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  1. premieres
    Passionate Janet Mock Speech Turns Pose Premiere Into Pulpit: ‘Fuck Hollywood’“This makes you uncomfortable? It should.”
  2. netflix
    Ryan Murphy’s New Series to Examine Law Enforcement and Jeffrey DahmerTold from the perspective of his victims, Monster will explore the police incompetence that enabled the serial killer.
  3. taylor swift
    Taylor Swift Has Gay Friends and Also a GLAAD Vanguard AwardGay rights!
  4. a long talk
    Janet Mock on Pose: ‘We Did Something Revolutionary’The writer looks back on the first season of FX’s Pose, challenging Ryan Murphy, and the politics of desire.
  5. backlash
    Janet Mock Calls ‘The Breakfast Club’ Anti-Trans Rhetoric ‘Deplorable’“The stigma and shame attached to our desires need to be abolished.”