 Questions InterviewSelena Gomez is the emo pop star for our time.
  5. 73 questions
    Even the Greats Have Flaws: Emma Stone Can’t Play the RecorderShe also reveals that Ryan Gosling is “bloodthirsty and vengeful.”
  6. video
    Watch Reese Witherspoon Answer 73 QuestionsSouthern hospitality.