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A Christmas Carol

  1. vulture lists
    The 40 Best Christmas Movies of All TimeEstablished classics, new favorites, and even some horror.
  2. chat room
    Patrick Stewart Is Revisiting Two Roles, in Christmas Carol and PicardHow he hope two lifelong projects will speak to the present.
  3. theater review
    Theater Review: A Christmas Carol Gets a Cute Scrooge With Daddy IssuesIs this the Ghost of Broadway Future?
  4. remakes upon remakes
    Disney To Understand True Meaning Of Remakes With New Christmas Carol MovieNo, not the Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds one. A new one.
  5. god bless us every remake
    Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds Chipped in, Got You a New Musical Christmas CarolThe Muppets couldn’t reign supreme over the holiday forever.
  6. a christmas carol
    Stoppard, Miller Making A Christmas CarolEbenezer goes on tour once again.
  7. the industry
    Ice Cube Will Play Scrooge in HumbugThis Scrooge is a real estate mogul.
  8. vulture lists
    Schulz: The 5 Best Punctuation Marks in LiteratureGeorge Eliot’s em-dash — plus, T.S. Eliot’s ellipses … (not to mention Vladimir Nabokov’s parentheses).
  9. a christmas carol
    Watch a Supercut of Scrooges Saying ‘Humbug!’Quit humbuggin’!
  10. Curl Up for the Cautionary Tale of Ebenezer SnoopIllustrated by Beavis and Butthead’s JJ Sedalmaier.
  11. anthony bourdain
    Watch Anthony Bourdain’s Version of A Christmas CarolFrom the mind of Anthony Bourdain, it’s your Yuletide nightmare.
  12. money
    Scrooges at Disney Close Robert Zemeckis’s Digital StudioIt’s mostly because of ‘A Christmas Carol.’
  13. the industry
    Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts to Navigate Middle AgePlus: Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna are still in love.
  14. weekend box office
    Weekend Box Office: 2012 Wins, but the Real Future Is in PreciousThe little indie that could crowds theaters in its second week.
  15. nightmare after christmas
    Disney Dumps Another ExecAnother old-timey Disney prez says good-bye.
  16. weekend box office
    Weekend Box Office: Carrey’s Clichéd Carol ConquersThe Dickens classic never gets old.
  17. countdown
    Only 493 Days Until the Performance That Will Revolutionize Acting: Gary Oldman As Tiny TimApparently, to maintain eye lines on set, Oldman does all his acting in a trench.
  18. the industry
    Christian Bale Maybe Going Overboard With the HeroesPlus industry news on Tom Petty, Kanye West, and poor, wretched Cary Elwes.
  19. the industry
    Robert Zemeckis Delivers Four Jim Carreys in Your Christmas StockingA Carrey Carol: Jim Carrey will play Ebenezer Scrooge plus the three ghosts who haunt him through the dual miracles of performance capture technology and his own rubbery face in Robert Zemeckis’s A Christmas Carol for Disney. Anyone who goes to see this movie deserves what he gets.