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A Christmas Prince

  1. trilogies
    Prepare Ye Blogs for A Christmas Prince: The Royal BabyLike Netflix wouldn’t make this a trilogy.
  2. tv review
    A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding Is Just As Ridiculous As the OriginalSomething’s rotten in the state of Aldovia. Again.
  3. christmas movies
    Which Netflix Christmas Movie Is the Most Christmassy of Them All?We’ve put The Christmas Chronicles, The Princess Switch, and more up to a Christmas Movie Cliché Checklist to see which one reigns supreme.
  4. sequels
    The A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding Trailer Somehow Has More Blog ScandalsNo jellied meats, though.
  5. tis the season
    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Is Getting a Surprise Christmas EpisodeIt’s part of a slew of sleigh-bell-centric specials, series, and movies slated to hit Netflix this holiday season.
  6. christmas movies
    A Definitive Guide to 2018’s Made-for-TV Christmas Movies, Divided by TropeIt’s time!
  7. trailer mix
    A Christmas Prince Sequel Is Coming to Netflix’s Esteemed Film CatalogueBells are ringing because another royal wedding is coming.
  8. A Christmas Prince Is Total Garbage, But You’ll Love It AnywayIt’s got everything you’d ever want from a bad holiday movie.