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  1. last night on late night
    That Time Adam McKay Prank Called Lorne Michaels As Mad Joe TorreThe director recounted the experience on Late Night With Seth Meyers.
  2. HBO Not Moving Forward with Lorne Michaels-Produced ‘Brothers in Atlanta’HBO has decided to take back its series order for the Lorne Michaels-produced Brothers in Atlanta. According to Variety, the pay network is no […]
  3. comedy
    SNL Gang Launches Latino-Focused Comedy ChannelIt’s called Más Mejor.
  4. You Have Lorne Michaels to Thank for NBC’s Adele LovefestSo much Adele.
  5. party chats
    Cecily Strong on SNL’s Paris Tribute: ‘It Was All Lorne’s Idea’“I was really honored to even have that opportunity.”
  6. Marc Maron and Lorne Michaels: The Entire Two-Decade SagaLet’s go back 20 years. Lorne Michaels, creator of SNL, is unhappy with Norm Macdonald’s sarcastic, acerbic style after one season behind the […]
  7. Listen to Marc Maron’s ‘WTF’ Interview with Lorne MichaelsLast month, Marc Maron revealed that he had a WTF interview with Lorne Michaels in the works. “I’m set up for something to be horrible. I don’t […]
  8. podcasts
    Marc Maron Finally Had Lorne Michaels on ‘WTF’Michaels: “Of course I remember.”
  9. Marc Maron Interviews Lorne Michaels for ‘WTF’ TodayApparently all Marc Maron needed to do to land a WTF interview with Lorne Michaels is interview President Obama first. While at the New Yorker […]
  10. new yorker festival
    Maron Finally Asks Lorne About His SNL AuditionWhen he tapes an interview for the podcast this week.
  11. ‘Dave & Steve’s Video Game Explosion’Burly TV created programs to be aired on college TV networks around America (an audience that no doubt included a large contingent of […]
  12. Louis C.K. Got Into a Fight with Lorne Michaels Over His 2014 ‘SNL’ […]Judd Apatow’s new book of interviews Sick in the Head has been in stores for a week now, and among the many juicy stories in the book is from […]
  13. HBO Orders Lorne Michaels-Produced ‘Brothers in Atlanta’ to SeriesEarlier this year it was announced that HBO had put into development a Lorne Michaels-produced series called Brothers in Atlanta, a comedy […]
  14. Lorne Michaels Is Bringing Saturday Night Live to China“Live from China, it’s Saturday Night!”
  15. snl
    Read Norm Macdonald’s Fascinating Recap of ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’ and SNL40“It was about the hope of one man, Alex Trebek, the hope that never died.”
  16. impersonations
    Bill Hader Dreaded Doing That ‘Fart Face’ Sketch on SNL“Fart face, fart face, relax.”
  17. Bill Hader and David Letterman Show Off Their Lorne Michaels ImpressionsHere’s a sneak peek of Bill Hader’s visit to tonight’s Late Show, where talks about his mysterious role in Sunday’s big SNL anniversary special […]
  18. Lorne Michaels and Matt Lauer Talk ‘SNL’s History, Fans, and LegacyTo celebrate SNL’s big 40th anniversary show this Sunday, Matt Lauer interviewed Lorne Michaels for Today to look back at the show’s history […]
  19. Lorne Michaels Says the ‘SNL’ 40th Anniversary Special Will Have More Live […]Ahead of the live SNL 40th anniversary special on February 15th, Lorne Michaels sat down for an interview with THR to talk about the history of […]
  20. Maya Rudolph and Jaden Smith Join Lorne Michaels’ New HBO PilotLorne Michaels is producing a new pilot for HBO. THR reports that the pay network is currently developing a comedy pilot called Brothers in […]
  21. Lorne Michaels Talks All Things ‘SNL’ with Bill Simmons“The joke I used to do is I’d say ‘You know, there will be a time when I realize that it can’t be as good as it used to be, and that I don’t […]
  22. What to Expect From ‘SNL’ Season 40SNL returns for its 40th season this Saturday, with host Chris Pratt, musical guest Ariana Grande, and pretty much the same cast – minus a […]
  23. Lorne Michaels Asks ‘What’s It All About, World?’The Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. […]
  24. Darrell Hammond Is Officially the New ‘SNL’ AnnouncerFollowing the death of SNL’s longtime announcer Don Pardo last month, former cast member (and occasional Pardo fill-in) Darrell Hammond said […]
  25. book excerpt
    How Kristen Wiig’s Emotional Saturday Night Live Farewell HappenedAn excerpt from the upcoming expanded edition of the oral history Live From New York.
