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  1. it’s lit
    BTS Light Up an Amusement Park for ‘Dynamite’ Performance on AGTShowing America’s Got Talent what talent is.
  2. accept some substitutions
    America’s Got Kenan Thompson Filling In for Simon CowellHe’s taking over AGT judging as Cowell recovers from spinal surgery.
  3. accept some substitutions
    Kelly Clarkson Steps Into Simon Cowell’s America’s Got Talent Shoes After InjuryShe’s filling in as guest judge after Cowell broke his back in an electric-bike accident.
  4. i want to ride my
    Simon Cowell Breaks His Back From Electric Bike CrashHe’s now joking that he should’ve “read the manual.”
  5. discrimination
    Gabrielle Union Files Harassment Charge Against America’s Got Talent ProducersA statement from Union’s lawyer claims NBC Chairman threatened her not to speak out against racism on set of America’s Got Talent.
  6. tv
    Gabrielle Union Says Simon Cowell’s On-Set Smoking Gave Her Bronchitis“I ended up staying sick for two months straight.”
  7. coronavirus
    Heidi Klum, Off Sick From AGT, Says She’s Been Unable to Get a Coronavirus Test“I tried with two different doctors, and I just can’t get one.”
  8. justice for gabrielle
    NBC Meets With Gabrielle Union, Agrees to Investigation of America’s Got TalentThe network sat down with Union for five hours.
  9. the last laugh
    Gabrielle Union ‘Up Off The Ground’ After America’s Got Talent DepartureUnion was let go from the program on Friday after being labeled “difficult” by Simon Cowell and the producers.
  10. backstories
    Gabrielle Union Criticized the Culture at America’s Got TalentSources say she was let go after raising concerns about Simon Cowell and alleged racist incidents.
  11. cher!
    Cher Sang ‘Waterloo’ on America’s Got Talent Because We Do Deserve Nice ThingsA three-minute justification for why Technicolor even exists.
  12. Terry Crews Is the Mother Hen on America’s Got Talent“If they need a drink of water, I’ll go up there and give them some water.”
  13. well hello! let’s celebrate this
    Terry Crews Will Host America’s Got Talent in Piece of Excellent Good NewsRemember good news?
  14. music
    Kiss Will No Longer Be Rock and Rolling All Night, Nor Partying Every DayTheir “End of the Road World Tour” will be your last chance to use up the rest of your face paint.
  15. rehab
    Mel B. Entering Rehab for PTSD Following Divorce“I am fully aware I am at a crisis point.”
  16. metoo
    Chris Hardwick Will Host The Wall and Guest-Judge America’s Got TalentTurns out he’s literally the last person on Earth capable of hosting TV shows.
  17. America’s Got Talent Contestant Accuses Tyra Banks of Humiliating a ChildBanks allegedly “physically manipulated and verbally abused” the contestant’s daughter.
  18. super smizing
    Tyra Banks Will Bring Reality-Competition-Hosting Skills to America’s Got TalentAmerica’s talented better get smizing.
  19. Nick Cannon Threatens to Sue National Enquirer Over Upcoming Gossip Article“Only Evil operates in this manner.”
  20. controversy
    Nick Cannon Says He’s Leaving AGT, Claims NBC Threatened His Job Over Joke“So I wish AGT and NBC the best in its upcoming season but I can not see myself returning.”
  21. accidents
    America’s Got Talent Arrow Act Goes AwryThat’s going to be one awkward plane ride home.
  22. political comedy
    Teen Comic Mocks Trump on America’s Got TalentLori Mae Hernandez roasted the presumptive Republican nominee.
  23. america!
    This Silly America’s Got Talent Weirdo Is Silly and WeirdThe American we deserve.
  24. Simon Cowell Said This Girl Is the Next Taylor Swift (It Was a Compliment)This ukulele-strumming 12-year-old blew away all the judges on America’s Got Talent.
