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  1. reunions
    Dolly Parton Is Going to Appear on Grace and Frankie! Finally!It’s gonna be a rootin’-tootin’ 9 to 5 reunion.
  2. vulture lists
    Every Dolly Parton Movie Performance, RankedWhether she’s playing a gun-toting madame or a literal angel, Dolly’s appeal is universal.
  3. roll clip!
    Please Enjoy Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff Belting ‘9 to 5’ in This Younger Clip“After the fourth or fifth hour, we started getting claustrophobic, but it was a really awesome day,” Foster told us.
  4. golden girls
    Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin Are All-in for That 9 to 5 RebootFrom Dolly Parton’s lips to God’s ears.
  5. reboots
    Fox Wants Rashida Jones to Pour Herself a Cup of Ambition, Write a 9 to 5 RebootThe studio would presumably give Jones full credit for her work.
  6. vulture lists
    The Other Woman: Ranking the Revenges in Female Revenge MoviesFrom embarrassing to dead.
  7. broadwaypocalypse
    9 to 5 Closing’9 to 5’ will play its final performance sometime around Labor Day.
  8. 9 to 5: The Musical’s Costume Designer on His Job’s Two Biggest Challenges“Now we make sculpted foam so she can stand up. It was tipping her over.”
  9. the industry
    Bizarro-World Arnold Schwarzenegger to Play the New TerminatorEvery single news item happening in Hollywood today has to do with sequels, remakes, or adaptations of old movies.
  10. the industry
    Both of These Actors Will Star in a Romantic Comedy—But Which One Wrote the Script?Plus: News about John Legend!
  11. the industry
    Gus Van Sant Drinks the ‘Kool-Aid’
  12. the industry
    Dwight Hires a Hooker