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  1. party chat
    Vulture Hangs With Bono and the Edge at Anton Corbijn’s Gallery ShowThe Edge: “If he produces any [of the bad photos he has of us], he’s a dead man.”
  2. wtf
    What Do Danger Mouse, Spider-Man, and Lady Gaga’s Producer Have in Common?They’ll all be working with U2 on new music!
  3. spider-man
    Bono’s Spidey and Batman Songs Sound AlikeRemember “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me”?
  4. pop
    U2 to Make Club MusicOr at least, “club-sounding” music.
  5. reverse cancellations
    Bono’s Back All Better, So U2 Tour Back OnDying to hear “Discothèque” live?
  6. kudos
    Bono, Adam Sandler, and Guy From Saw to Pick Oscar Winners NowThe Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences extended invitations today to 135 top actors, filmmakers, and studio execs. Plus Bono and Tobin Bell.
  7. injury report
    Back Surgery for Bono“Once his condition has been assessed further, a statement will be made regarding the impact on forthcoming tour dates.”
  8. spider-man
    Spider-Man Musical Gets a New Green Goblin, Might Open in NovemberGet your tickets now!
  9. money
    Don’t Trust Bono With Your MoneyHis investment firm, Elevation Partners, is not doing so well.
  10. right-click
    Jay-Z, Bono, and Rihanna Won’t Leave You StrandedWhat’d you think of their collaboration?
  11. haiti
    Justin Timberlake’s ‘Hallelujah’ the Highlight of the Hope for Haiti TelethonIn a night of somber performances, Timberlake’s risky choice stood out.
  12. friendship
    How Bono and Swizz Beats Became Best FriendsHow did this unlikely pair hook up?
  13. collaborations
    Swizz Beatz, Bono, and Jay-Z Have Something to Say About Haiti“They need us!”
  14. friends
    Bono and Swizz Beatz, BFFWe have photographic proof.
  15. news reel
    Stars Turn Out for Launch of New Music-Website ThingyBono: “They say that Soulja Boy will get 200 million views in 2009 … I’d settle for U2 having one actual hit in 2009.”
  16. quote machine
    Will Ferrell Recasts Anchorman 2Plus: Not even Bono is sure why people keep giving him money.
  17. spider-man
    Spider-Man Lives?It’ll open in July, allegedly!
  18. last night’s gig
    Night at the Rock Museum: Second Concert of the Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of FameRock’s museum waxworks come to life for a series of sometimes incongruous, sometimes inspired duets.
  19. spider-man
    Shock: Spider-Man Musical Probably Won’t Open On TimeAccording to a person involved, there’s “no way” it’ll enter rehearsals this fall.
  20. u2
    U2 Turning YouTube Into U2ubeIrish band streams concert to the world.
  21. spider-man
    Can Bono Save the Spider-Man Musical?He may be its only hope!
  22. spider-man
    Spider-Man Musical on Hiatus, Out of MoneyEven the Edge is mad.
  23. quote machine
    Lindsay Lohan Would Rather Be Working Hard Than Hardly WorkingPlus: Frank Black kinda sorta explains what “Velouria” is about.
  24. poets
    Bono’s Poetry OffendsThis isn’t even the worst part: ‘Elvis white trash / Elvis the Memphis flash / Elvis didn’t smoke hash and woulda been a sissy without Johnny Cash.’
  25. quote machine
    Paris Hilton Breaks It Off With Her BFFPlus: Ben Affleck walks a mile in a journalist’s shoes.
  26. beef
    U2 Uses Letterman Platform to Dis ‘Uncool’ StingSomeone’s on Team Aniston!
  27. quote machine
    Music Business Could’ve Been Saved If Only All Those Guys Who Aren’t Bono Had Done SomethingPlus: Gretchen Mol doesn’t like all this ugly gossip about JFK.
  28. money
    No Taxes on the HorizonU2 may be dodging high Irish taxes, but Bono says he’ll pass the savings on to you.
  29. spider-man
    Spider-Man Musical Gets a Name and a Start Date’Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark’ is set to debut on Broadway on February 18, 2010.
  30. quote machine
    Jane Fonda Gives Sobering Assessment of Own CareerPlus: Diddy promises his new album will be like his last one, thank God.
  31. quote machine
    Marisa Tomei Does Not Get Naked As Often As You Might ThinkPlus: It sounds like Jay McCarroll could use a vacation.
  32. gigs
    U2’s Late Show ResidencyWill this help Dave forget the sting of John McCain’s snub?
  33. quote machine
    Not Even the Rain Tastes Like Sweet-and-Sour PorkPlus: Why is Jin missing from all of the Season Five Lost promos?
  34. charitable contributions
    Bono’s Charity Single Not Guaranteed to Feed the WorldIn his ongoing quest to save the world, Bono’s rounding up world musicians to record a charity single.
  35. charities
    Artists Announce New Music Service to Benefit AIDS Research and Also ThemselvesWorld-saving U2 singer Bono today announced the details of his latest project and, as usual, it’s not a new U2 album.
  36. right-click
    B.B. King, Bono, and the Edge Bring Love to TownPlus: Built to Spill covers M.I.A., and a celebration of the “dark age” — don’t act like you don’t know what we’re talking about.
  37. jobs
    Kelefa Sanneh Finally ReplacedBono will write six music-related op-eds for the New York ‘Times’ over the next year.
  38. awesome
    Makers of $40 Million ‘Spider-Man: The Musical’ Also Undeterred by Economic ApocalypseIt’s now ‘the most expensive production in theater history.’
  39. delays
    No New U2Bono’s lazy, so no new music till 2009.
  40. countdown
    Jim Sturgess and Evan Rachel Wood Not Playing Spidey and MJ on Broadway; Could YOU?Julie Taymor, Bono, and the Edge are holding an open casting call!
  41. right-click
    New Franz Ferdinand Song Will Delight Fans of Old Franz Ferdinand SongsPlus: New MP3s from U2 and Saul Williams!
  42. you saw it here first
    Matthew Barney, Banksy, and More: A Sneak Peek at Bono and Damien Hirst’s Art AuctionVulture’s exclusive slideshow of our favorite work in Sotheby’s (AUCTION) RED.
  43. you saw it here first
    A Sneak Peek at Bono and Damien Hirst’s Art AuctionVulture’s exclusive slideshow of our favorite work in Sotheby’s (AUCTION) RED.
  44. countdown
    Julie Taymor and Bono’s ‘Spider-Man’ Musical Actually ‘Across the Universe 2’?Jim Sturgess and Evan Rachel Wood as Spidey and Mary Jane?
  45. the early-evening news
    Bono’s Endless ‘Rolling Stone’ Interview, AutoSummarizedPlus news on Philip Pullman, the ICM payroll shuffle, and the Dances With Wolves sequel.
  46. right-click
    Happy Birthday, The Edge!Grace Potter, a Springsteen cover, and the first-ever good thing to come from Delaware!
  47. the industry
    Mel Brooks Assembles Monster Cast for ‘Young Frankenstein’
  48. the take
    Bono Would Call Appeals-Court Decision ‘Fucking Brilliant’