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  1. role call
    Brooke Smith Answers Every Question We Have About The Silence of the Lambs“I know I’ll forever be the girl in the pit. For sure. And I’m okay with that.”
  2. movies
    Married To The Mob Is One Of Jonathan Demme’s Most Remarkable FilmsDemme stays true to a cartoonish premise while also crafting a story of a woman finding herself again.
  3. tribeca film festival 2017
    Bruce Springsteen Tells Tom Hanks How He Wrote ‘Streets of Philadelphia’ in Days“If you ever want to have a great moment in a motion picture, walk out a door and make sure they just put up a Bruce Springsteen song.”
  4. vulture lists
    Where to Stream Jonathan Demme’s MoviesThe late director of The Silence of the Lambs, Philadelphia, and Rachel Getting Married had a remarkable body of work.
  5. remembrances
    Remembering Jonathan Demme, One of Cinema’s Most Contagious EnthusiastsIt’s hard to imagine movies without Demme in the house. How do you eulogize someone whose overriding aspect is aliveness?
  6. obits
    Silence of the Lambs Director Jonathan Demme Dead at 73He died of esophageal cancer and complications from heart disease.
  7. trailer mix
    See the Trailer for J. Timberlake’s Netflix DocWhere’s the big suit?
  8. party chats
    Jodie Foster Says Jonathan Demme Is Her ‘Favorite Female Director’“I don’t think there’s some kind of big plot to keep women down.”
  9. oscars 2016
    Jonathan Demme Proposes Adding More Nominees“Let’s recalibrate this years [sic] votes.”
  10. concerts
    Jonathan Demme Is Filming Justin Timberlake’s World TourPresumably for some sort of concert film.
  11. movies
    Wallace Shawn, Andre Gregory on A Master BuilderLots of Ibsen talk.
  12. movie review
    Jonathan Demme’s A Master Builder Is Madly, Bitingly, Chillingly AliveBeat by beat, it brings out the genius of playwright Henrik Ibsen.
  13. super friends
    Meryl Streep, Jonathan Demme, Diablo Cody Are Working on a Movie TogetherEnjoy your 2016 Academy Awards, guys.
  14. departures
    Jonathan Demme Leaves Adaptation of Stephen King’s 11/22/63“I loved certain parts of the book for the film more than Stephen did.”
  15. directors directing
    Jonathan Demme Lines Up Another Indie FilmOld Fires, a family dramedy.
  16. chat room
    Neil Young and Jonathan Demme on Journeys, Cannibals, and Eating TarYoung: “It’s good, the oil stuff. Petrol-Man. I could have been a Marvel hero.”Demme: “Maybe that’s why you’re so dexterous with your guitar playing.”
  17. the industry
    Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro’s Post-Limitless Team-Up Is Not HappeningNo more ‘Honeymoon With Harry.’
  18. tv
    Patrick Wilson to Star in CBS Medical Drama PilotWith Jonathan Demme directing.
  19. breaking
    Jonathan Demme to Direct CBS Medical PilotAbout a surgeon visited by his dead ex-wife.
  20. zombies
    Jonathan Demme Wants to Direct Pride and Prejudice and ZombiesBut so do Matt Reeves and Mike White.
  21. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Stevens, KeoughPlus: Jonathan Demme to direct two episodes of Mike White’s HBO show.
  22. the industry
    Eric Bana Should Rethink His Parenting TechniquePlus: Joe Simpson finally gets a TV show!
  23. wild things
    Demme to Animate Eggers’s ZeitounAre you ready for another Dave Eggers–penned film for adults that looks deceptively like one for kids?
  24. exodus
    Jonathan Demme Gets Up, Stands Up, Leaves Bob Marley DocJonathan Demme is now the second director behind Martin Scorsese to pull out of the planned Bob Marley documentary.
  25. quote machine
    Tim Gunn Ensures Red-Carpet Encounter With Meryl Streep Will Be AwkwardPlus: Is watching Anne Hathaway in ‘Rachel Getting Married’ really like getting a colonoscopy?
  26. last night’s gig
    Werner Herzog: I Can Live With Death Threats“So of course I can live with the fact that Ferrara is ranting and raving. Wonderful! Can’t get any better.”
  27. the industry
    Get Up, Stand Up, Jonathan DemmePlus: After years of ignoring its most teen-friendly and overall awesome comics title, Marvel has finally decided to bring ‘Runaways’ to the big screen.
  28. the industry
    Let’s Go, Voltron Force!Plus industry news on Thor, Anne Hathaway, and Chris Farley.