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  1. flops
    The Never-ending Story of Glitter, 20 Years OnHow 9/11, MTV, and Y2K-era celebrity culture continue to complicate one of Hollywood’s most notorious flops.
  2. 9/11
    How Do You Tell John Walker Lindh’s Story?Even 20 years after his capture, no one wants to talk about the “American Taliban.” Greg Barker made a documentary about him anyway.
  3. 9/11: 20 years later
    How a Post-9/11 Heckle Shaped My Comedy for Years“I remember my heart racing, because I thought that he was going to come after me after the show,” Nick Youssef recalls.
  4. 9/11: 20 years later
    After 9/11, Marc Maron’s Friends Started Choosing Sides“At that time, our hand, as a community in a lot of ways, was forced to take a stand politically.”
  5. 9/11: 20 years later
    ‘One Giant Nerve That You Were Afraid to Touch’37 comedians remember their first time onstage after 9/11 and how the attacks changed comedy forever.
  6. oral history
    ‘What’s the Best and Worst Day of Your Life?’How System of a Down’s “Chop Suey!” tore up the airwaves — before getting banned post–9/11.
  7. wait what
    What Is Going On in Spike Lee’s 9/11 HBO Docuseries?NYC Epicenters 9/11–2021 ½ courted controversy before it even aired. Here’s what to know before watching.
  8. conspiracies
    Spike Lee Reedits His Conspiracy-Theorist-Heavy 9/11 Docuseries for HBOThe final episode, scheduled to air on September 11, featured the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth conspiracist group.
  9. men
    Pete Davidson and Jon Stewart Announce an A-List 9/11 Anniversary Comedy ShowAmy Schumer, Dave Chappelle, John Mulaney, and more.
  10. gifts
    It’ll Take Us the Rest of 2020 to Decipher These ‘911’ Video GIFsEach moment is as wonderful and confusing as the next.
  11. my single is dropping
    Lady Gaga Drops ‘911’ Music Video With a Shocking TwistOur journey into Chromatica continues.
  12. trailer mix
    The 9-1-1: Lone Star Trailer Puts Austin in Peril, But at Least There’s Rob LoweFires! Huge Storms! Ominous baths with incense burning!
  13. vulture guides
    A Handy Guide to Ryan Murphy’s Favorite ActorsFrom Popular to The Politician, the Murphy-verse is full of familiar faces.
  14. Jennifer Love Hewitt on Acting Alongside Her Husband on 9-1-1“Thank God my husband on the show is nothing like my husband in real life.”
  15. last night on late night
    Jon Stewart Stops by Late Show to Yell at Mitch McConnell Over 9/11 SurvivorsIf we’re being honest, Jon Stewart does seem “bent out of shape” about the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund.
  16. spin-offs
    Rob Lowe’s Fox Spin-Off 9-1-1: Lone Star Is Here for All Your Emergency NeedsEverything’s bigger in Texas, though hopefully not the medical calamities.
  17. anniversaries
    The Weird Sadness of Aughts NostalgiaThe good art from the era came at the expense of great distress.
  18. first person
    17 Years After 9/11, I’m Still a Terrorist in Hollywood’s EyesThis week, we observe the anniversary of 9/11 and start a new fall TV season. As unconnected as those may seem, they are totally intertwined for me.
  19. trailer mix
    The 9-1-1 Season Two Trailer Promises Heroism and Hunky FiremenAlso, Jennifer Love Hewitt.
  20. casting
    Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Replacing Connie Britton As a Phone Answerer on 9-1-19-1-1, it’s JLH!
  21. fan theories
    Margaret Atwood Attempts to Clarify “Star Wars Inspired 9/11” CommentsThe Handmaid’s Tale author pointed to A New Hope when discussing the terrorist acts earlier this week.
  22. vulture lists
    The 15 Most Bizarre 911 Calls on 9-1-1When a bouncy castle flies off of a cliff, you better call Connie Britton.
  23. Connie Britton Does Not Want You to Be CynicalThe 9-1-1 star on the Time’s Up campaign, getting political, and the “only true secret” about her hair.
  24. quiz
    Can You Match Connie Britton’s Reaction With the Right 9-1-1 Call?9-1-1, what’s this emergency?
  25. season renewals
    Fox Renews 9-1-1, TV’s Best Drama About Connie Britton Answering PhonesThe series also stars Peter Krause and Angela Bassett.
  26. The Debut Episode of 9-1-1 Is SensationalRyan Murphy’s Fox series about first responders is engrossing, intense, and stars some great actors as lifesavers.