  25. america’s got talent
    Simon Cowell Will Judge America’s Got TalentHe’ll join the show for season 11.
  26. and the winner is…
    Meet the British Ventriloquist Who Won America’s Got TalentHis lips! They don’t move!
  27. vulture lists
    A Completely Judgmental Ranking of TV Talent Shows by Their Judges’ PanelsWe have your Cee Los, your Sharon Osbournes, and your Simon Cowells, right here.
  28. Comedian Taylor Williamson Placed Second on ‘America’s Got Talent’ Last […]Standup Taylor Williamson came in second on America’s Got Talent last night, losing out to martial-arts inspired dancer Kenichi Ebina. He even […]
  29. Standup Taylor Williamson Is In the Finale of ‘America’s Got Talent’ […]Taylor Williamson will be competing in the finals of America’s Got Talent tonight on NBC, where he stands to win a million dollar prize. The […]
  30. Standup Taylor Williamson Is in the ‘America’s Got Talent’ Semifinals […]Over the last few weeks, LA-based standup Taylor Williamson has been advancing through the America’s Got Talent rounds, and tonight, he’s […]
  31. Vote for Standup Taylor Williamson on the ‘America’s Got Talent’ […]Standup Taylor Williamson is competing in the quarterfinals of America’s Got Talent tonight, and you can vote for him if you’d like to see a […]
  32. reality tv judges
    Heidi Klum Will Judge America’s Got Talent She signed on weeks after Spice Girl Mel B. joined.
  33. reality tv judges
    Spice Girl Mel B. Joins America’s Got TalentShe’ll take over for Sharon Osbourne.
  34. reality tv judges
    Rosie O’Donnell Considering America’s Got TalentGet your Koosh balls ready.
  35. hot doggery
    Watch the Dog Act That Won America’s Got TalentYou know what, as dog acts go, this is pretty good.
  36. tv ratings
    The Big Losers (and Rare Winners) of Summer TVAside from the Olympics and Hatfields & McCoys, things were very grim across the cable box.
  37. tv ratings
    The Summer TV Ratings Jamboree: What We Are (and Aren’t) WatchingHere are seven of the most interesting things we discovered after digging into the summer TV numbers.
  38. fighting words
    Howard Stern Doesn’t Expect Much From Britney Spears on X FactorHe’s got his own singing competition to promote. 
  39. tell-alls
    Simon Cowell Prefers Black Toilet Paper And other fun facts from his unauthorized biography. 
  40. judge not lest ye be
    Why Did Reality Judges Decide to Never, Ever Say Anything Critical Again?Vulture investigates why criticism became verboten on musical competition shows like American Idol.
  41. judging
    Howard Stern Is Your New America’s Got Talent JudgeHe’s taking over for Piers Morgan.
  42. Howard Stern Might Be the New Judge on America’s Got TalentHmmm.
  43. Piers Morgan Leaves ‘America’s Got Talent’To concentrate on CNN program full-time.
  44. clickables
    Hear Susan Boyle’s Underwhelming New Single, ‘You Have to Be There’From her third (really!) album.
  45. friday
    Rebecca Black Was On America’s Got Talent Very BrieflySee the video.
  46. clickables
    Here’s an Unusual Dancing Dwarf Routine From America’s Got TalentWait for the shirtless Cirque du Soleil dudes to show up.
  47. clickables
    Meet the SH’Boss Boys, the Adorable and Educational Rap Trio From America’s Got Talent“Y’all weady?”
  48. heroes
    Lou Reed Scotches Boyle PerformanceHe wouldn’t let her sing “Perfect Day” on ‘America’s Got Talent’ because he “isn’t a Boyle fan.”
  49. tv
    Meet Jackie Evancho, the Talented But Unsettling 10-Year-Old Opera SingerDo Britney! Do Britney!
  50. video
    Dave, Jay, and Craig Are Mere Cowards Compared to Nick CannonWhere other hosts cower behind a desk, Nick Cannon faces fear!
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