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  1. bad brit behavior
    Andrew Lloyd Webber Booed for Calling Cinderella Musical a ‘Costly Mistake’Webber later apologized, stating “nothing could be further from the truth.”
  2. monarchism
    Andrew Lloyd Webber and Lin-Manuel Miranda Are CollabingTheir latest controversial muse? Queen Elizabeth II.
  3. that’s ruff
    Andrew Lloyd Webber Bought a Therapy Dog Because of the Cats Movie“I’m emotionally damaged,” the composer told an airline.
  4. west end
    Andrew Lloyd Webber Shuts Down West End Cinderella, Blaming U.K. COVID Rules“We have been forced into a devastating decision.”
  5. broadway
    The Phantom of the Opera Returning to Broadway in OctoberTickets go on sale May 7 at 9 a.m.
  6. vulture bets on berry
    Matt Berry Should Play Most of the Parts in Phantom of the OperaGet Andrew Lloyd Webber on the damn phone.
  7. coronavirus
    Andrew Lloyd Webber, All Alone in the Moonlight, Joins a COVID Vaccine Trial“I’ll do anything to prove that theatres can re-open safely.”
  8. fair points
    Andrew Lloyd Webber Says the Cats Movie Is ‘Ridiculous’ and He’ll Tell You WhyWell, he’s not wrong.
  9. cats
    Sure Sounds Like Andrew Lloyd Webber Didn’t Dig James Corden in Cats“I cannot tell you how absolutely un-Eliot it all was.”
  10. streaming theater review
    The Online By Jeeves Is Lousy, and Still Reminded Me How Much I Miss TheaterIt made me realize I’ve even missed the eat-your-spinach parts of being a critic.
  11. musicals
    Phantom of the Opera Sequel Love Never Dies Is Here, Inside Your DenIt never made Broadway, but hopefully it will make your weekend.
  12. roll clip!
    Andrew Lloyd Webber Is Here to Calm You With a Little Phantom Piano Serenade“It’s alright, it doesn’t come from Cats,” he tells his dog.
  13. 25 days of cats
    Let Us Gather to Discuss Taylor Swift and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats SongIt’s Golden Globe-nominated, folks!
  14. 25 days of cats
    An Attempt to Answer All Your Questions About the Plot and Universe of CatsThey’re cats!
  15. cats
    Hear Taylor Swift’s New Cats Song, ‘Beautiful Ghosts’#IStandWithBombalurina
  16. now and forever
    Taylor Swift and Andrew Lloyd Webber Wrote a New Song for CatsAnd you’ll hear Judi Dench sing it.
  17. musicals
    Andrew Lloyd Webber Says His Cinderella Musical Is Coming to BroadwayThe musical will have a Cinderella who’s a “modern, feisty girl.”
  18. casting
    Rebel Wilson Will Also Be a Cat in CatsShe’s Jennyanydots with the cockroach friends.
  19. casting
    Idris Elba in Talks to Join Cats, Which Would Make Him Taylor Swift’s Co-StarThis is fine.
  20. emmys
    Tim Rice, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and John Legend EGOT at 2018 Creative Arts EmmysTheir giant, golden, diamond-encrusted EGOT necklaces are being forged as we speak, presumably.
  21. covers
    You Must Love Lana Del Rey’s Cover of Madonna’s ‘You Must Love Me’ From EvitaIt’s the role Lana was born to play.
  22. sunset boulevard
    Patti LuPone and Andrew Lloyd Webber Have Reportedly Reached a DétenteThe two haven’t talked since 1994.
  23. andrew lloyd whatever
    Andrew Lloyd Webber Claims He Discovered RihannaThe setting: Barbados. The time: 12 years ago. The claim: kinda icky.
  24. theater review
    Theater Review: The Persistence of ‘Memory,’ and the Return of CatsI can haz Broadway revival?
  25. theater
    7 Former Cats Cast Members on Learning to Play FelineAndrew Lloyd Webber’s deathless crowd-pleaser is returning to Broadway.