  26. Lorne Michaels Is Producing a Movie Starring Taran Killam, Rachael Harris, […]The new season of SNL is just around the corner, but that hasn’t stopped Lorne Michaels from making another movie this summer. Variety reports […]
  27. ‘Grantland’ Examines the Mellowing Lorne Michaels Empire“But those who thought a severe housecleaning was in store this summer for the upcoming 40th season have been surprised; there was no […]
  28. Lena Dunham and Fred Armisen Talk About ‘SNL’ and Their Other Shows for […]To celebrate both of their Emmy nominations, Variety recently sat down with Lena Dunham and Fred Armisen for a hybrid interview/conversation […]
  29. ‘SNL’ Firing New Cast Members Displays a Show Still Deeply In TransitionWord has come down this week that SNL cast members Noël Wells, John Milhiser, and Brooks Wheelan have been let go from the show after one […]
  30. FXX Orders Jay Baruchel/Simon Rich Comedy ‘Man Seeking Woman’ to SeriesFXX announced today that they’ve ordered 10 episodes of Man Seeking Woman, a new half-hour comedy created by former SNL writer Simon Rich and […]
  31. Lorne Michaels Confirms ‘There Will Be Changes This Year’ on ‘SNL’Ahead of the landmark 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live this fall, Deadline recently spoke with Lorne Michaels about the past season on […]
  32. Breaking Down Each Cast Member’s Contribution to ‘SNL’ Season 39With SNL’s 39th season coming to a close, we’re taking a look at the past season with a series of posts examining the highs, lows, and other […]
  33. How ‘SNL’ Addressed Race in Season 39, as Shown in 11 SketchesWith SNL’s 39th season coming to a close, we’re taking a look at the past season with a series of posts examining the highs, lows, and other […]
  34. ‘SNL’ Review: Andy Samberg, with a Little Help From His FriendsSNL transforms when a former cast member returns to host. The regular format is stretched to make room for a massive SNL reunion, with classic […]
  35. Watch Some Rare Clips from Lorne Michaels’s Early ’70s Canadian Sketch Show Before creating Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels starred in and co-wrote an obscure early ‘70s Canadian sketch show called The Hart and […]
  36. party chat
    Lorne on Fred Armisen As Late Night Band Leader“At least if [Seth] looks to his left, he’s got a friendly face.”
  37. Jay Baruchel Is Starring in Simon Rich’s FX Pilot, Produced by Lorne […]Undeclared and This Is the End star Jay Baruchel has been cast as the lead in an FX pilot created by former Saturday Night Live writer Simon […]
  38. Lorne Michaels Gives Post-’SNL’ Career Advice to ‘New York’ Magazine“The advice I give most often is, build a bridge to the next thing. When it’s solid enough, walk across it. Don’t go because somebody promised […]
  39. talking with
    In Conversation: Saturday Night Live’s Lorne MichaelsThe man who broke the network mold four decades ago has a television empire all his own.
  40. Lorne Michaels on Jimmy Fallon: ‘There is no job for Jimmy after this.’“It’s not lost on Fallon that Tonight, if all goes well, will be his last job, the one that will see him through the next 20 to 30 years. There […]
  41. HBO Passes on Sarah Silverman/Lorne Michaels ComedyBack in October, it was announced that HBO had added what seemed like a surefire pilot with People In New Jersey, a half-hour series starring […]
  42. Here Are 11 Candidates for the New ‘SNL’ Cast Member SpotWe reported last week that SNL is currently holding auditions for at least one black female cast member, and so far eleven women have received […]
  43. Adam McKay Responds to Jim Breuer Saying He Got Him Fired from ‘SNL’Former SNL cast member Jim Breuer went on WTF with Marc Maron last month and claimed he heard from an NBC executive that Adam McKay, who was […]
  44. NBC Orders a Pilot for Maya Rudolph’s Variety Show; Will Air as a […]Maya Rudolph is coming back to NBC. Deadline reports that the network has ordered a pilot for an untitled variety show starring Rudolph and […]
  45. variety shows
    A Maya Rudolph Variety Show Is Really HappeningLorne Michaels is producing, obvs.
  46. Lorne Michaels Responds to the ‘SNL’ Diversity IssueSaturday Night Live has been taking some heat in the press for its lack of diversity after adding six new cast members, all of them white and […]
  47. Let’s Talk About SNL’s Diversity ProblemKenan Thompson has been taking a lot of heat this week for a comment he made in a TV Guide interview about SNL’s lack of a black female cast […]
  48. Watch an Interview with Lorne Michaels and the ‘SNL’ Cast from Before the […] Here’s a recently-unearthed video of a short interview Lorne Michaels and the entire Saturday Night Live cast did with Tom Snyder on his NBC […]
  49. casting couch
    Sarah Silverman, Topher Grace, and Patti Lupone to Play a Pilot FamilyIn the Lorne Michaels–produced HBO comedy People in New Jersey.
  50. Sarah Silverman Will Star in Lorne Michaels’s HBO PilotSarah Silverman is going to HBO. She’s set to star alongside Topher Grace and Patti LuPone in People in New Jersey, a Lorne Michaels-produced […]
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