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  1. Bryan Fuller Won’t Be Helming Amazing Stories Anthology After AllThe Apple anthology series is based on Steven Spielberg’s NBC show from the ‘80s.
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    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Unsubscribing, Klingon-StyleImportant wig update: Georgiou has the wig now.
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    Star Trek’s Shazad Latif on Lieutenant Ash Tyler’s Vulnerability and That TwistAsh Tyler is an intriguing entry in the representation of male victims of sexual assault in pop culture.
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    Star Trek Discovery Recap: Why Do the Agony Booths Even Open?The Lorca stuff is a mess, but there’s still plenty to enjoy here.
  5. All the Ways The Good Place Has Blown Up Its Own PremiseThe show’s universe keeps melting away and forming all over again.
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    Star Trek Discovery Recap: Have You Tried the Fear Ganglia?“Vaulting Ambition” is just chockablock with twists and the promise of more twists to come.
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    Star Trek Discovery Recap: The Killer in Me Is the Killer in YouIn the grand tradition of evil doppelgängers everywhere, Burnham’s Mirrorverse outfits are incredible.
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    Star Trek Discovery Recap: A Good Old-Fashioned Mirror-versin’Time to meet our Terran counterparts, slap a goatee on Saru, and start a-stabbing everybody.
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    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: One Last JobIf you’re planting covert sensors on an enemy ship, maybe try making them quieter.
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    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: You Broke a Perfectly Good SaruEvery little blissed-out thing Saru does in this episode makes me extremely happy.
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    Star Trek Discovery Recap: Be Seeing You“Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad” feels both prescient and poignant.
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    Star Trek Discovery Recap: Excuse Me, You’re Standing On My KatraSomething is off about this Ash Tyler guy.
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    Star Trek: Discovery Renewed for Season TwoSeason one will continue to air on CBS All Access in two chapters.
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    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective CaptainsThis week’s episode is a bit of a mess.
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    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: My Threat Ganglia Remain UnconvincedKlingon rom-com dialogue is amazing.
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    Jason Isaacs Is Once Again Flaying Trolls on Twitter“We don’t come to your work and scream THE MCFLURRY’S ARE MELTING, do we?”
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    Where Do Michael and Her Mutiny Fit Into Star Trek History?It can’t be properly understood without looking at the ways these topics have threaded through Star Trek in the 1990s.
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    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: You Can’t Sit With UsSonequa Martin-Green is captivating, charming, and heartbreakingly winsome.
  19. Star Trek Spec Scripts That Never Saw the Light of DayStar Trek had a famous open-submission policy, meaning any writer, anywhere, could submit a script.
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    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Belay That PremiseEverything goes pear-shaped for the USS Shenzhou and her crew.
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    Star Trek: Discovery’s Solid Premiere Ratings Should Give Trekkies HopeNearly 10 million viewers caught the CBS preview of Star Trek: Discovery Sunday night.
  22. A Beginner’s Guide to the Star Trek UniverseStar Trek can seem labyrinthine and too dense for new fans to find their way in. But it’s very well worth the time.
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    Star Trek: Discovery Series Premiere Recap: Get Back in the Antiproton Chamber!Wherever we’re going, I’m just happy to be watching Star Trek.
  24. Star Trek: Discovery Is a Stirring, Rare Work of Science FictionIt stands tall alongside the best-regarded incarnations of the Trek franchise even as it raids elements from all of them.
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    Star Trek: Discovery’s Opening Credits Look Like It Was Sketched by MichelangeloMay these images live long and prosper.
  26. Every Star Trek TV Show, RankedFrom The Original Series to The Next Generation to Deep Space 9.
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    A Complete Guide to Fall TV’s Many Reboots, Revivals, and SpinoffsFrom Curb Your Enthusiasm to Star Trek: Discovery.
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    Watch the Impressive, Ambitious Official Trailer for Star Trek: DiscoveryThe reboot premieres on CBS All Access this fall.
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    Star Trek: Discovery Will Bring on Some Inter-Starfleet DramaPreviously writers on Trek shows were told not to have crew members in significant conflict.
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    CBS All Access Will Break Star Trek: Discovery Into Two PartsThe second half will premiere in January 2018.
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    The First Trailer for Star Trek: Discovery Has Finally ArrivedBeaming to CBS All Access this fall.
  32. Star Trek Is Facing Its Biggest Political Challenge Yet▶️ “We’re human beings with the blood of a million savage years on our hands… But we can stop it.”
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    Sonequa Martin-Green on The Walking Dead Finale and Controversial Premiere“We were sobbing on each other’s shoulders between takes.”
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    Jason Isaacs Will Captain Star Trek: DiscoveryThe CBS All Access series will star Sonequa Martin-Green.
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    Star Trek: Discovery Casts Spock’s FatherMeet father Spock, otherwise known as Sarek.
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    Sonequa Martin-Green Cast As the Lead Officer in Star Trek: Discovery Welcome aboard, lieutenant commander.
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    Bryan Fuller Says He’s No Longer Involved With Star Trek: Discovery“I’m not involved in production.”
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    Star Trek: Discovery Casts a Gay Character and a New AlienThey’ll join Michelle Yeoh, who plays a starship captain.
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    Michelle Yeoh Is Reportedly Captain in Star TrekSet phasers to awesome.
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    Bryan Fuller Out As Star Trek: Discovery RunnerThe ship has no captain.
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    CBS Pushes Back Star Trek, Brings Up TGW SpinoffPlease be distracted by Christine Baranski.
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    Star Trek: Discovery Lead Character Will Be Called ‘Number One’In reference to Majel Barrett’s character in the original Star Trek pilot.
  43. Star Trek: Discovery Series Will Have a Female Lead and Gay CharacterFinally.
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    Comic-Con: There Was a Star Trek Tent RevivalGet ready for a big Star Trek group hug.