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  1. big ideas
    Stephen King’s The Dark Tower Will Be Adapted Into Three Movies and Two TV SeasonsThat will be released in this brand-new order: movie, TV season, movie, TV season, movie.
  2. the industry
    Topher Grace’s Kids in America to Be Freed From CaptivityTopher Grace, Anna Faris, and Michelle Trachtenberg have all been in movie limbo for the last three years, but they’re about to be liberated!
  3. mtv
    Universal Pulls Video Content From MTV WebsitesContract talks between Vevo and MTV break down.
  4. exclusive
    Will Dustin Hoffman Rescue Little Fockers?Talks are well under way to see if Hoffman would be willing to return to shoot new scenes.
  5. american idol
    Idol Leaves Sony For UniversalMeanwhile, it could be weeks until new judges are announced.
  6. movies
    Take a Video Tour of Universal’s Rebuilt New York City Set in HollywoodAfter the 2008 fire, rebirth.
  7. cancellations
    No Brolin Drug DramaWith only five weeks to go until it was to begin shooting, hit-hungry Universal has pulled the plug on ‘Cartel.’
  8. money
    P.T. Anderson’s Scientology Movie Gets A PassWhy does this thing need to cost $35 million, anyway?
  9. toys to movies
    Taylor Lautner Is Stretch ArmstrongYes, someone is turning Stretch Armstrong into a movie.
  10. beef
    Can MacGyver’s Creator Save Us From the MacGruber Movie?Lee Zlotoff is seeking to block the release of Universal’s upcoming ‘MacGruber.’
  11. Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis to Cheat on Their WivesPlus: Viola Davis! Michael Mann! Cedric the Entertainer!
  12. the industry
    Paul Thomas Anderson and Philip Seymour Hoffman Find ReligionPlus: ‘True Blood’! Harold Perrineau! Kevin Connolly!
  13. quitters
    Paul Greengrass Officially Leaves BourneHe was very nice about it.
  14. the industry
    Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris to OversharePlus: Bob Saget! Abigail Spencer! And more Anna Faris!
  15. toy story
    Finally, a Barbie MovieSurprisingly, no plot details have been released.
  16. reboots
    Finally, a Battlestar Galactica RebootUniversal has hired Bryan Singer to direct a film version of ‘Battlestar Galactica.’ Yes, they know it was just made into a TV show.
  17. the industry
    Hill, Segel, and Schwartzman to Follow the HandbookPlus: Jennifer Aniston goes to prison.
  18. the industry
    Steven Spielberg to Save Money on CGIPlus: NBC is saved!
  19. the industry
    Ridley Scott Boards the Alien PrequelPlus: Jerry Bruckheimer gets his own ‘Transformers.’
  20. news reel
    Judd Apatow on Sexism and Funny PeopleHe sat down at the Museum of the Moving Image in midtown Manhattan last night for an hour-long conversation about his career.
  21. ben silverman
    NBC Universal’s Profit Woes Totally Not Ben Silverman’s Fault“[Silverman] just returned after being absent for four weeks.”
  22. the industry
    Natalie Portman to Dance With GhostsPlus: “Steven Spielberg is pursuing Noah Wyle.”
  23. bummers
    Report: Most Moviegoers Too Dumb to Enjoy State Of PlayTurns out people would rather see more Blarts.
  24. trailer mix
    This Terrifying Video Game Sparked a Hollywood Bidding War Sight UnseenHow come they never make movies out of nice video games, like Wii Tennis?
  25. impending disasters
    DreamWorks Breaks It Off With Universal, Is Spotted Canoodling With DisneySteven Spielberg’s hilariously timed decision to split from Paramount and take DreamWorks independent last year continues to create problems today.
  26. Paramount Coldly Denies Blank Check to Steven Spielberg and Peter JacksonSpielberg has hilariously been denied funding for ‘The Adventures of Tintin.’
  27. the industry
    George Clooney to Continue Dazzling You With Politically Charged Movies, Good LooksPlus: Lars von Trier introduces Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg to the ‘Antichrist.’
  28. apropos of nothing
    Universal to Finance ‘Inglorious Bastards’ Despite Beefs With Brad Pitt and Harvey WeinsteinBut what the hell was Tarantino doing at the ‘Swing Vote’ premiere?