  27. Connie Britton Is the Voice Guiding You Through Trauma in the First 911 TeaserProtect us, Connie.
  28. ryan murphyverse
    9-1-1? Yes, I’d Like to Report Connie Britton’s Return to the Ryan Murphy-verseWho doesn’t want Connie Britton to save their life?
  29. huh
    Charlie Sheen, Star of a Movie About 9/11, Might Still Be a 9/11 Truther“I was not just coming up with stuff about 9/11.”
  30. Jeff Daniels to Play NYC FBI Chief in Hulu’s 9/11 Drama Looming TowerThe Newsroom actor will play the chief of New York’s FBI counterterrorism unit who suspects an attack is imminent.
  31. Jon Stewart Looks Back on the First ‘Daily Show’ Episode After 9/11Today Entertainment Weekly published an excerpt from the new Daily Show oral history The Daily Show (The Book): An Oral History as Told by Jon […]
  32. as told to
    Mike Schur on Writing Comedy After 9/11“I thought I had this really fun job writing fake news, and then all of a sudden the world ended.” 
  33. truthers
    Steve Rannazzisi Lied in Interviews About Escaping 9/11, and You Might Have, TooIt’s impossible to truly understand what it’s like to be interviewed that much.
  34. ‘The League’s Steve Rannazzisi Admits That He Lied About Escaping the WTC […]Well here’s some strange news: According to The New York Times, standup and The League star Steve Rannazzisi admitted on Tuesday that, despite […]
  35. Gilbert Gottfried on Jokes That May or May Not Have Been Delivered ‘Too […] This video discussion between Gilbert Gottfried and Richard Belzer about whether jokes can be “too soon” is worth checking out if you have the […]
  36. Family Guy Has Self-Aware Fun Going ‘Back to the Pilot’Last night’s Family Guy episode, “Back to the Pilot,” took us (duh) back to the show’s pilot episode, allowing for what was basically audio […]
  37. Family Guy Takes On 9/11And it’s kind of okay, actually.
  38. Marc Maron Finds Strength in Comedy Right After 9/11 in The Voice of […] This month marks the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and the release of The Voice of Something, writer and director Jodi Lennon’s 18-minute look into […]
  39. Is It Ever Not ‘Too Soon’ for 9/11 Jokes?The Observer examines why some 9/11 jokes rally an audience and others produce total silence. And speaking of controversial humor, did you know […]
  40. Cartoonists’ 9/11 Tributes, CollectedAlmost 100 comic strip artists used their Sunday strips this week to commemorate the tenth anniversary of 9/11. They range from simple visual […]
  41. Looking Back at the Edits Made in TV Comedies After 9/11Usually with “Checking In,” I look back at a show or movie or Off-Broadway musical and tell you know what the cast and creators (and wonder […]
  42. Remembering David AngellDuring my basement era — those years from age 8 to 17, 1990 to 1999 — I watched constant comedy. I memorized NBC’s jingles (“If you […]
  43. Comedy After 9/11: Sincerity and IronyComedy felt frivolous, and in some cases downright insensitive in the weeks after September 11, 2001. This was not lost on television’s funny […]
  44. Marc Maron Deals With 9/11 In Marc Maron: The Voice of Something Screening this month in NYC and LA, director Jodi Lennon’s documentary Marc Maron: The Voice of Something follows the WTF host as he ambles […]
  45. Jon Stewart Joining the National Sept. 11 Memorial & Museum BoardJon Stewart has long been an outspoken supporter of 9/11 relief workers, and now he’s putting his money where his mouth is by joining the […]
  46. The Delicate and Vital Role of Comedy After a TragedyOkay, this was a tough week for political comedy. If nothing else, it confirms something about the nature of comedy that we know deep down: it […]
  47. Jon Stewart Drops the Comedy, Has 9/11 First Responders on His ShowThe Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10cThe Daily Show on Facebook Jon Stewart is pushing very hard to get the bill to pay for the […]
  48. The Simpsons Predicted 9/11, According to a Very Legit Conspiracy TheoryGuys, try to remain calm here, but take a look at this Simpsons screenshot. Notice anything? Like how it spells out New York 911 when you treat […]
  49. This Week in Political Comedy: Fahrenheit 9/11The Week in Political Comedy is a column that rounds up the week’s biggest news comedy stories and looks at how the presumptions, opinions, and […]
  50. trailer mix
    Oh, Look, It’s a Trailer for a 9/11 MusicalSeriously.
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