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  1. open the pod bay doors
    ‘Depressed in Space Alone’ Is My Favorite Movie GenreNothing is more peaceful than movies about people who are floating through the ether, grasping for meaning and finding only the chilly abyss.
  2. oscars 2016
    How Historic Will It Be If Emmanuel Lubezki Wins His 3rd Straight Oscar? The Revenant cinematographer is the front-runner for the Best Cinematography trophy.
  3. lawsuits
    Gravity Author Keeps Coming Up Short in CourtAuthor Tess Gerritsen says the consequences of her case’s ruling “could be devastating to all writers working in any media, including film, television, and publishing.”
  4. bffs
    Photo: Alfonso Cuarón and Neil deGrasse Tyson — Space FriendsThey squashed their science beef.
  5. lawsuits
    Author of the Book Gravity Sues Warner Bros.For breach of contract.
  6. oscars 2014
    How to Explain Each of the Nominees Winning Best PictureWe have your talking points to sound smart no matter who wins the big race, be it 12 Years a Slave or Philomena.
  7. oscars 2014
    The Oscar Best Picture Nominees As Pie ChartsHow much of Her was Spike Jonze–Sofia Coppola breakup fan fiction? What percentage of The Wolf of Wall Street was Mrs. Doubtfire? Was American Hustle mostly briefcase-pushing?
  8. oscars 2014
    The 5 Actually Suspenseful Oscar Races to Get Excited AboutNot everything is a Blanchett-esque foregone conclusion!
  9. paydays
    Sandra Bullock Made at Least $70 Million Off Gravity$$$.
  10. wocka wocka
    Vulture’s Oscar Knock-Knock JokesMcConaughey who?
  11. honest trailers
    Watch an ‘Honest’ Trailer for GravityBad dialogue and lots of barf.
  12. oscars 2014
    Fill Out Vulture’s Oscar Ballot, Take On Vulture Editors and Other ReadersSee who is the ultimate Oscar predictor.
  13. Listen to Louis C.K. Explain Why He’s Not a Fan of ‘Gravity’ As we learned from his episode on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Louis C.K. is a fan of getting stoned and seeing 3D IMAX movies, and […]
  14. awards season
    Alfonso Cuarón Wins Top Honor at DGA AwardsThe Gravity director’s Oscar chances don’t look bad.
  15. awards season
    Gravity and 12 Years a Slave Are Your Oscar FavoritesAfter tying for Best Picture at the traditionally predictive PGA Awards.
  16. kudos
    12 Years a Slave, Gravity Top Critics’ Choice Awards12 Years a Slave took home Best Picture.
  17. primer
    Everything You Need to Know About This Year’s Best Picture NomineesFrom 12 Years a Slave through Dallas Buyers Club: Everything we’ve written about the nominees.
  18. awards season
    Gravity, 12 Years, Hustle Lead BAFTA NominationsAmerican Hustle got nods in all four acting categories.
  19. war on christmas releases
    Movie Theatre Owners CEO Criticizes Studio Release Calendar“Can we start summer in April? Let’s open Christmas presents in October.” 
  20. awards season
    12 Years, Her, Gravity Get PGA NominationsThese awards often mimic the Oscars.
  21. your box office explained
    7 Box-Office Quirks of 2013Raunch sells, 3-D slumps, and James Badge Dale rules them all.
  22. The Toughest Scene I Wrote: Alfonso Cuarón on GravityCuarón and his co-writer son Jonás explain the scene that required some last-minute help from George Clooney.
  23. party chat
    Alfonso Cuarón On the Harry Potter Spinoff“No flying on brooms and stuff like that, right?”
  24. oscars 2014
    Watch Gravity’s Companion Short, AningaaqTurns out, Ryan Stone was talking to a fisherman in Greenland.
  25. 9 Lessons Learned From the Best and Worst Movie Posters of 2013Featuring Gravity, Nymphomaniac, and This Is the End.
  26. spaaaaaace
    Watch Aziz Ansari’s ‘Deleted’ Gravity SceneOr so he told Conan.
  27. weekend box office
    Ender’s Game Starts on TopThe YA adaptation won the weekend box office.
  28. Bad Grandpa Makes Good at Weekend Box OfficeThe Counselor pretty much tanked though.
  29. gravity
    Jamie Foxx Does His Best Gravity Impression“Where’s George Clooney?”
  30. box office
    Gravity Holds On to Box Office LeadMeanwhile, Carrie fell flat.
  31. party chat
    Sigourney Weaver Was Too Afraid to See Gravity in 3-D“I already felt like I was floating away.”
  32. oops
    Journalist Learns Gravity Was Not Filmed in SpaceThe hard way.
  33. ‘SNL’ Review: Badass Bruce WillisFor people who like to talk about comedy, there are few greater debates than the one over the claim that “funny is funny.” Can a performer or […]
  34. weekend box office
    Audiences Still Feel Gravity’s PullThe latest from director Alfonso Cuarón topped the weekend box office once again. 
  35. helping hands
    George Clooney Says He Didn’t Actually Write Pivotal Gravity SceneHe only offered an idea for part of it.
  36. vulture lists
    Ranking Gravity’s Most Anxiety-Inducing MomentsWould you rank the spinning before or after being trapped on the platform? Hard choices.
  37. out of the blind
    An Astronaut Fact-checks GravityJet packs, space nausea (what happens if you vomit in your suit?), and the unlikelihood of being able to dodge space debris.
  38. houston we have an explanation
    Alfonso Cuarón Answers All Your Questions About GravityThe real-life science behind the filmmaking, butting heads with his advisers, and much more.
  39. factcheck
    Beloved Scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson Fact-checked Gravity“Mysteries of #Gravity: Why Bullock’s hair, in otherwise convincing zero-G scenes, did not float freely on her head.”
  40. weekend box office
    Gravity Has Massive, Record-Breaking Opening WeekendBatman & Robin is no longer Clooney’s top-earning flick.
  41. shoutouts
    Did You Catch Gravity’s Apollo 13 Shout-out?“This is Mission Control.”
  42. week in vulture
    10 Pop-Culture Questions Answered by Vulture This WeekSpoiler alert: Breaking Bad is OVER. 
  43. across the streaming-verse
    What to Stream This Weekend on Netflix and Hulu: Gravity EditionThe Right Stuff, Event Horizon, Into the Universe With Stephen Hawking, and the original Solaris.
  44. party lines
    Party Lines Slideshow: Gravity EditionWhich celebrities want to go into space?
  45. time limits
    All Hail Gravity, the 91-Minute Oscar MovieShorter is better!
  46. what-ifs
    The Stars Who Were Almost Cast in the Year’s Biggest MoviesAngelina Jolie and Robert Downey Jr. were first meant to star in Gravity.
  47. movie review
    Edelstein on Alfonso Cuarón’s GravityOn one level, Gravity is nothing new. But then there’s the part that’s—as we serious cinephiles like to say—infuckingcredible.
  48. oscar futures
    Vulture’s Oscar Futures: The Race Begins Now!Gravity makes a stellar impression on the charts, but who’s up and who’s down?
  49. profile
    Alfonso Cuarón on Making GravityHe believes movies aren’t about telling stories as much as making intense, lingering moments.
  50. toronto film festival 2013
    Toronto Film Festival Wrap-up: The Best, the Worst, and the RestFeaturing Gravity, 12 Years a Slave, and Dallas Buyers Club.
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