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  1. Will Ken Marino Find Love or Burns on ‘Burning Love’? Ken Marino has been alternative comedy’s leading hunk for about 20 years now, so he’s the perfect candidate to pretend to pretend to find […]
  2. 10 Great Comedy Film Audition TapesWatching an actor or actress’ screen test or audition tape feels very voyeuristic, like you’re seeing something that’s not supposed to be seen. […]
  3. burlesque
    Kristen Bell and Cher Are Text BuddiesOf course they are.
  4. Watch an Auto-Tuned Version of Kristen Bell’s Sloth StoryHer emotional encounter with a sloth makes for the perfect mid-tempo jam from the “Auto-Tune the News” guys.
  5. movie review
    Movie Review: Big Miracle Is a Minnow of a TaleThere’s a good movie to be made out of this real-life 1988 whale rescue. This ain’t it.
  6. chat room
    Kristen Bell on Whale Rape, Sloths, and Toe Fetishes“Obviously a pedi is mandatory.”
  7. kristen bell
    Watch Kristen Bell Go Bananas Over SlothsVeronica Mars is a crier. Who knew?
  8. Kristen Bell Tells You What It’s Like to Stick Your Foot in Another […]Here’s Kristen Bell on shooting a House of Lies scene where another character puts her foot in his mouth: …it was as awkward as it seems […]
  9. Assessing the House of Lies Pilot: Is It a Series to Watch?House of Lies is set to premiere this Sunday on Showtime, but they put the pilot onYouTube yesterday. The show is about a not-so-ragtag group […]
  10. Watch the Slick, French-Toast-Filled Premiere of House of Lies Right Now What’s this? The entire first episode of House of Lies, Showtime comedy with Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell and Ben Schwartz? Oh I do believe it […]
  11. Dax Shepard, Bradley Cooper, and Kristen Bell Are About to Get OutrunDax Shepard, Bradley Cooper, Kristen Bell will lead an ensemble in Outrun that also includes Tom Arnold, Kristen Chenoweth, David Koechner, and […]
  12. House Of Lies Trailer Might Make You Want To Occupy Wall Street I have the sneaking suspicion, based on the House of Lies trailer posted by co-star Ben Schwartz, that the new Showtime show might be coming […]
  13. House Of Lies Promo Appeals to America’s Love Of Don Cheadle’s Balls In case you weren’t thinking about Don Cheadle’s balls yet today (which you were), Ben Schwartz aka Jean-Ralphio posted a House of Lies promo […]
  14. vhs on dvd
    Kristen Bell Buys America’s Funniest Home Videos on DVDWho does that?
  15. Craig Ferguson Heads to Paris with Kristen Bell and His Robot Skeleton […] While Conan, Leno and Letterman might roam North America to film their shows in unknown cities, Craig Ferguson, Kristen Bell and Ferguson’s […]
  16. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Seth Meyers on Patronizing Obama at ‘SNL’Plus, Ricky Gervais issues another emphatic non-apology for the Golden Globes, on our regular late-night roundup.
  17. Showtime Picks Up House of Lies, Starring Don Cheadle, Kristen Bell and […]Showtime has picked up the half-hour comedy pilot House of Lies for a 12-episode season. Starring Don Cheadle, Kristen Bell, Ben Schwartz and […]
  18. pickup lines
    Showtime Picks Up Homeland and House of LiesThe Claire Danes drama and Don Cheadle comedy go into production this summer.
  19. veronica mars
    Kristen Bell Willing to Finance Veronica Mars Movie HerselfShe just needs Warner Bros. to release the property.
  20. veronica mars
    Kristen Bell Has Not Given Up On Veronica Mars MovieShe takes to twitter.
  21. quote machine
    Kristen Bell’s Dream of Having Tons of Acne Crushed by DisneyPlus: Madonna’s upcoming movie to star Madonna’s furniture.