  29. the industry
    The Weinsteins Hear the Neon Lights Are Bright on BroadwayPlus: Serious actor Jim Carrey signs on for serious movie.
  30. the industry
    George Clooney to Stare at GoatsPlus: Finally the a cappella movie we’ve been (chicka chicka ssshhh) waiting for all these years.
  31. the industry
    Samuel L. Jackson to Star in Basically ‘Torture: The Movie’Plus: Alexander Payne’s next movie, and the big names behind ‘Bioshock.’
  32. the industry
    Make a Date With ‘Iron Man 2’ in April 2010Not to mention ‘Thor,’ ‘The Avengers,’ and ‘Captain America.’
  33. the industry
    Steven Soderbergh Gets a ‘Girlfriend’Plus: Mel Gibson takes the lead, ‘I Am Charlotte Simmons’ to film, and ‘13’ is headed to Broadway.
  34. the industry
    Tobey Maguire Just Might Be Mr. Good EnoughPlus: Harry Potter’s wang confirmed for Broadway, and Disney already working on ‘High School Musical 4.’
  35. the industry
    Stan Lee Creates Three New Heroes for DisneyPlus: Hayden Panettiere makes a list, Ben Stiller declares himself king, and Universal goes to the moon.
  36. the industry
    Miramax, Rudin Living the ‘Lush Life’ With Richard PricePlus industry news on Sam Raimi’s new TV show.
  37. the industry
    Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon Are ‘Bourne’ Again?Plus industry news on Jason Statham, Steve Winwood, and Phil Collins’s daughter.
  38. the industry
    Breaking: DriveShaft Bassist Joins the X-Men!Plus industry news on Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy, and Coldplay.
  39. the industry
    Ewan McGregor Is in ‘Love’ With Jim CarreyPlus: You’ll never guess who Nicole Holofcener cast in her next movie! Oh, all right, it’s Catherine Keener.
  40. apropos of nothing
    Universal Music Slashes Staff, Doug Morris Still EmployedMusic industry analyst Perez Hilton is reporting that Universal Music Group record labels Interscope and Geffen merged their staffs, eliminating the jobs of about 60 people.
  41. apropos of nothing
    Shock: Record Label Realizes It Still Has Some Employees It Hasn’t Yet Laid OffIn a finding that’s sending shockwaves through the recording industry, Universal Music Group has discovered several workers on its payroll that the company has not yet fired.
  42. the early-evening news
    So, How Bad Will ‘The Golden Compass’ Flop This Weekend?Plus: Guess who died!
  43. apropos of nothing
    Universal Music CEO Doug Morris Speaks, Recording Industry in Even Deeper Shit Than We ThoughtIn the December issue of Wired, Seth Mnookin sits down with Universal Music Group CEO/supervillain Doug Morris for a pretty excellent profile. In it, Morris says something insanely stupid.
  44. kudos
    Universal Claims ‘American Gangster’ Is Not an Adapted Screenplay?As employees of New York, we feel we must object.
  45. the industry
    Michael Bay Is the Alfred Hitchcock Our Era DeservesAlso: Nas responds to Def Jam in a totally reasonable manner!
  46. the take
    Will Nepotism Sink Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Barbarella’ Remake? Probably!After the runaway box-office success of Grindhouse, fiancée-fiancé acting-directing team Rose McGowan and Robert Rodriguez have made plans to work together again, even though everyone thinks it’s a really, really bad idea.
  47. the take
    Universal Music Group to Challenge iTunes With Inferior Online Store Four Years Too LateLike iTunes, Universal’s Total Music will offer a vast selection of songs and albums for download, but unlike Apple’s store, it will be wildly unpopular.
  48. the industry
    Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, Reunited and It Feels So GoodPlus industry news on Natalie Portman, Mike Nichols, and that racist bastard Tintin.
  49. the industry
    Trey Parker and Matt Stone Have a New Kenny (And Spenny)Plus industry news on Mary J. Blige, Paul McCartney, and Tom Shadyac.
  50. the industry
    The Cast of ‘State of Play’ Is Getting RidiculousPlus industry news on Jennifer Aniston, Kevin James, and CHAKA KHAN!
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