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  1. adaptations
    How Does Amazon’s Picnic at Hanging Rock Compare to the Movie and the Book?The new mini-series is much, much bigger than Joan Lindsay’s original novel or Peter Weir’s classic movie.
  2. chats
    George Lucas Will Choke a Cat to Get You to Cry, and More Director Revelations“If you want me to make you feel something, that’s not hard. I’ll choke a kitten in front of you, and you’ll feel something,” said Lucas, according to David O. Russell.
  3. trailer mix
    The Way Back Trailer: Peter Weir’s Long Walk Through Oscar SeasonJim Sturgess, Ed Harris, and Colin Farrell escape a gulag and chase awards.
  4. the industry
    Will Ferrell to Honor George W. Bush on BroadwayPlus: Brad Pitt does math!