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  1. hell yeah
    HBO Max’s Harley Quinn Is Getting a SpinoffNoonan’s is going to be Cheers for DC villains.
  2. raised by wolves
    We Simply Must Discuss GrandmotherAll veil — er, all hail Raised By Wolves’ even more ominous version of Mother.
  3. overnights
    Starstruck Season-Finale Recap: Not Part of the PlanThis final act in Jessie and Tom’s story isn’t the most surprising, but goddamn is it so, so satisfying.
  4. overnights
    Raised by Wolves Season-Finale Recap: Fertile GroundMother can’t stop getting duped!
  5. tv review
    Minx Is Almost a Good TimeA great setup, vivid porn-world building, Jake Johnson’s leather pants: This show has everything it needs, if only its protagonist would get onboard.
  6. film twitter
    One Perfect Shot Brings Film Twitter to HBO MaxDebuts on March 24.
  7. overnights
    The Gilded Age Recap: Escape From Mrs. Astor’sGeorge is preparing for the court hearing, and people in fun hats are playing tennis in Newport. Those are our two story lines.
  8. consolidation prizes
    HBO Max to Plus Itself With Discovery+Prepare for bundles and eventually, a single subscription.
  9. overnights
    Starstruck Recap: Sad SacksTom and Jessie are still wounded after their big fight.
  10. overnights
    Raised by Wolves Recap: Everyone Has to Prove ThemselvesHmmm. We might have been wrong about No. 7.
  11. now streaming
    The 50 Best TV Shows on HBO MaxEnlightened, Peacemaker, Station Eleven, and more.
  12. spinoffs
    Matt Reeves Says The Batman Prequel Series on HBO Max Has Been AxedNow we’ll never get to see, uh, how Commissioner Gordon got his glasses.
  13. overnights
    Starstruck Recap: The Labrador and the HedgehogWe wanted Jessie and Tom to talk honestly about their feelings, but not this way!!
  14. overnights
    Raised by Wolves Recap: A False Prophet Should SufferCampion gives Father’s reanimated being the name Grandmother, which is, honestly, kind of rude.
  15. pilot pick ups
    ITYSL Creators Developing New Comedy Computer School for HBO MaxWe’re all trying to find out who did this! (It was HBO Max.)
  16. essential episodes
    12 Batman: The Animated Series Episodes to Get You Ready for The BatmanBatman: Mask of the Phantasm was an inspiration for RPatz’s Dark Knight.
  17. chat room
    Euphoria’s Angus Cloud Recommends a Good Cry“I’ll be having other stuff I want to cry about that I ain’t cried about yet, and then I watch a sad-ass kids’ movie, like Coco or some shit.”
  18. lingering questions
    All the Things We’re Still Waiting for Euphoria to AddressAn unevenly paced season full of dangerous and dramatic moments ended by letting several subplots disappear into the ether.
  19. overnights
    Starstruck Recap: A Murder Mystery!This time it’s Joe who murders Jessie’s chances with Tom.
  20. overnights
    Raised by Wolves Recap: Welcome to Our WorldMarcus goes full cult leader, and Sue hears the voice of … something.
  21. overnights
    Euphoria Recap: Bad Art FriendAt long last, the Lexi episode delivers the much-hyped play we’ve been waiting for all season.
  22. a long talk
    James Gunn Isn’t Laughing at PeacemakerAfter decades skewering superheroes, the writer-director chose sincerity for HBO Max’s first DC series.
  23. buffering
    HBO Max’s Ratings EuphoriaA niche show for HBO’s cable channel is a monster hit on streaming.
  24. overnights
    Starstruck Recap: Dating CiviliansIs there a better use of “Return of the Mack” in all of history?
  25. overnights
    Raised by Wolves Recap: Return of the NecromancerDo not mess with Mother’s children.
  26. spoilers
    Let’s Talk About the Ending of The Girl BeforeSure, your landlord might be a serial killer, but real-estate prices are rough out there!
