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  1. oscars 2019
    Green Book’s Nick Vallelonga Says Don Shirley Asked Him Not to Speak to Family“I personally was not allowed to speak to his family, per Don Shirley’s wishes.”
  2. awards season
    Bradley Cooper Double-Dips With Two DGA NominationsSee the full list of DGA nominees.
  3. controversies
    Mahershala Ali Apologized to His Green Book Character’s FamilyOne relative called the movie “a symphony of lies.”
  4. hollywood signs
    Who Was Green Book For?A particular kind of movie about black and white America may have, at long last, run its course.
  5. movie review
    Green Book Spoon-feeds You, But It Goes Down EasyOn paper it sounds cringeworthy, but it’s a lot of fun.
  6. chat room
    Peter Farrelly on Dumb and Dumber To, Being an Auteur, and Staying PG-13“They don’t use bad language. They don’t drink. They don’t do drugs. They’re not R guys.”
  7. ‘Dumb and Dumber’ Sequel Back On; Directors Aiming for a Summer 2014 […]We reported last week that Dumb and Dumber To, the long-awaited sequel to Dumb and Dumber, had been dropped by its studio, Warner Brothers, but […]
  8. throwing shade
    Did Any of Those Stars Actually Want to Appear in Movie 43?Doesn’t seem like it.
  9. analysis
    Can the Romantic Comedy Be Saved?Once a box-office sure thing, the frothy genre is failing at — and vanishing from — movie theaters.
  10. Peter Farrelly Is Writing a Comedy Pilot for CBS, Without Bobby FarrellyPeter Farrelly is making the leap from movies to TV, and from being half of a dynamic duo to being a dynamic single person. He’s writing a […]
  11. tv
    CBS and Fox Buy Family Sitcoms From Big NamesPeter Farrelly at CBS, Chelsea Lately’s Josh Wolf at Fox.
  12. stooges
    Paul Giamatti a Stooge, Jim Carrey No Longer a StoogeMeanwhile, Tom Cruise waits by the telephone.
  13. news reel
    Three Stooges Co-Director Peter Farrelly Fears ‘Domino Effect’ Following Sean Penn Drop-outHarold Ramis: “You can fault him for that.”
  14. the industry
    Shia LaBeouf, Attorney-at-lawPlus: Guillermo del Toro finally does some work.
  15. the industry
    Charlize Theron, Tom Cruise, Caught in ‘Tourist’ TrapPlus: Ron Livingston returns to TV! Jane Fonda returns to Broadway! Steven Soderbergh returns to making movies that don’t sound completely insane!
  16. quote machine
    Jackie Chan Just As Baffled By Brett Ratner’s Success As You AreQuotes from Peter Farrelly and George Michael!