  22. movies
    Watch Betty White, Kristen Bell, and Sigourney Weaver FightThe ladies of ‘You Again’ chat about the film.
  23. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Kristen Bell to Stage-Mother a BallerinaPlus: Nightcrawler gets a dad.
  24. music
    Watch Kristen Bell in Yeasayer’s New Video, ‘Madder Red’The touching story of a girl and her pet blob monster.
  25. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Kristen Bell to Save WhalesPlus: Dr. Strange finally gets his due.
  26. Perhaps Betty White Can Interest You in You Again?The producers certainly hope so.
  27. movies
    See Kristen Bell in David Mamet’s Wonderful New Short Film, Lost Masterpieces of PornographyFunny or Die takes it up a notch.
  28. quote machine
    What Becomes of an Unbeautiful William Shatner?Plus: John Corbett gets belchy.
  29. trailer mix
    You Again Trailer: Woman on Woman ViolenceAnother movie about women being petty at a wedding.
  30. movies
    Stars Introduce Aziz Ansari With a Montage of His Cutest Baby PicturesCool ‘stache, Efron.
  31. last night on late night
    Late Night: Kristen Bell on Airplane FlatulencePlus Jimmy Fallon annoys Tom Hanks, on our regular late-night roundup.
  32. lawsuits
    Model Sues After Finding Out Her Photo Was Used As Masturbatory Material in Couple’s RetreatJon Favreau picked the wrong photo to jerk off to.
  33. movies
    Christian Bale + Kristen Bell = Kristianne BelleThis is just about as stupid as they come.
  34. movies
    See Behind-the-Scenes Footage From Cher and Christina Aguilera’s BurlesqueSo many ladies.
  35. quote machine
    Kristen Bell: Josh Duhamel’s Idiocy Not Too ProblematicPlus: It’s not like back in Harrison Ford’s day.
  36. quote machine
    Anna Kendrick Tormented by Unsightly Co-starPlus: Bryce Dallas Howard totally down for some nepotism.
  37. quote machine
    Alec Baldwin Saves Julie Andrews’s CareerPlus: ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ gets the Obama stamp of approval, sort of.
  38. quote machine
    George Clooney Finally As Old As You Think He IsPlus: Whitney Houston sings self out of clothes.
  39. quote machine
    That Wasn’t Tracy Morgan You Saw Last NightPlus: Ryan Reynolds no fan of sex scenes.
  40. trailer mix
    Couples Retreat Reignites the Seminal Nineties Bromance Between Jon Favreau and Vince VaughnBros before hos, y’all.
  41. the industry
    Elisabeth Moss, Diddy, and Rose Byrne Join ApatownPlus: Vulture buddy Julie White might have a new gig!
  42. movies
    Veronica Mars Movie Looks Like It’s DeadBummer!
  43. the industry
    Kristen Bell to Possibly Kill People While SingingPlus: What else is Mickey Rourke up to?
  44. The Gods Are Smiling on the Veronica Mars MovieWhen ABC Entertainment president Steve McPherson closes a door, he also opens a window.
  45. movies
    ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie Not Dead … YetLooking for reason to get your hopes up? Well, we’ve got mixed news for you.
  46. quote machine
    Brandon Walsh Has a Surprisingly Cavalier About Brenda’s Imminent DeathPlus: Will Arnett on fatherhood.
  47. the industry
    Leonardo DiCaprio: World’s Biggest Anime FanboyPlus: What’s Jean Reno up to these days?
  48. the industry
    Nastia Liukin and Mario Cantone to Star in Worst Movie EverPlus: Michael Keaton will play a Ken doll in ‘Toy Story 3.’
  49. the take
    A ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie Is a Lousy IdeaWho’s gonna pay for a movie based on the 148th most popular show on TV?
  50. quote machine
    Kristen Bell Loves Inflicting High-Voltage PainPlus: Seth Rogen hates his face, the Decemberists are evil, and Billy Joel thinks you got robbed.
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