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Don’t Look Up

  1. very bad guys
    Every Movie Villain Is a Tech BroThe long-gestating archetype gets at a dull, persistent itch in our psyches that we can’t scratch away.
  2. cat valentine
    Adam McKay Clearly Hasn’t Seen VictoriousBut he didn’t saaaaaaay I couldn’t improvise!
  3. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Is Nicole Kidman the New Best Actress Front-runner?Why Nicole Kidman’s transformative turn as Lucille Ball could earn her trophy No. 2.
  4. g.o.a.t.
    Meryl Streep Proves She’s the G.O.A.T. By Not Knowing What It MeansThis is the greatest confusion of all time.
  5. my single is dropping
    Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi’s ‘Just Look Up’ Is AstronomicalReporting from Planet Yuh!
  6. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Can the Star-Studded Don’t Look Up Make an Impact?Early viewers have come away from Adam McKay’s asteroid comedy convinced the smartypants satirist has done it again.
  7. trailer mix
    Nobody Cares About Leo, Jennifer, or Fiery Comets in the Don’t Look Up TrailerIt’s the end of the world, and everyone feels … a little too fine.
  8. casting
    Jennifer Lawrence Will Try to Save Humanity in Adam McKay’s Don’t Look UpWe’re about to be seeing a lot more of J.Law again.