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  1. obits
    Bruce Swedien, Renowned Audio Engineer, Dead at 86He mixed Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and “Bad.”
  2. music
    Quincy Jones Loses $6.9 Million From Jackson Estate Case AppealHe was initially awarded $9.4 million in a 2017 lawsuit.
  3. obits
    Mod Squad and Twin Peaks Star Peggy Lipton Has DiedShe was 72.
  4. oscar bait
    Spielberg, Oprah, Quincy Jones to Produce Film Version of Color Purple MusicalSomeone get Cynthia Erivo on the phone.
  5. where’s the beef?
    Paul McCartney Responds to Quincy Jones Diss: ‘He’s Totally Out of His Tree’“I don’t think I’m the worst bass player he’s ever heard. Or maybe he’s never heard bad bass players.”
  6. trailer mix
    Quincy Trailer: Quincy Jones Isn’t Done Talking Just YetDirected by his daughter, Rashida.
  7. netflix
    What Other Tea Will Quincy Jones Spill in His Netflix Doc?The doc, directed by his daughter Rashida Jones, debuts September 21.
  8. Was Michael Jackson a Plagiarist?“Michael stole a lot of stuff. He stole a lot of songs,” says Quincy Jones.
  9. apologies
    Quincy Jones’s Daughters Sat Him Down, Made Him Apologize for ‘Silly Things’The music-industry legend’s six daughters gave him a talking to.
  10. where’s the beef?
    Michael Jackson’s Father Brands Quincy Jones As a ‘Jealous’ Man With No Talent“He’s never worked with someone with all of that talent.”
  11. family feud
    Marlon Brando’s Son Denies That His Dad Slept With Richard Pryor“We are disappointed that anyone would make such a wrongful comment about either Marlon Brando or Richard Pryor.”
  12. music
    Donna Summer Song Gets Streaming Boost After Quincy Jones InterviewQuincy Jones claimed Michael Jackson stole Summer’s “State of Independence” for “Billie Jean.”
  13. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Can’t Choose the Juiciest Quincy Jones Bombshell EitherIt’s tough, we know.
  14. family feud
    Richard Pryor’s Daughter Dismisses Claim He Had Sex With Marlon Brando“My dad’s so-called widow validated it, because she needs to keep legitimizing herself and tarnish our dad even after he’s dead.”
  15. Richard Pryor’s Widow on His Diaries and His ‘Bisexual Experiences’“He was very open about his sexuality and never put a label on it.”
  16. the rumors are true
    T-Pain Begrudgingly Confirms Quincy Jones’s Story About Him“It just seems like Quincy Jones is pissed off at the whole world.”
  17. celebrity
    Richard Pryor’s Widow Is Happy to Confirm He Had Sex With Marlon BrandoQuincy Jones was right.
  18. in conversation
    Quincy Jones on the Secret Michael Jackson and the Problem With Modern PopCurrently in the midst of an extended victory lap ahead of his turning 85 in March, the music legend talks like he has nothing to lose.
    The 11 Best Quotes From GQ’s Quincy Jones Interview“I always get in trouble, you know. My daughter Kidada calls me LL QJ — Loose Lips.”
  20. legal battles
    Quincy Jones Awarded $9.4 Million in Trial Against Michael Jackson’s EstateJones produced several of Jackson’s biggest records including Bad and Thriller.
  21. joke writing
    How to Open Your Stand-up Special When You Have Terminal CancerThanks to Ellen and a $50,000 Kickstarter, Quincy Jones got to achieve his dream of taping a stand-up special.
  22. Here’s a Behind-the-Scenes Look at HBO’s ‘Quincy Jones: Burning the Light’Standup Quincy Jones makes his HBO debut next month with his hourlong standup special Burning the Light, and the journey there has certainly […]
  23. ‘Quincy Jones: Burning the Light’ Airs on HBO June 2ndAt long last, Quincy Jones’s hourlong standup special now has a title and premiere date on HBO. The network announced today that the special, […]
  24. Quincy Jones Talks Brunch, Romantic Comedies, Cops, and More on ‘Conan’2016 has been a very busy year for LA-based comic Quincy Jones. First his friends launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his standup special, […]
  25. heartwarming things
    Terminally Ill Comic Quincy Jones Gets HBO HourEllen does not lie about fabulous, heartwarming prizes.
  26. HBO Will Air the Quincy Jones Standup Special Funded by KickstarterLA-based comedian Quincy Jones’s dream to release an hourlong standup special into the world before he dies of cancer just got the support of […]
  27. awwwww
    Ellen: Netflix, Air Dying Comedian’s Stand-up “If someone from HBO is watching or somebody from Netflix is watching, this guy is hilarious.”
  28. Ellen DeGeneres Appeals to HBO and Netflix to Air Quincy Jones’s Standup […]Last month, friends of LA-based standup Quincy Jones – who was diagnosed with stage 4 mesothelioma in July 2015 and told he would only live […]
  29. academy awards
    Quincy Jones Will Address Diversity With the Academy’s Board of GovernorsJones promises to stick to the script on the telecast.
  30. Thanks to Kickstarter, Comedian Quincy Jones Will Get to Tape a Standup […]Kickstarter was put to excellent use this week when husband/wife producing duo Mickey and Nicole Blaine launched a campaign to fund an hourlong […]
  31. encounter
    180 Minutes With Quincy JonesThe nonstop birthday party of music’s most productive producer.
  32. soundtracking
    Quincy Jones Will Write The Butler’s ScoreThe starry White House film from Lee Daniels.
  33. beefs
    Kanye West Is Nothing Like Quincy Jones, Says Quincy Jones“He’s just a rapper.”
  34. clickables
    Listen to T-Pain Go Crazy With His Vocoder on a ‘PYT’ CoverOh dear: It’s a remake of Michael Jackson’s single featuring Robin Thicke and T-Pain, now with a legit excuse to use his vocoder.
  35. music
    Akon Updates Quincy Jones in His ‘Strawberry Letter 23’ Music VideoAkon shows his sweeter, smiley-er side.
  36. reboots
    Latin Music Stars Say ‘Somos el Mundo,’ AlsoGloria Estefan and friends have recorded a Spanish-language version of “We Are the World.”
  37. reunions
    ‘We Are the World’ Part Two to Benefit HaitiWell done Quincy and Lionel.
  38. quote machine
    No Love Lost Between Quincy Jones and BubblesPlus: Chris Isaak is quite a catch, claims Chris Isaak.
  39. quote machine
    John Cleese Has Led No Easy LifePlus: Graydon Carter!
  40. news reel
    Apollo Theater Announces Expansion Plans, Admits Responsibility for Wyclef JeanToday the Harlem institution announced an expansion and renovation that will double its size, and add a Hollywood-style walk of fame on 125th Street — but close down the theater in 2010 for nearly a year.
  41. quote machine
    Britney Spears, Bad Liar“Unfortunately I didn’t get the part.” —Britney Spears, on her claim that her recent umbrella assault was in preparation for a film role [Britney Spears]