  27. booked and busy
    Julio Torres to Bring More Oyster and Dog Lovers to TVThe misadventures of a golden oyster and a “trans non-binary, dog-obsessed misfit.”
  28. movie review
    Zoë Kravitz Is an Agoraphobic Tech Worker in the Nimble Thriller KimiSteven Soderbergh’s new film for HBO Max is about social isolation, start-ups, and a tech worker who hears a crime on someone’s smart-home device.
  29. overnights
    Starstruck Series-Premiere Recap: The Meet-cuteRose Matafeo’s Starstruck is a delightful rom-com about a movie star and a normie who fall for one another in London — shenanigans ensue.
  30. overnights
    Raised by Wolves Recap: Mother of ReptilesNo. 7 was once a terrifying creature to be feared and hunted but is now a lovable slithering scamp.
  31. vulture recommends
    Smiling Friends Is a BalmThe Adult Swim show is now streaming on HBO Max.
  32. cancellations
    The Boondocks Reboot Is No Longer Happening at HBO Max“Maybe there are forces in this universe we don’t understand,” — Huey Freeman
  33. chat room
    Sarita Choudhury on the Auntie Approval That Shaped Seema PatelThe And Just Like That … star talks ’shippers, spinoffs, and her favorite New York City real-estate stories.
  34. overnights
    Raised by Wolves Recap: Maybe This Is ParadiseMother starts exhibiting more and more human characteristics that go well beyond her programming.
  35. explain yourselves
    The And Just Like That … Writers Knew Viewers Would Be Team SteveShowrunner Michael Patrick King and his co-writers dissect Big’s death, Samantha’s absence, and the Che Diaz of it all.
  36. overnights
    Raised by Wolves Season-Premiere Recap: The Mission Isn’t LostRaised by Wolves is back with a new tropical location, a new quantum computer, and a new atheist colony.
  37. overnights
    And Just Like That … Season-Finale Recap: One Year LaterWe’re onboard with the full trajectory of Carrie’s arc this season. The Miranda of it all remains absolutely wild.
  38. i couldn’t help but wonder
    How Are the New And Just Like That … Characters Still Just Meeting Each Other?Why did it take so long to get Seema, Nya, and Lisa on the same set?
  39. overnights
    And Just Like That … Recap: Put a Ring on ItEveryone is having relationship issues.
  40. we here for you
    All the Ways to Score HBO Max for Free and for CheapThe latest deal is a haircut to HBO Max’s monthly plans.
  41. fuck off!
    The Greatest Succession Insults, RankedNo one sells a “Fuck off!” like Brian Cox.
  42. small stories
    Snowplow Man, ‘La Campanella,’ and 7 Other Stories About Making Station ElevenOn making a show about a pandemic during a pandemic, caring about each detail, and bringing your tooth to set when the showrunner asks.
  43. close reads
    Search Party’s Millennial Horror Was Always Going to End This WayAt its end, a series that’s always been defined by fear turns the subtext into the whole damn text.
  44. chat room
    Danielle Deadwyler on the ‘Deep Love’ of Miranda’s Final Station Eleven Act“I sat for two weeks in Toronto by myself in quarantine. I had a lot of time to reckon with it.”
  45. exit interview
    How Station Eleven Arrived at Its Final 10 MinutesCreator Patrick Somerville on honoring the show’s much-loved source material while adjusting its core preoccupations.
  46. cancon
    Degrassi Is Getting Yet Another GenerationThe teens of Euphoria High are shaking in their platform Disruptors.
  47. overnights
    Station Eleven Series-Finale Recap: The Path Things TakeDespite the decades of trauma and grudges, the show must go on. Because even in a post-apocalyptic world, stories are solace.
  48. overnights
    And Just Like That … Recap: Glimmer of HopeCarrie gets back in the dating game … with disastrous results.
  49. overnights
    Search Party Series-Finale Recap: I Just WantedIn the end, the more things change in Search Party, the more they stay the same.
  50. overnights
    Search Party Recap: Scrum-Diddly-Dum-DumciousA side order of zombie movie to go with your entrée.
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