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  1. twitter
    Patrick Wilson Responds to Twitter Uncovering His Secret Scheme“Dammit. My plan has been thwarted.”
  2. trailer mix
    Nick Jonas and Ed Skrein Save America in the Midway TrailerFlying into theaters on November 8.
  3. chat room
    Patrick Wilson on Aquaman and His Friendship With Barbra Streisand“I adore her. She really is unbelievable.”
  4. movies
    Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga Are Still Trying to Stop That Annabelle DollHas anyone tried fire?
  5. roll clip!
    This 5-Minute Aquaman Clip Features Nicole Kidman Violently Swinging a TridentGet ready for the fish wars.
  6. close reads
    Girls: How the Patrick Wilson Episode Compares to the Matthew Rhys Episode“One Man’s Trash” and “American Bitch” reveal a lot about Hannah Horvath.
  7. casting couch
    Patrick Wilson to Play the Evil Ocean Master in DC’s AquamanThe half-brother of Aquaman, who moonlights as a supervillain.
  8. new york television festival
    Lena Dunham Wants Trump to Watch Girls“I just want to f*ck with his mind.”
  9. barbra streisand
    Barbra Streisand’s Duets With Movie Stars, Ranked From Least to Most CharmingAll the Hollywood stars Babs convinced to sing with her.
  10. casting couch
    Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga Join Liam Neeson in The CommuterThe pair will take a break from exploring the realm of the supernatural for Jaume Collet-Serra’s next action thriller.
  11. trailer mix
    New The Conjuring 2 Trailer: This Time the Scary Children Are BritishCan’t stop, won’t stop investigating.
  12. castings
    Danson, Offerman, and More Join FargoStay warm, friends.
  13. behind the scenes
    Filming a Movie Sex Scene Is Unsurprisingly Super-AwkwardHere’s a video showing you how.
  14. movie review
    Movie Review: Insidious: Chapter 2The sequel to the 2010 horror film brings back the original cast and director.
  15. chat room
    Patrick Wilson Says Open Your Mind to Ghosts“If you want to lead a miserable life and never fall in love, that’s probably going to happen, too. You have to be open.”
  16. movie review
    Ebiri: The Conjuring Makes Screams the Old-Fashioned Way — It Earns ThemVera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson star as a pair of paranormal investigators in the new spook story from director James Wan.
  17. controversy
    Lena Dunham Addresses Criticism of the Patrick Wilson Girls Episode Also, she gives her opinion about whether the infamous Adam sex scene was rape.
  18. trailer mix
    The Conjuring Trailer: A Couple That Hunts Ghosts Together …Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga: ghost hunters!
  19. girls
    This Week’s Girls: The Least Interesting ThingSeriously. Expand your minds, people.
  20. chat room
    Patrick Wilson on Girls, Awkward Breakups, and Naked Ping-Pong“I really like anything that makes me look kind of stupid.”
  21. patrick wilson
    Wow, Look at All the Stock Photos of Patrick WilsonEveryone starts somewhere.
  22. casting
    Patrick Wilson to Play Girls Love Interest for Lena DunhamShe’s trading one well-sculpted man for another.
  23. romantic comedy
    A Breakdown of Morning Glory for Rom-Com PuristsHow does it stack up against other romantic comedies?
  24. quote machine
    Zach Galifianakis Does Double DutyPlus: Zach Galifianakis has no problem sleeping with his directors.
  25. young adult
    Patrick Wilson to Play Charlize Theron’s Hunky ExIn a Diablo Cody–Jason Reitman team-up.
  26. the industry
    David Chase’s Upcoming Film Will Be ‘Music-Driven,’ Set in SixtiesPlus: Liam Hemsworth to star in ‘Arabian Nights.’
  27. in the magazine
    Patrick Wilson Rides Sex and Comics to Stardom, and Other Highlights From This Week’s New York’Watchmen’! John Wray! John Cullum! Angela Lansbury! The Defibulators!
  28. the industry
    Owen Wilson SucksPlus: ‘Watchmen 2’?
  29. the take
    Katie Holmes Not Selling Tickets on Broadway; Plus: Tom Cruise Heading to the Stage?In fact, ‘All My Sons’ might be selling more tickets if Katie Holmes weren’t in it.
  30. the industry
    ‘Watchmen’ Fills Out Its RosterPlus industry news about The Incredible Hulk, Hank Azaria, and R. Kelly.
  31. the industry
    Without Breasts There Is No Television