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    Chris Martin Has No Interest in Going SoloPlus: Sandra Bullock talks about her nude scene in ‘The Proposal.’
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    Christina Applegate’s Fans Have a Lot of Work to DoAlso, Eugene Mirman: douchebag?
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    Kristin Chenoweth on When Broadway Was DangerousPlus: Seth Rogen, if you’re reading this — stop!
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    Open Bar Leads to Coat-Check Fiasco at MoMA Kippenberger Retrospective“This is not part of the Kippenberger exhibition. This is about people drinking too much.”
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    Coldplay Announce Plans to Get Even WorsePlus: Prince has gay friends with whom he studies the Bible.
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    Jay-Z and Chris Martin Veer Off CoursePlus: AYWKUBTTOD!
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    Ethan Coen Fires George ClooneyPlus: Russell Crowe’s a stickler for historical accuracy.
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    Toby Keith’s Movie Will Disappoint No OnePlus: Chris Martin makes a smoothie, and Alicia Keys reveals herself as pop’s most modest hit-maker.
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    Chris Martin’s Self-Deprecation Is Almost As Insufferable As His MusicPlus: Will.I.Am on his new film role, and Anne Hathaway on Steve Carell’s ass.
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    Mark Wahlberg Doesn’t Understand What Everybody Thinks Is So Great About George ClooneyPlus: Johnny Rotten on Coldplay, and Ben Gibbard on the cuisine in Brussels.
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    Chris Martin Wants to Be the Guy That Everybody BangsPlus: Angelina finally sets us straight on that vial of Billy Bob’s blood.
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    Chris Martin Implies Terrible Things About Trent Reznor’s GrandmotherPlus: Joss Whedon still thinks ‘Waterworld’ was a great idea.
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    Kanye West Cares About Dopey White PeopleIf Chris Martin wants to be Kanye’s favorite dorky white guy in 2007, he’s got some stiff competition. Below, we see how the candidates measure up.
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    ‘In the Heights’ Salsas Onto the Great White Way