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Jurassic Park

  1. real talk
    Why Spielberg Cast Wayne Knight in Jurassic ParkIt’s an amusing, Basic Instinct–related anecdote.
  2. jurassic park
    Watch a Jurassic Park Reenactment Turned ProposalWhat, you don’t find dinosaur bones romantic?
  3. the avengers
    See Avengers Characters As DinosaursOr Jurassic Park 5: Avenging.
  4. jurassic park
    Watch Eight Minutes of Rare On-Set Footage From Jurassic ParkAh, the days when Jeff Goldblum dressed like Arsenio Hall (or was it vice versa?) …
  5. 90s nostalgia
    Jurassic Park 3-D Coming Next SummerLife finds a way!
  6. jurassic park
    Hear the Jurassic Park Theme Song Ruined by MelodicaCome back, John Williams!
  7. talk
    Which Older Movie Would You Want to See in 3-D?A 3-D Jurassic Park, anyone?
  8. compare and contrast
    How Do Terra Nova’s Dinosaurs Compare to Jurassic Park’s?Even after all that time and money, they’re not that different.
  9. clickables
    See a High School Guitar Choir Play the Jurassic Park Theme With Surprising ResultsWait for the timpani.
  10. clickables
    Hear the Jurassic Park Theme Slowed Down 1000 PercentIt’s pretty.
  11. movies
    Watch Jurassic Park the MusicalFive hundred twenty-five million years a-go.
  12. movies
    YouTube User Leaves YouTube Comment for the AgesUser bne4lyf asks an interesting question about ‘Jurassic Park.’
  13. movies
    Read the Erotic Read Jurassic Park Fan Fiction That’s Probably Too Erotic
  14. 3-d
    Avatar’s Success Means That Every Movie Ever Will Get a 3-D Re-ReleaseGeorge Lucas is licking his lips.
  15. apropos of nothing
    At Last, Someone Builds Jurassic ParkOh, how we have waited for this day.