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  1. the industry
    Patricia Arquette Lining Up Her Next Golden Globe With Apple Thriller SeveranceBen Stiller is set to direct the series, based on Dan Erickson’s 2016 Bloodlist-topping script.
  2. mild injuries
    Oops! Patricia Arquette Hit Joey King With Her Golden GlobeIt’s unknown whether or not Arquette had her Viking helmet on at the time.
  3. the gold rush
    The Highs, Lows, and Whoas of the 2020 Golden GlobesFrom Stellan Skarsgård’s lack of eyebrows to Phoebe Waller-Bridge thanking Obama to Quentin Tarantino thanking himself.
  4. golden globes 2020
    Patricia Arquette Begs You to Vote in Golden Globes Speech“While I love my kids so much, I beg of us all to give them a better world.”
  5. emmy insider
    Patricia Arquette Breaks Down Scenes From The Act and Escape at Dannemora“There aren’t always the greatest parts for women in TV, or anywhere, and these are great parts in their own right.”
  6. chat room
    The Act’s Joey King Grapples With Munchausen, Murder, and Patricia Arquette“People keep asking Gypsy, Why didn’t you just stand up? It’s really not as simple as that.”
  7. tv review
    The Act Explores a True-life Tragedy in Wrenching DetailExceptional performances from Patricia Arquette and Joey King enliven Hulu’s limited-series telling of the story of Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose Blanchard.
  8. trailer mix
    The Act Trailer Brings You the True-Crime Tale of Gypsy and Dee Dee BlanchardThe pair were also the focus of the 2017 HBO true crime documentary Mommy Dead and Dearest.
  9. sag awards 2019
    Patricia Arquette Spoke Her Mind in Her SAG Awards SpeechAs she is prone to doing, and is her right.
  10. speech! speech! speech!
    Here’s What NBC Had to Censor Out of Patricia Arquette’s Golden Globes SpeechBleep bloop bleep!
  11. anatomy of a scene
    How Ben Stiller Made Escape at Dannemora’s Heart-Pounding Prison BreakYes, Paul Dano really did squeeze into that claustrophobia-inducing pipe.
  12. party report
    Patricia Arquette: ‘Dinosaurs’ More Likely in Film Than Sexual Middle-aged Women“And that’s kind of crazy, you know?”
  13. tv review
    Escape at Dannemora Is an Extraordinary Prison Break Turned HumdrumEven with stellar performances by Patricia Arquette and Benicio del Toro, this Showtime drama is longer than it needs to be.
  14. trailer mix
    Benicio Del Toro Seduces Patricia Arquette in a New Escape at Dannemora TrailerArquette portrays Joyce “Tilly” Mitchell, the prison employee who helped two convicts, played by Benicio Del Toro and Paul Dano, plan a break.
  15. #metoo
    Alyssa Milano, Padma Lakshmi, Mira Sorvino Come Forward with #WhyIDidntReportThe new hashtag encouraged celebrities to share stories of why their assaults went unreported.
  16. feuds
    Patricia Arquette Calls Out Donald Trump in the Name of the StreetsShe claims to have gossip the president wouldn’t want to go public.
  17. new gigs
    Ben Stiller to Direct Showtime Drama About the Real-Life Dannemora Prison BreakEscape at Dannemora will star Benicio Del Toro, Patricia Arquette, and Paul Dano.
  18. Celebrities Get Angry About Airline’s Leggings BanPatricia Arquette has some good points.
  19. oscars 2017
    Patricia Arquette Slams Oscars for Excluding Her Trans Sister From ‘In Memoriam’“I think that was a real slight to the trans community.”
  20. casting couch
    Rainn Wilson and Patricia Arquette to Star in Hair Comedy PermanentThe American pantheon of movies about hair continues to expand.
  21. Patricia Arquette and Rainn Wilson to Play ’80s Hair Lovers in ‘Permanent’Patricia Arquette and Rainn Wilson just signed on to star in a movie together. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the two will star in […]
  22. the industry
    Report: Arquette’s Looking at Toy Story 4New character alert?
  23. firsts
    Patricia Arquette Remembers the Emotional First Time She Saw Boyhood“Oh, right, that’s the year I got divorced.”
  24. inside amy schumer
    Fey, JLD, & Schumer on Aging Out of HollywoodThere’s a Viking funeral involved.
  25. memoirs
    Patricia Arquette Will Follow Up Her Oscar Win With a MemoirIt’ll discuss her famous family, being a single mom, and her experiences as a woman in Hollywood.
  26. oscars
    Vulture’s Behind-the-Scenes Oscar-Party Timeline“It’s like, ‘Common, knock it off.’”
  27. oscars
    This Was the Best Oscars Show in Years (But It Was Still Terrible)My favorite speech was the one where J.K. Simmons thanked his Whiplash colleagues in a single sentence and then went on to address his wife and children.
  28. oscars 2015
    Patricia Arquette’s Badass, Feminist Oscars Speech “It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all!”
  29. portrait
    See a Boyhood Mother-and-Child ReunionThey spent a dozen years filming together. But the onscreen family members are seeing a lot more of each other lately.
  30. tuba parts
    The Oscars Reward Stubbornness, Perseverance, and Wes Anderson’s Bow TiePut that in your antique tuba parts and smoke it.
  31. movies
    Boyhood Nabs Top Prizes at the New York Film Critics Circle AwardsRichard Linklater’s film won Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Supporting Actress.
  32. chat room
    How Patricia Arquette Got Her Finest Role in Years With Boyhood“It’s not just the kids growing up in this movie. It’s the grown-ups, too.”
  33. profile
    Ellar Coltrane Spent 12 Years Acting for Richard Linklater. Now What?Meet the star of Boyhood.
  34. chat room
    Boardwalk’s Patricia Arquette on Punching Nucky“I was like, ‘Wow, that’s rad.’”
  35. casting couch
    Boardwalk Empire Adds Patricia ArquetteShe’ll play a speakeasy owner.
  36. casting couch
    Bill Murray Joins Roman Coppola’s Charlie Sheen MoviePatricia Arquette and Mary Elizabeth Winstead have also been cast in ‘A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III.’
  37. movies
    Watch Christian Slater, Elijah Wood, and Patricia Arquette’s Bizarre Funny or Die ShortSee Nick Kroll die and come back to life, nine times.
  38. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Red-carpet Hits & Misses at the GlobesLet’s put it this way: For every Zoe Saldana, there’s a Patricia Arquette.
  39. awesome
    If You Cross Ari Emanuel, He Will Ruin YouNBC’s Marc Graboff had better watch his back.
  40. upfronts
    CBS Adds Another Busty Clairvoyant to Their Friday-Night LineupPatricia Arquette is joining Jennifer Love Hewitt on the Tiffany Network.
  41. the industry
    The Three Amigos Can Be Yours for $100 Million