  26. revivals
    Cats Is Coming Back to Broadway, Meow Meow Meow!Cats will no longer be just a memory.
  27. vulture lists
    Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Musical Scores, Ranked From Worst to BestRunning the gamut, from Phantom’s dismal sequel Love Never Dies to the greatness of Phantom itself.
  28. theater
    Theater Review: For Those About to Attend School of Rock, We Salute YouGive my regards to Black Sabbath.
  29. exclusive
    Hear a New Andrew Lloyd Webber Song From the School of Rock MusicalIt’s called “If Only You Would Listen.”
  30. Andrew Lloyd Webber Shares His ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ Rap on ‘Comedy […]Here’s a sneak peek of tonight’s Comedy Bang! Bang! featuring special guest Paul F. Tompkins, who appears as musical theater king Andrew Lloyd […]
  31. poor t.s. eliot
    They’re Remaking Cats With a Rapping Cat“I’ve come to the conclusion that … maybe [T.S.] Eliot was the inventor of rap.”
  32. Watch Reggie Watts Make Music with Paul F. Tompkins as Andrew Lloyd Webber Here’s the latest episode of Reggie Makes Music, a web series from IFC’s Comedy Bang Bang in which Reggie Watts collaborates musically with a […]
  33. Andrew Lloyd Webber Is Making a ‘School of Rock’ Musical A decade after its release, the Jack Black movie School of Rock may become the basis for a big Broadway musical. During an interview last […]
  34. musicals
    Andrew Lloyd Webber Adapting School of Rock for BroadwayHe’ll probably add some new songs.
  35. theater review
    Theater Review: Throwing Up My Hands at Evita Should you keep your distance?
  36. Today, The Phantom of the Opera to Break the 10,000-Show MarkAnd makes Broadway history.
  37. beefs
    Jesus Christ Superstar TV Show Displeases Tim RiceHe’s begging Andrew Lloyd Webber not to go forward with it.
  38. the phantom menace
    Phantom 2 Delayed’Love Never Dies’ will miss its previously scheduled fall opening on Broadway so Andrew Lloyd Webber can recover from cancer.
  39. Love Never Dies, But It Can Be RevisedWhen it hits Broadway this fall, “some changes from the London production [are] likely.”
  40. Webber Fans Wonder Whether Phantom of the Opera 2 Is Really the Great Idea It First SeemedSome clever one is calling ‘Love Never Dies’ “Paint Never Dries.”
  41. bummers
    Seriously, What’s Wrong With the Musical Brits?Now Elton John has fallen ill.
  42. bummers
    Musical Brits Dropping Like FliesWatch out, Ozzy!
  43. bummers
    Andrew Lloyd Webber Diagnosed With CancerBut he’s going to be okay.
  44. money
    Cost to Rebuild Coney Island for Phantom 2: $20 MillionMichael Riedel says that’s just for the London production, too.
  45. the industry
    At Last, Ellen Page, Maeby Fünke, and Har Mar Superstar to Write a TV ShowPlus: You’ll never guess where the Phantom of the Opera ended up.
  46. broadway
    Gird Your Loins: Phantom of the Opera SequelWhat can we expect from such a ridiculous undertaking?
  47. industry
    Michael Pitt to Pick Up Steve Buscemi’s Dry CleaningPlus: Andrew Lloyd Weber satisfies your mom’s wildest desires, and ‘The Terminator’ gets the respect it’s due.
  48. freebies
    Andrew Lloyd Webber Saves the EconomyBritish bankers snag free tickets to West End musicials! Crisis averted.
  49. the industry
    T.I. Ready to Do His Eight Hours on MTVPlus: Colonel Tom Parker gets his own biopic, and Willem Dafoe hits the vampire trifecta.
  50. overnights
    ‘American Idol’: The ‘Phantom’ MenaceThe contestants tear out their vocal cords on Andrew Lloyd Webber night, and Vulture charts the results.
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