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  1. spotted
    Adam Brody and Leighton Meester Probably Won’t Binge the New Gossip Girl“I don’t think we’re the audience, but I’m sure we’ll dip our toes in.”
  2. celebrity babies
    Leighton Meester and Adam Brody Welcome ‘Dream Boy’ to Their FamilySpecifically, a dream about having a second baby.
  3. upfronts 2018
    Watch the Trailers for ABC’s New Shows With Nathan Fillion, Scott Foley and MoreFrom The Rookie to The Kids Are Alright.
  4. pilot season 2018
    Leighton Meester to Star in Single Parents, a New Liz Meriwether Comedy for ABCMeester will play opposite Taran Killam.
  5. Taran Killam, Leighton Meester, and Brad Garrett to Star in ABC Comedy […]Taran Killam, Leighton Meester, and Brad Garrett have joined the cast of a comedy pilot in the works at ABC. According to Variety, the three […]
  6. vulture lists
    The 14 Greatest Blair Waldorf Headbands on Gossip GirlLike any good fashionista, the queen bee of Gossip Girl had a headband for every occasion.
  7. true love exists
    Leighton Meester and Adam Brody Don’t Talk About Seth and BlairLeighton’s explanation is peak Blair Waldorf.
  8. last night on late night
    Leighton Meester: If You Can’t Win The Bachelor, What’s Wrong With You?Blair Waldorf always has a plan.
  9. chat room
    Leighton Meester on Time Travel, Making History, and Getting the Hang of Improv“I would go to ancient Rome in the Roman Republic.”
  10. the industry
    Leighton Meester Joins Fox Time-Travel PilotEverybody give a warm welcome to Deborah, from the year 1775.
  11. Vanessa Bayer and Leighton Meester Talk Music, Love, and Loneliness on […]Here’s the latest installment of Vanessa Bayer’s Above Average web series Sound Advice featuring special guest Leighton Meester, who graciously […]
  12. stage dive
    Theater Review: James Franco in Of Mice and MenWhich way did he go?
  13. theatergasms
    Leighton Meester Joins Of Mice and MenMaking her Broadway debut.
  14. mawwage
    Adam Brody and Leighton Meester Are EngagedMazel tov!
  15. chat room
    Leighton Meester on The Oranges and Gossip Girl“I think it’s ending at a beautiful, perfect time. But it’s because our contracts are up.”
  16. exclusive
    Meester And Janney in a Clip of The OrangesRespect your mother, young lady.
  17. trailer mix
    The Oranges Trailer: Hugh Laurie Plus Leighton MeesterIt’s a May-December pairing to beat the band.
  18. trailer mix
    That’s My Boy Trailer: Adam Sandler Gets R-RatedAnd brings Andy Samberg and Leighton Meester along for the ride.
  19. gossip girl
    See a Very Spoiler-y Kiss From the Set of Gossip GirlLook who’s kissing and telling!
  20. lawsuits
    Leighton Meester’s Mom Sues Leighton MeesterCelebrities, they’re nothing like us.
  21. clickables
    Watch Leighton Meester Perform Her New Song, ‘Runaway’It’s not terrible.
  22. movies
    How Monte Carlo Went From an Adult Nicole Kidman Comedy to a Tween Selena Gomez Flick“The joke is that I ultimately made ‘The Lizzie Maguire Movie: Part II,’ having never seen the first one,” says the director who signed on for an adult comedy.
  23. Jason Sudeikis Is Leighton Meester’s Bad Doctor In MTV Movie Awards Promo Jason Sudeikis’ MTV Movie Awards promo has shades of Steve Martin’s dentist in Little Shop Of Horrors, right? Hopefully without the […]
  24. trailer mix
    Monte Carlo Trailer: Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester in a Foreign ExchangeMeester, Selena Gomez, and Katie Cassidy go abroad.
  25. clickables
    Hear Leighton Meester’s Song ‘Front Cut’It’s very Fergie.
  26. flowchart
    Which Movie Stalker Is Right for You? A FlowchartIn honor of Leighton Meester getting her crazy on in ‘The Roommate.’
  27. clickables
    See Leighton Meester’s PSA Against the Touching of Other People’s Sh-tSpecifically, her shit.
  28. clickables
    Hear Leighton Meester Sing ‘A Little Bit Stronger,’ From Country StrongLeighton, pretty much nailing it!
  29. clickables
    Hear Leighton Meester Sing ‘Summer Girl’ From Country StrongSadly, it’s not an LFO cover.
  30. gossip girl
    Leighton Meester Explains That Gossip Girl Can’t Last ForeverShe says she’s done with the show in two years.
  31. clickables
    Hear Leighton Meester Go Country With Pleasing ResultsTeam Leighton or Team Gwyneth?
  32. music
    Hear Leighton Meester’s New Country SongThe ‘Gossip Girl’ star offers this swelling, twangy ballad called “Words I Couldn’t Say.”
  33. movies
    The Roommate Trailer: Leighton Meester Goes Single White Female on Minka KellyLyla Garrity and Blair Waldorf, together at last.
  34. trailer mix
    Country Strong Trailer; or, the Gwyneth Paltrow Sing-alongShe’s back! Playing an alcoholic country singer.
  35. quote machine
    Zach Galifianakis Has That MTV Movie Award in the BagPlus: Justin Bieber’s appeal a mystery to Justin Bieber.
  36. the industry
    Neil Patrick Harris To Star In Smurfs MoviePlus: De Niro joins Cooper in ‘Fields.’
  37. the industry
    Jolie, Aronofsky in Talks to Adapt SerenaPlus: Amber Heard joins Nicolas Cage in ‘Angry.’
  38. casting couch
    The Unlikely Onscreen Chemistry of Leighton Meester and Hugh LaurieUnlikely actors are teaming up again.
  39. the industry
    Nicole Kidman and Brooklyn Decker Will Go For ItPlus: Applegate and Milano Take a ‘Pass’
  40. the industry
    Paul Thomas Anderson and Philip Seymour Hoffman Find ReligionPlus: ‘True Blood’! Harold Perrineau! Kevin Connolly!
  41. music videos
    Leighton Meester’s Music Video Finally Hits the InternetIt’s here, and it has Leighton Meester in it.
  42. collaborations
    Rivers Cuomo Has More Strange Collaborations Up His SleeveWho knew his sweater could hold so much?
  43. quote machine
    If Eric Bana Asks to Use Your Bathroom, Tell Him NoPlus: Lily Allen on her inspiration.
  44. Gossip Girl MattersOur weekly reality index: with a special guest star!
  45. the industry
    James Franco and Mark Wahlberg to Disrupt Date NightPlus: Cameron Crowe to do a Pearl Jam concert doc?
  46. the industry
    Sean Penn Has Some Protecting to DoPlus: ‘The Complete History of My Sexual Failures.’
  47. Gossip Girl Allows Its Light to Shine‘Gossip Girl’ attacks the city at its very heart: Fashion Week. We tell you what was real and unreal.
  48. ‘Gossip Girl’ Gives Us the Thanksgiving We Always DeservedWho writes this show? Former members of the Children of God?