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  1. trailer mix
    Watch Dexter Stare Longingly at All Kinds of Knives in the New Blood TrailerFans are finally getting a do-over of that lumberjack finale.
  2. dexheads
    Jennifer Carpenter Will Return to Dexter As Like a Flashback Ghost or SomethingIsn’t Debra … you know … dead?
  3. reboots
    Dexter Is Headed Back to Showtime in 2021Break out the forensic gloves.
  4. chat room
    Michael C. Hall on Documentary Now!, Bowling, and Why Alf Is ‘Rude’In the season finale of IFC’s parody series Doc Now!, the Dexter actor plays “the best bowler in the world.”
  5. super bowl 2019
    What the Hell Happened at the Skittles Musical?For one, Michael C. Hall sang a lot about Skittles.
  6. more of an m&ms person
    Michael C. Hall to Star in One-Night-Only Skittles Broadway MusicalWill this be enough to make you people buy Skittles, huh? Will it?
  7. theater review
    Theater Review: Is Will Eno’s Thom Pain (based on nothing) Still Revolutionary?Fourteen years later, it feels out-of-step.
  8. Michael C. Hall’s 10 Favorite BooksFrom David Foster Wallace to Alison Bechdel.
  9. casting couch
    Michael C. Hall Cast As JFK in Netflix’s The CrownQuarry actress Jodi Balfour will be his Jackie.
  10. bowie
    Michael C. Hall Performs ‘Lazarus’The actor does a really good Bowie.
  11. trailer mix
    Christine Trailer Tells Christine Chubbuck StoryMichael C. Hall also stars.
  12. theater
    David Bowie’s Lazarus Is Headed to London, for Longer Than Just One DayMichael C. Hall will reprise his role as the man who fell to Earth.
  13. deck the halls
    Michael C. Hall and Lena Hall Kill a Cover of Radiohead Oldie ‘Ripcord’Hedwig alum Michael C. Hall and Lena Hall teamed up for a night.
  14. sundance 2016
    Rebecca Hall on Sundance Suicide Movie Christine“I talked to the guy who cleaned the blood off of the counter. He remembered scrubbing the blood and crying.”
  15. last night on late night
    Michael C. Hall Performs David Bowie’s ‘Lazarus’On Colbert last night.
  16. theater
    Inside Rehearsal for David Bowie’s New Alien MusicalHow he and director Ivo van Hove are bringing Lazarus to life.
  17. endings
    The Oral History of Six Feet Under’s Final SceneAlan Ball, Lauren Ambrose, Michael C. Hall, and others reminisce about one of TV’s best finishes.
  18. Here’s Your First Look at Michael C. Hall As HedwigHe takes over for Andrew Rannells on October 16.
  19. casting couch
    Michael C. Hall Is Your Next HedwigBring it, Dexter.
  20. movie review
    Edelstein on the Bizarre and Delightful Cold in JulyYou might not buy all the twists and turns, but what a great ride.
  21. party chat
    Michael C. Hall on Those Daredevil RumorsRumor has it that he’s being eyed to lead the new Netflix superhero series.
  22. Theater Review: The Realistic Joneses Are All TalkCan drama truly be made out of conversational gambits?
  23. chat room
    Michael C. Hall on His ‘Inner Claire Fisher’She “blubbers” when she hears “Breathe Me.”
  24. chat room
    Charlotte Rampling on Dexter and Her Good Looks“Would you rather be ugly and not looked at?”
  25. series finales
    Dexter’s Kill Clothes Are Sexy for a ReasonWe’re going to miss that army green shirt.
  26. video
    Watch Two Teasers for the Final Season of DexterWill Dexter survive?
  27. predictions
    Michael C. Hall Says Dexter Will ‘Get Caught’Some day. Maybe. In some capacity.
  28. chat room
    Dexter’s Love Interest on Women Serial Killers“They’re smarter and better.”
  29. sneak peek
    See Maura Tierney Lash Into a Giant-Bearded Michael C. HallMaura Tierney really gives him what for in her new online series.
  30. chat room
    Dexter’s Michael C. Hall on His Off-Season Indie, Real-Life Stalking, and Deb’s ‘Icky’ Unsisterly Feelings“If I were a therapist, I’d say, ‘Don’t go there.’”
  31. Michael C. Hall, Ben Schwartz, and Some Porn Ben Schwartz wrote and acts in this new CollegeHumor short, Porn Rental. He also got his Peep World co-star Michael C. Hall to star in it with […]
  32. truth in advertising
    Dexter Promo Accidentally Points Out Everything That’s Wrong With DexterBehold, all the interesting foes Dexter has defeated in exactly the same way.
  33. clickables
    Watch the Trailer for Peep World, With Rainn Wilson, Sarah Silverman, and Michael C. HallPlus Jean Ralphio!
  34. splits
    Dexter’s Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter Getting DivorcedCarpenter plays Hall’s foster sister on the show.
  35. tv review
    Nussbaum: Betrayed by DexterSeason five of the show had lots of things that made no sense, and, worse, felt exploitative — something I’d rarely thought about the show.
  36. clickables
    Hear Michael C. Hall Sing Dexter’s Favorite Christmas SongIt’s about justice, see.
  37. dexter
    Dexter Renewed for Sixth SeasonWill it be the last?
  38. quote machine
    Killing People a Real Stress-Reliever for Michael C. HallPlus: “Jane Lynch scares me.”
  39. happy things
    Michael C. Hall Is ‘Fully Recovered’ From CancerWatch out, fictitious bad guys in Miami.
  40. the industry
    Nicole Kidman and Brooklyn Decker Will Go For ItPlus: Applegate and Milano Take a ‘Pass’
  41. quote machine
    Dead Jim Morrison No Fan of Ke$haPlus: Michael C. Hall just answering e-mails all day.
  42. recoveries
    Michael C. Hall Murders Cancer’Dexter’ star announced that he’s recovering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
  43. the industry
    Ridley Scott Boards the Alien PrequelPlus: Jerry Bruckheimer gets his own ‘Transformers.’
  44. overnights
    Dexter: Attention, Emmy Committee …We can’t say we’re loving this season, but ho boy, are we ever being treated to some tasty, grade-A acting.