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  1. phew
    Despite What You May Have Heard, Annabelle Has Not Escaped Her Museum DisplayWouldn’t put it past her, though.
  2. close reads
    A Horror Fan’s Guide to the Ever-Expanding Conjuring UniverseAnnabelle Comes Home marks the seventh movie in the Patrick Wilson–Vera Farmiga series. Here’s how they all connect.
  3. trailer mix
    Annabelle Comes Home Will Be the Endgame of the Conjuring-VerseWhy did Ed and Lorraine Warren keep all of their haunted stuff in one room?
  4. movies
    Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga Are Still Trying to Stop That Annabelle DollHas anyone tried fire?
  5. backstories
    Before You See The Nun, Let’s Recap The Conjuring UniverseWho’s worse? Annabelle or Valak?
  6. sequels forever
    Annabelle the Awful Doll Will Extend Her Reign of Terror for a Third MovieShe has miles to go before she’s captured by Ed and Lorraine Warren.
  7. Five Easy Steps to Making a Better Horror SequelHow Annabelle: Creation and Ouija: Origin of Evil blew their predecessors out of the water.
  8. horror week
    How Do You Make a Scary-Movie Doll?We asked the maker of Annabelle.
  9. weekend box office
    Gone Girl Slays Dracula Untold at the Weekend Box OfficeDavid Fincher isn’t going anywhere.
  10. weekend box office
    David Fincher’s Gone Girl Barely Beats Annabelle at the Box OfficeIt was Fincher’s best opening weekend ever.
  11. movie review
    The Blunt, Lifeless Annabelle Feels Familiar — Too FamiliarA spooky-doll spinoff of The Conjuring.